Winning Cash Prizes at NZ Casinos

Winning Cash Prizes in Casinos NZ
Cash Prizes at NZ Casinos

Winning cash prizes at NZ casinos are those real bucks in New Zealand dollars many players take home when playing pokies or table games at land real casinos and online casinos in NZ.

These lucky punters often become instant millionaires, winning cash prizes at once, spinning the reels on pokies or at the jackpot tables. Here, you will learn more about winning cash prizes at NZ casinos.

The most significant Win in May 2013 by a Kiwi Player

Biggest Win in May 2013 by a Kiwi Player
The most significant Win in May 2013 by a Kiwi Player

In May 2013, an anonymous Kiwi player won the biggest pokie win. The lucky punter was having fun at the Royal Vegas mobile casino when things went wild, and by the end of the madness, he was $943,971 richer.

Largest Winning in NZ Casinos to Date

In 2016, something incredible happened to Rawiri Pou, a regular guy working at KFC in Auckland, New Zealand.

With just NZ$1,500, he decided to try his luck on a jackpot machine called Mega Moolah. And guess what? He hit the jackpot – a mind-blowing NZ$10,144,395.82!

Can you imagine? From a modest bet to a life-changing win! Rawiri couldn’t believe his luck, and neither could anyone else. The news spread like wildfire, and suddenly, Rawiri was famous!

But even with all that money, Rawiri wasn’t sure what to do next. Should he quit his job? Should he start something new? It was a tough decision to make.

Rawiri’s story shows us just how unpredictable and amazing life can be. Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of luck, and everything changes instantly.

It’s a reminder to keep dreaming and never underestimate the power of a little gamble.

Not only Kiwis but also many Aussie punters have made some incredible wins at NZ casinos.

Winning cash prizes at NZ casinos is not uncommon.

In 2018, at Fair Go Casino, an Aussie punter from Melbourne won a whopping $180,000 cash prize playing the Sweet 16 pokies game.

Cash prizes lure punters to pokies and casinos, whether the popular Mega Moolah progressive or other non-progressive pokies.

How Do You Win Cash Prizes in Casinos?

If you are also looking forward to winning cash prizes at NZ casinos, you can be a winner, but you must play with real money to win a cash prize.

1. Play Pokies or Table Games with Real Money

Play pokies or table games with real money
Play pokies or table games with real money

Thousands of pokies and other games are available at online casinos in NZ to play instantly without downloading on your mobile or PC.

In New Zealand’s land-based casinos, you can easily play pokies and table games with real money.


Pokies are a popular choice for many casino-goers.

These electronic gaming machines offer themes and game styles, ranging from classic three-reel pokies to modern video pokies with intricate bonus features.

To play pokies with real money, insert cash or casino credits into the machine, select your bet size and paylines (if applicable), and then spin the reels.

If you land winning combinations, you’ll receive payouts based on the game’s paytable.

Table Games

Table games like blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and poker are also available in New Zealand land-based casinos. These games involve more interaction and strategy compared to pokies.

To play table games with real money, you must approach the respective table, exchange your cash for chips with the dealer, and place your bets on the designated areas of the table.

The game’s outcome will determine whether you win or lose your wager, with payouts based on the game’s rules.

Once you have made the real money deposit in NZD, you are set to play real money pokies, table games, live casino games, or do sports betting to win a real cash prize if you are lucky to win.

2. Become a VIP Member at the Casino to Win a Cash Prize

VIP at online casinos
Become a VIP Member at the casino to win a cash prize

Becoming a VIP member at a land-based casino can enhance your experience and potentially increase your chances of winning cash prizes.

Here’s how it typically works:

  1. Membership Benefits: VIP membership often comes with exclusive perks such as access to private gaming areas, personalized services from casino staff, complimentary drinks and meals, priority seating at restaurants and shows, and invitations to special events and tournaments.
  2. Dedicated Hosts: VIP members are usually assigned dedicated casino hosts who cater to their needs, provide assistance with reservations and bookings, and offer personalized recommendations for games and activities.
  3. Higher Betting Limits: VIPs may have access to higher betting limits on table games and pokies, allowing them to wager larger sums of money and potentially win bigger cash prizes.
  4. VIP Promotions and Rewards: Casinos often run exclusive promotions and rewards programs for VIP members, offering bonuses, cashback, free play credits, and other incentives to loyal patrons.
  5. Invitations to VIP Events: VIP members may receive invitations to exclusive events such as gala dinners, concerts, sporting events, and VIP parties, where they can network with other high rollers and enjoy VIP treatment.

