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What is Mega Moolah Jackpot – How to Play and Win the Jackpot?

What is Mega Moolah Jackpot – How to Play and Win the Jackpot?

What is Mega Moolah Jackpot – How to Play and Win the Jackpot?

To put it simply – Mega Moolah is a 5 reel, twenty-five pay line & one hundred and twenty-five- coin pokie machine. This game comes up with endless excitement and joy. What is Mega Moolah? The few gaming symbols include A wild, a multiplier symbol, A bonus spins game, A scatter symbol, and a progressive jackpot.

What is the game theme?

Mega Moolah hosts a Wild African theme that offers numerous opportunities for rewards in an innovative and unique way. This is through the 5-reel and 25 pay-line, plus the exciting wheel of fortune style jackpot game. Allowing you to double your winnings, are the Lions, that are the wilds in every sense. Headhunter trophies indicate the Scatter symbols. If you hit a scatter, the door will be opened to reveal 15 free spins that re-trigger 3x all of your winnings throughout the spin cycle.

What is the game theme
What is the game theme

Where can I Play?

You will find that there is more way than one to play Mega Moolah pokies. The first way, would be to simply play from your chosen browser, such as Safari, Firefox, or Chrome. If your device uses Windows, there is also a download option available, which installs a ‘deluxe casino’ on the computer. The makes the casino easily accessible as it is just one click away. The game is even better if you choose to play on a smartphone or tablet.

Are there Rules?

Are there Rules _What is Mega Moolah?
Are there Rules

Yes – The game has some general rules in which you need to follow if your goal is to win.

General Rules:

  • You can only bet for 5 coins at once
  • Damages void all-plays and pay
  • The wild symbol rule is a Lion symbol
  • There aren’t substitutes for scatters
  • The payout is double if you win while playing with a wild
  • They will pay out only one winning combination per pay line at once
  • The scatter symbol rule is a Monkey symbol

A requirement is that 2 or more players appear on the reals for the winning process of the scatter symbol to be complete

  • A wild symbol cannot replace a scatter
  • 3 or more monkeys on the reel create a Free spins bonus round
  • During the bonus game – you are able to automatically collect your winnings
  • In the activation of Mega Moolah progressive jackpot, you can win many progressive jackpots
  • They will pay out Every combination win, to the winners, unless it is a scatter win
  • Scatter winners may appear on the reels in any position

Mega Moolah Tips to Win

Mega Moolah Tips to Win
Mega Moolah Tips to Win

Here are just a few tips and strategies we hope may help you achieve success in the game online;

  • The Disciplines are essential
  • Freebies are important
  • Use the match bounds
  • Study and know the pay-table

Be on the look-out for the wild african animals lurking in the Savanna once you start playing Mega Moolah. They are all very cleverly combined with actions such as free spins, Scatters, Wild rewards and even randomly triggered jackpot bonus games.

These basic tips and rules may help you in playing Mega Moolah online easily. There are many rewards, benefits, and jackpots that you can win in the Mega Moolah Online game.

The game does not require a deposit in order for you to play.

What determines the Mega Moolah Jackpot?

What determines the Mega Moolah Jackpot?

The Jackpot consists of four different progressive jackpots that can be won by spinning a wheel of fortune type of bonus game. These progressives are known as; the Mini, Minor, Major and Mega jackpots.  The Mega jackpot is the largest and has a guaranteed payout of one million sterling pounds, contributed by Microgaming. In addition to this, a fraction of the bet amount from each bet placed on the game, is included in a progressive jackpot prize pool.

Once a player is able to trigger the Jackpot game, a pop-up window will appear over the base game. The player will then need to spin the wheel in order to discover how much they are going to win. Don’t forget – Every spinner is a winner! There is guarantee that all players have equal opportunities as they may trigger the bonus round at any given moment.

57 Million Paid to Winners!

57 Million Paid to Winners!

A record of 12 times, is how many times the Mega Moolah Jackpot was won in 2017. The average payout was 4,722,140 Euros, and no other pokie game even came close to Mega Moolah in Terms of the huge lump-sum jackpot payouts!

The Largest amount won on Mega Moolah, was £13.2 million. It was won by a British soldier and is recognized by the Guinness World Records as the largest jackpot to ever have been won through an online pokie game.


