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Winning big with Scratch Cards

Winning big with Scratch Cards

Ever wondered what the chances of winning big with a scratch card would be? I bet you have.

You’ll be pleased to hear that the odds are pretty decent, in most cases. Since the New Zealand Lotto began, at least 87 people have walked away with $5 million, or more. Majority of the winners prefer to stay anonymous, but few have chosen to go public. For example, the family from Masterton who won $36.8m with Big Wednesday in 2009.

Your odds of winning the New Zealand Lottery are about one in 38 million for Powerball, and one in 32million for big Wednesday.  We are all however, aware that not all prizes are created equal. From free tickets to jackpot prizes, the large variety of prizes on offer is one of the main attractions of scratch cards.

Scratch cards have been around almost as long as the Lottery itself. They’re an easy, convenient, fast and seemingly rewarding type of lottery. People like scratch cards because they are able to asses the results instantly. The prizes won thanks to Scratch cards are a huge factor as to why they are such a popular type of lottery. We know that the top scratch off prize wouldn’t ever match up to the biggest lottery jackpots, they are still undoubtedly worth admiring.

Jackpot Wins

Still not convinced that your scratch card may change your life? Well here are some lucky people who’s lives took a turn for the better when they spent a few extra dollars on a scratch card

1. Just earlier this month, an anonymous Auckland man became instant Kiwis first-ever millionaire. The Cash Spectacular ticket went on sale three weeks ago at Simkin Superette in St Johns, Auckland. Despite Kiwis playing Instant Kiwi for nearly 30 years, this $1 million prize is the largest amount ever won by a scratchie player. There are still a further two prizes of $1 million remaining.


2.  18 year old Auckland student, Sam and his friend killed their spare time while waiting to board a flight, by buying a few Instant Kiwi scratch cards. Much to their surprise, one of the tickets ended up winning Sam’s friend $100, which they were pretty pleased by. Until they discovered that Sams Lucky Rainbow ticket had won an impeccable $20,000.

With their fight boarding in just 15 short minutes, Sam raced all the way back through security, to the Relay store he purchased the card from. Both to triple checkoff he had won, and collect his possible winnings.

Another lucky person spent a mere $3 dollars on a scratch card from the same Relay airport store, which resulted in the winning an incredible $50,000. That exact store has sold more than 150,000  winning tickets, adding up to more that $1.1million in prizes.

Tips and Odds

Its easy to scratch through many cards in no time at all. Whether playing with physical scratch cards or online scratch cards. They are quick, easy and lots of fun. There is no pressure to make the “right move” when playing these games. It is however, important that you consider the return to player (RTP) numbers when playing online.

It would be wise to choose scratch card games that have high return to player percentages. To put it simply, this just means you are less likely to lose more money for every dollar that you spend. A Higher return to player percentage means a higher chance of winning with scratch card games.

If the Odds of the game are 1:10, all of the scratch cards have been evaluated. This means that only 10% of them will be winners. It is not to say that if you buy 10 scratch cards, one of them will definitely be a winning batch. In-store purchases are typically associated with infrequent winning tickets in each batch.