Why You Cannot Play Live Blackjack Online For Free In NZ?

Why You Cannot Play Live Blackjack Online For Free In NZ
Why You Cannot Play Live Blackjack Online For Free In NZ

Many Kiwi punters want to play Live Blackjack Online for free at online casinos.

Well, as online casinos give you the choice to play pokie for free or with real money, you can play almost all the table games including Blackjack for free.

But if you want to play Blackjack at a live casino against a live dealer then unfortunately you cannot play Live Blackjack online for free.

There are reasons for it and when you come to know you will surely understand why you cannot play live blackjack for free.

The Casino Infrastructure and Live Streaming of Games

Live games at Casino
Live games at Casino

So the first thing you should know is that Live casino games be it Live Blackjack Online, Baccarat, or Pai Gow, that these card games are designed in such a way that they can only be played with real money.

If you notice you will see that when you sit around live table games be it Live Blackjack Online or Baccarat there are only so many players that the table will accommodate, and as live casino games are much more expensive to run and operate than software-driven games.

Casinos are not willing to offer guest players the opportunity of playing those games for free or to practice.

Also, these games do not use a cheap set of pre-recorded videos to liven up a computer-generated game. The video you see is a live broadcast of a dealer who is specifically running your live blackjack game from a remote location.

You can even chat with them and have all the fun and exciting casino experience you want. So all this infrastructure to stream a live video is expensive and thus not offered free to play.

These live casino games are available to play at reputed online casinos of New Zealand that offer lots of different table stake options, and as such you will have the opportunity of being able to play them for very low stakes if you prefer, or some much higher stake amounts if you are a high rolling player.

Playing Free Blackjack Games

Playing Free Blackjack Games
Playing Free Blackjack Games

There is a way out if you want to play this game free to understand the game.

That is you need to play and try different variants of Blackjack games available at online casinos for free and at no risk initially and you make use of the software-driven games and play them via the free-play demo mode versions of those games.

These blackjack variants come from top gaming companies like Microgaming. RTG, NetEnt, or from other gaming providers and you get to know the rules of the game and familiarize yourself with the gameplay which in return can help you a lot in achieving wins when playing live Blackjack games with real money.

This is because many of the Live Blackjack Online games come with the same gameplay rules. Playing the software Divine Games for free is something you cannot do when playing live games.

Also, novice Blackjack players will get hold of a Blackjack strategy card for the variant they intend and wish to play online. These cards will show you how you must play off any hand you have played. No matter what card or cards the Dealer is showing via their hand.

Those Blackjack strategy cards are free so you will not have to pay anything to download and make use of them but they will ensure that you never make any expensive playing errors when you do finally set about playing live Blackjack online in a real money playing environment.

Tips to Play Live Blackjack Online and Win the Game

Tips to play Live Blackjack and win the game
Tips to play Live Blackjack and win the game

1. Side Bets Increase House Edge

Now after practicing the game for free many times, you can try the live Blackjack with Live dealers. Be aware when playing live Blackjack online games that the base game will have its long-term house edge associated with it.

However, when there are any additional bonus bets and bonus wagers, that you can place on such games, those side bets will increase the house edge you are up against.

2. Do not Take Insurance Wager

If you are a pro-Live Blackjack Online player, then you will be fully aware of the fact that you should never take the Insurance wager.

The dealer offers you this wager with an enormous house edge associated with it. You should also avoid doing this when playing any type of Live Blackjack Online game in any playing environment.

3. Don’t place bonus bets – Live Blackjack

Don't place bonus bets - Live Blackjack
Don’t place bonus bets – Live Blackjack

However, if you do come across absolutely any type of live Blackjack online game that does offer you any type of bonus bets and bonus wagers;

No matter how tempting the payouts associated with those side and bonus bets are you must never be tempted to place them, or you will be massively increasing the house edge of the game you are playing.

4. Play 3 to 2 Winning Payout

Better avoid playing any live Blackjack online games that payout 6 to 5 for a winning player Blackjack hand.

As opposed to a 3 to 2 winning payout, for any 6 to 5 paying variant will be offering a much higher house edge than the 3 to 2 Blackjack paying hand variants.

So, if it is the very lowest house edge games you do want to play online; then you are not going to find any other casino card games that have as low a house edge as Blackjack games.

But there can be different house edges on offer on different variants.

Next time you enter any online casino in New Zealand remember that often two available games may have the same name. But may offer different house edges based on the playing rules available.

These rules differ from casino to casino and live Blackjack online game variants and the payouts associated with each game too.

Many Live Games You Cannot Play for Free

Many Live Games you cannot play for free
Many Live Games you cannot play for free

Note one more thing it is not only live table games like Blackjack and Baccarat that cannot be played for free but there are a few other games at the casino that are not free to play.

Like progressive pokies games and a few lottery games like Keno and Bingo or even scratch cards.

So always better to ask the casino support team or read the rules of the games and the terms before you select any game to play from the casino lobby.

Many New Zealand-friendly online casinos offer live casino Blackjack to play with real NZD or play for free.

All you need is to register yourself at the online casino, open your casino account, make a deposit if you wish to play real money Blackjack, and begin to play.


Live Blackjack Online against real dealers lacks a free-play option due to the intricate infrastructure and costs associated with live streaming.

However, honing your skills is possible with software-driven Blackjack games, allowing risk-free practice. Utilize free-play demo modes to grasp rules and strategies before venturing into live play.

Strategic preparation is crucial, emphasizing the avoidance of high-house-edge side bets and insurance wagers. Opt for games offering a 3 to 2 winning payout for a lower house edge.

While Live Blackjack may not be free, mastering the game through complimentary software versions enhances your chances of success when real money is on the line.


1. Why can’t I find free live blackjack online in NZ?

Online casinos often offer free games, but these are typically limited to standard digital versions of blackjack.

Live blackjack, which involves real dealers and streaming, is more costly for casinos to operate, making it less common for free play.

2. Do online casinos in NZ offer free demo versions of live blackjack?

Some online casinos may provide free demo versions of live blackjack for a limited time as part of promotions or bonuses, but these opportunities are usually not widely available.

3. Are there legal restrictions in NZ that prevent free live blackjack play?

Online gambling is subject to regulations and licensing requirements in New Zealand. These regulations may limit the availability of free live blackjack due to concerns about responsible gaming and the potential for abuse.

4. Why do online casinos prefer not to offer free live blackjack?

Live dealer games, including live blackjack, involve higher operational costs due to the employment of real dealers and streaming equipment.

Online casinos generally use free-play versions to attract players and encourage them to transition to real-money gaming.

5. Can I find free-play live blackjack games on social gaming platforms or apps?

Some social gaming platforms and apps may offer free live blackjack or similar games, as they operate differently from real-money online casinos and generate revenue through in-game purchases and advertisements.

6. Is it possible to find no-deposit bonuses for live blackjack in NZ?

Some online casinos may offer no-deposit bonuses or free spins that can be used for live blackjack, providing a way to play without depositing real money.

However, winnings from such bonuses are often subject to wagering requirements.

7. Can I play free live blackjack using virtual currency or play money at online casinos?

Some online casinos offer virtual currency or play money that can be used to play live blackjack or other games.

These funds are not redeemable for real money and are intended for entertainment purposes.

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