1. Can I play Mega Moolah on my mobile device?

Mega Moolah is available on mobile since 2012. Due to the use of HTML5 technology, you can now play the world famous progressive jackpot pokie on a wide range of iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Playing Mega Moolah could not be any easier. You can simply visit the www.megamoolah.com website and hit the green ‘Play Now’ button at the top of the screen. You can sign up with a casino that offers the Mega Moolah pokie. Depending upon your country you will also get a sign-up offer (some of which even offer you odds to win the Mega Moolah jackpot when you make your first deposit).

Once you have signed up at the casino and made your deposit, just load up the Mega Moolah pokie on your smartphone or tablet and hit spin to see if you could be a winner!

2. Do I have to download a third-party app to play Mega Moolah on mobile?

No. Mega Moolah mobile has been programmed to run direct from an HTML5-ready mobile browser. You do not have to install a third-party app claiming to offer you access to the Mega Moolah.

3. How to make a deposit to a casino from my mobile?

You will find all major types of payment options to make a deposit to a casino that runs Mega Moolah. You can visit the banking options.

4. Have there been many winners of the Mega Moolah jackpot from mobile devices?

The initial winner of the Mega Moolah jackpot from mobile was in May 2012, just after the game had been introduced on mobile. Three more Mega Moolah mobile winners were there in 2013.

In 2014, there were two mobile winners of the jackpot prize, but in 2015, the first big Mega Moolah Mobile jackpot winner who landed a CA$7,562,019 prize in April that year, one of just two wins in 2015 in total.

Since 2016, mobile users have dominated the Mega Moolah jackpot prize. In all 24 times the jackpot has been triggered since the start of 2016, a download or instant player has won the jackpot of five times, with mobile winners landing the other 19 wins.

5. Will I receive the welcome bonus when signing up at a Mega Moolah casino from mobile?

Yes, the best part is as a mobile player, you are eligible for all the same great value deals you can access from your country as any player playing from a desktop. This means that all the bonuses and promotions you read about for players signing up at a casino, will also be available to you too.

Does any casino offer Free Spins on the Mega Moolah?

If you ever see a ‘no deposit’ offer, or Free Spins, to play the Mega Moolah, it is not real. The reason for this is that a small percentage of every bet needs to go into the progressive Mega Moolah jackpot pool. Therefore, the game can only be played using real money. Besides this, casinos will not give spins for free on a game in which the player without any deposit could win millions.

6. How do I cash out my Mega Moolah winnings?

Login to the casino where your winnings are and make a withdrawal.

7. How do I know if Mega Moolah is available from my country?

To check if Mega Moolah is available from your country visit this page.

8. Can I increase my chances of winning the Mega Moolah jackpot?

Yes, the higher the bet the bigger the chance of triggering the progressive jackpot bonus game. The game dictates the higher the bet the greater the chance of triggering the bonus game in the first place.

9. Is Mega Moolah legit?

Yes, the Mega Moolah is legit. The world’s most popular jackpot pokie was created by Microgaming back in 2006. The first ever millionaire created by the Mega Moolah game was

10. How long does it take to withdraw funds from the casino?

Withdrawals may take 48-96 hours of the request. Withdrawals are processed on weekdays and working days only. Many players request a withdrawal late in the week hoping to receive the funds by Friday which is a mistake.

11. How is the Mega Moolah jackpot paid out?

The Mega Moolah jackpot is paid out in a single lump sum.

12. What currency is the Mega Moolah jackpot paid out in?

This depends on the currency you are playing in. The base currency is Pound Sterling (GBP) but it does not mean the player will necessarily win the amount in GBP.

13. What is the biggest jackpot won on Mega Moolah?

The biggest jackpot is £13.2 million won by Jon Heywood from the U.K. in October 2015. It is not only the biggest jackpot won on Mega Moolah, but also the world record in terms of online pokies jackpots won.

14. How many reels and paylines are there in Mega Moolah?

It has five reels and 25 paylines. You can get more game info the Mega Moolah here.

15. What is the minimum jackpot amount that can be won on Mega Moolah?

One million Pound Sterling is the minimum jackpot. But if you are using dollars or euros to play with, then the minimum jackpot is one million in those currencies. It depends entirely on the player’s currency of choice.

16. Why is Mega Moolah so popular?

The payouts are massive and since 2006 when the Mega Moolah game was released, more players have won the Mega Moolah jackpot compared to any other progressive jackpot.