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What Are The Different Types Of Wilds In Mobile Pokies Games?

What Are The Different Types Of Wilds In Mobile Pokies Games?

What are the different types of wilds in mobile pokies games

Playing casino games with mobile is easy, simple and more convenient these days. You do not need to open heavy PC or laptop all the time to enjoy these games. But just tap your mobile and get going. If you are a pokies lover you find the how beautiful the symbols run on the slot game reels when you click to play on your smartphone or tablet. Certain symbols perform different actions or activate bonus rounds and mini games. There are so many types of special symbols within games these days, but one of the most common types is wilds. So here find the complete guide to different types of wilds you find in pokies games playing on your mobile.

What are wild symbols?

Wild symbols are icons which appear on the reels and can substitute for any other symbol, to create a winning combination. Wilds have become one of the main features in a slot game. In addition to helping players create wins, they now perform a number of different functions and can appear in all sorts of variations. It so happens that gaming software developers are always trying to find new and innovative ways to make their pokies stand out from the crowd. There are many types of wild symbols commonly called the stacked and the sticky wild that you will come across when playing slot games on your mobile.

What does wild symbols do?

Wilds symbols surely benefit the players of slot games. These symbols which may appear on the reels in a slot game will substitute for other symbols, in order to help you land a winning combination. They’re a highly exciting symbol to come across, as they are one of the most helpful symbols in any slot game.

These days in most of the slot machines wilds transform from simply helpful to absolutely game changing features as the gaming developers have added different functions to wilds, as well as making sure they are plenty in every slot game they create. These they name as ‘sticky’ or ‘stacked’ or ‘rolling’, which you should know how they can benefit you in your game play.

Types of wild symbols

As mentioned above there are many types of wild symbols. So here find few of the common types of wild symbols that you come across while playing pokies game on your mobile.

1. Stacked Wilds

Stacked Wilds
Stacked Wilds

Stacked wild symbols in pokies are when wild symbols appear on top of one another to create a section of wilds in the same reel. This type of wild is increasingly common, and it’s very helpful for players. As the wilds now take up a whole section of the reels, it vastly increases a player’s chance of creating a winning combination, as it means that any payline that passes through this cluster is likely to be a winner.

These stacked wilds appear vertically across a single reel, however they are some new pokies which may offer horizontally stacked wilds. This doesn’t change how useful they are as they still create more chances of finding a winning payline. Stacked wilds may also appear on every reel of the slot game or only on specific reels. For instance, some games may specify that stacked wilds will only appear on reels 2, 3 and 4, whilst others may allow them to fall wherever.

2. Expanding wilds

Expanding Wilds
Expanding Wilds

Expanding wild symbols in pokies are often known as some of the most exciting types of wilds around. When they were first created, they revolutionized the way pokies players valued wild symbols, and these days they can be found in plenty of different pokies.

Expanding wilds expand to the size of a whole reel. This feature can sometimes be triggered by meeting certain requirements, for instance finding two wilds together, or in some games wilds may expand every time they land on the reels. Like stacked wilds, expanding wilds are helpful to players as they create a full reel of wilds, making creating a winning combination much easier. As every payline will pass through all the reels, it’s very likely that the wilds will be put to good use. As an example Starburst and Spinata Grande pokies offer expanding wilds to the players.

3. Trailing Wild Symbols

Trailing wild symbols
Trailing wild symbols

A Trailing Wild symbols in pokies has a little different mechanics. The easiest way to explain them is through the principle of cloning. When a wild appears on one of your reels, it will create a clone and leave it on the spot where it originally appeared to be used for the next spin. After you hit the spin button the bonus symbol will move one position further down on the reel. Usually this continues until the wild Symbol reaches the bottom, leaving a trail of Wild Symbols. A trail that might mean winnings and bonuses for you.

4. Sticky Wilds

Fortunes of the Amazon Sticky Wild
Fortunes of the Amazon Sticky Wild

As the word Sticky it means that  sticky wild feature allows wild symbols in pokies to stay in place for more than one spin. In addition, some games with sticky wilds may allow players to re-spin the reels, with the wild in place, for free. Sticky wilds are also sometimes referred to as ‘frozen’ wilds too. Also sticky wilds will not increase your chances of creating a winning payline anymore than a regular wild would. However, players will benefit from having a wild on the reels for more than one spin, thus creating more chances of winning over several spins.

5. Wild Overlays

Guns N Roses
Guns N Roses Wild Overlays

Wild overlays are new types of wild  that appear stacked in a certain shape. The shape can land anywhere on the reels to take over the other symbols. They are usually an extra bonus feature, as opposed to simply a type of wild and may occur at the end of a spin or randomly throughout the game. Wild overlays are extremely useful, as the different shape may mean that you are covering many payline options. As the shape means that wilds run horizontally and vertically, it creates tons of chances for players to land a big win. The downside to wild overlays, however, is that they often can land either fully or partially on the reels. This means that you’re never sure of how many wilds you will benefit from.

6. Multiplier Wild Symbols

Diamond Tower Wild
Diamond Tower Wild

The Wild Symbol has the power to turn a losing into a winning hand. Granted, it feels nice to come out on top when you thought that you were going to lose. But why stop there and leave only with your winnings. Why not multiply them?

The Multiplier Wild Symbols in pokies does exactly this. It can not only stand in for any other symbol, but it will also multiply your winnings. Yeah, you heard that right, multiply. In slot games like Tunderstruck  completing a payline with the ‘Thor’ Wild Symbol will double your winnings.

One other game that is notorious for it’s multiplier wild symbols is Mega Money Multiplier. The wild symbols here actually tell you how much they will be increasing your win. What’s even more exciting is that having two Wild Multiplier Symbols in the same line do not cancel each other out. So your winnings will increase even more!

So next time you spin your pokies game reels on your mobile look at these wild symbols and judge them in your game play and take full advantage of them.