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What are the InPay online casinos in New Zealand to play pokies in real time?

What are the InPay online casinos in New Zealand to play pokies in real time?

What are InPay casinos in NZ

When playing real money pokies Kiwi punters are to deposit in real NZD, after all you are punting and placing bets to win real cash.

You must have seen at the New Zealand friendly online casinos banking page while playing pokiesmobile, that they offer bank transfer as one of the methods of deposits. Using a bank transfer can be one of the safest ways to deposit money at a casino, however, the process of sending international bank transfers can sometimes be a long one. This happens when you are playing at offshore online casinos.  This is due to the different rules, regulations and systems adopted by different countries.

Inpay offer a solution though, as they specialize in facilitating international money transfers seamlessly. With an intuitive system and a complete lack of fees, this is a method that has taken off in popularity recently, and more and more online casinos are starting to offer deposits using this option.

What is InPay?

Inpay is an online payment processing system that has made it their sole purpose to connect the majority of the international payments world through localized transactions.

It works on the principle of partnering with a number of major banks and financial institutions in key markets globally and setting up their own office. That way, they get direct contact with the respective institutions, as well as the merchants that they service.

In this regard, the company has listed over 60 different countries where they have partnered with the local financial institutions. By setting up an account in these establishments, and possibly a whole office to handle operations volume, they have managed to optimize the service, and further extend it to even greater territories.

Australia and New Zealand are the countries included in the Inpay platfrom’s network.

How to get started with In Pay?

To get started with In Pay deposits, you should have an account with a bank that is compatible with this payment option, and also your casino of choice should allow In Pay deposits to play real money pokies. There’s no need to sign up with this payment processor directly, which will please those looking for a hassle-free way to add money to their online casino account.

It is easy to find out whether a specific financial institution works in conjunction with this company, as you simply have to contact the bank directly, or alternatively look on the Inpay website.

Inpay Deposits

Inpay casinos NZ to play pokies

As the payment processor explains on the official website, they provide users with international payment processing with a unique technique. They register the payment made by the individual in their local account, verify the amount, and then pay it out to the designated merchant from another fitting account. In order to do this, online casino players need to go through several steps:

  • Make sure to check for the payment method’s availability in your chosen casino platform. Register or sign in with an existing player account and click on the icon to get started.
  • First thing you will need to do is specify the amount you would like to deposit into your player account, as well as the country of residence and suitable bank. Afterwards, you will see the Inpay window generate the banking details you will need.
  • Head to your regular online banking platform, input the specific details, as well as the amount you would like to transfer to this account, and confirm the process. In case you have activated any additional security procedures, you may need to go through one more confirmation. If not, then the transaction will instantly take the funds from your bank account to the destination.

Inpay holds the target account in the partnering bank, and transfers the funds instantly to the casino operator, all the while ensuring security. Thus, players get the money credited to their casino accounts in practically no time, simply by relying on Inpay to speed up the standard lengthy, yet reliable and familiar online banking transactions.

Inpay Withdrawals

Inpay withdrawals NZ

Unfortunately, online casino players are not able to enjoy the benefits of this banking service for withdrawal purposes too. While a number of casino benefits, bonuses, jackpots and other player prizes are still up for grabs, Inpay’s advantages are bound to have provided for a most efficient online casino cashout option.

What are the InPay online casinos in New Zealand to play pokies in real time?

If you are thinking of using In Pay at online casinos in New Zealand to play pokies in real time, then you can visit the following online casinos.

SkyCity Online Casino NZ

Skycity online casino

Spin Casino NZ

Spin Casino Mobile bonus

Black Diamond Casino NZ

Black Diamond casino

Box 24 casino NZ

Box 24 casino for BTC players

Royal Panda Casino NZ

Royal Panda NZ

At all the above casinos you can use NZD or BTC to play pokies with real money.

Advantages & Disadvantages of InPay

As pointed out on their official site, the Inpay payment method definitely takes great pride in their security. Just the servers used for their ‘big data’ storage are located and protected by the latest high-tech surveillance, control, monitoring and precautionary What is more, all processing operations are fully encrypted and most importantly, legally compliant with the regulations of countries respectively.

Despite such complex security, the service still manages to maintain speed of transfer. In fact, online casino players are able to get their funds instantly, and the same goes for merchants and other businesses receiving payments from customers. As long as the transaction has been authorized, the same speedy service is provided in other transactions – B2B, governmental and refunds, per say.

Also the greatest of all advantages experienced by this payment processor is the lack of fees. While businesses are charged, private individuals and customers can enjoy all the perks without paying any fees.

Advantages of using Inpay deposits at casinos

The disadvantages of using Inpay as of now is that the service that otherwise has the mechanism to pay out funds to customers avoids processing withdrawals from online casinos for compliance reasons. This, in turn, has left a number of players less satisfied, especially since nowadays everyone is looking for a more comprehensive solution to handle all at once.