Many casinos offer a special loyalty card to these players as you get a loyalty card at a real casino.

Once you attain VIP status, you get comp points to redeem in cash to play more and various discounts at hotels, free meals, shopping places, and other cash prizes.

Note that online casinos have your information and are tracking you whether you want them to or not when you play pokies with real money. They immediately recognize you as a VIP player and offer you exclusive bonus offers and cash deals.

3. Take Part in a Pokies Tournament to Win Cash Prizes

pokies tournaments
Take part in pokies tournament to win cash prizes

Have you ever heard of Pokies tournaments? They’re like levelling up your pokie machine game! Here’s how they roll in NZ casinos:

First up, you gotta pay a fee to join. This cash adds up to the prize pool everyone’s aiming for.

Now, about the game format. Some tournaments give you credits to play with for a set time. Others are about racking the highest score before the clock runs out.

In NZ land-based casinos, pokies tournaments work like this:

  1. Buy-in: You pay a fee to join, which adds to the prize money.
  2. Tournament format: It can vary. Sometimes, you get credits to play with for a set time; other times, it’s about getting the highest score within a timeframe.
  3. Points system: You earn points for wins or specific combos. The one with the most points wins big, while others get smaller rewards.
  4. Progressive jackpots: Some tournaments have big jackpot prizes. Part of the entry fees goes into this jackpot, which could change someone’s life.

Most online casinos offer poker tournaments from time to time, in which players can participate and win instant cash prizes.

Many tournaments are free to enter, which means you needn’t deposit real cash to participate. You can also take part for free and win cash prizes worth NZD$25,000 or more.

Land casinos cash prizes
Traditional casino cash prizes

Winning cash prizes at NZ casinos is also quite similar.

You can enjoy playing poker machines on the casino floor and participate in table games in the gaming lounges.

Additionally, you can win cash prizes and various promotions offered by real land casinos, especially during festivals and holidays like Christmas, New Year, and Halloween, as well as on personal occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

You are offered various other perks as a high-roller player at real casinos.

Now visit real land casinos in New Zealand like SkyCity Auckland or Christchurch Casino and play at online casinos of your choice to be a real cash prize winner.

Always choose an online casino that offers fast withdrawals or quick payouts to receive your winnings quickly. Click here to play at the NZ online casinos.

Editor’s Verdict

Winning Cash Prizes at any land-based casino in New Zealand is quite tricky. You can easily pick your favourite poker game at the pokies table and start placing your bet.

You can also have an experience like Rawiri Pou by trying your luck at you favourite Progressive Jackpot like Mega Moolah or other.

Becoming a VIP member at any offline or online casino offers many benefits. These include the chance to place higher bets, receive great bonuses, choose pokies first, and more.


What types of games offer the best chances to win cash prizes?

Games with the best odds of winning include blackjack, craps, and roulette. Pokie machines can also offer significant cash prizes, especially progressive jackpots.

Do NZ casinos offer loyalty programs?

Yes, many NZ casinos offer loyalty programs that reward players with points, discounts, and other perks for their play.

What should I know about the legal aspects of gambling in NZ?

Gambling in NZ is regulated by the Gambling Act 2003, which outlines the legal requirements for gambling and the operation of casinos.

What are the top land-based casinos to visit in New Zealand?

New Zealand offers several top-notch land-based casinos, each providing a unique gaming experience.

The most renowned include:

SkyCity Auckland:
This is the largest casino in New Zealand, offering over 2,000 pokie machines and a wide variety of table games. It also features luxury hotels, restaurants, and around-the-clock entertainment.

Christchurch Casino: Owned by SkyCity Entertainment Group, this casino boasts 500 pokie machines and 45 gaming tables, exclusive bars and multiple dining options.

Grand Casino Dunedin: Known for its elegant service and range of classic table games and pokies, this casino is a favourite for locals and tourists.

SkyCity Queenstown: This casino offers a range of table games and pokies and is also known for its excellent dining at the Wild Thyme Bar and Kitchen.

SkyCity Hamilton: With 23 table games and over 330 pokies, this casino is a hub for world-class live entertainment and gaming.

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