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Ways to Win with Scratch Cards

Ways to Win with Scratch Cards

Half of the excitement and fun based around Scratch cards, is the uncertainty. Are your tickets going to change your life, or be a bust? I’m sure you know by now that theres no way to know for certain until you’ve scratched the numbers off, BUT – we have found a few helpful tips and tricks that may help increase your chances of winning.

Tip number 1

Pick your price. All Scratch off lotto cards have varying odds, designs, and styles. However, the easiest and most reliable way to compare them is by looking at the prices. A typical scratch card will cost between $1 and $20 a piece. This all depends on the game and the area in which you live. There is a lower percentage of overall winners for the cheaper tickets, due to the lower payout, and smaller spread between top and interval prizes. Tickets that are on the pricier side, $5 and up, typically yield a higher overall percentage of winners, with a spread of higher payouts that is more even, and also usually a higher jackpot.

All-in-all, buying $1 dollar scratchies may result in more frequent wins, but the top prize is likely to be just a few hundred dollars, and the average price much lower. A $20 ticket will win much less frequently, but there is a probability that the prize may be several thousands of dollars.

Tip Number 2

Understanding the odds. When a particular game lists the odds, those are the odds that any given ticket may be a winner. If a game presents higher odds, it doesn’t automatically mean that you yourself are more likely to win the jackpot. It does however make your ticket a lot more valuable for the prize, given the large spread of lesser prizes. The best game plan would be to buy the tickets at your price point, that offer the highest odds for any winner.

If you consider yourself a serious gambler and wish to buy your tickets in bulk, It is a better idea to go for lower-price cards with higher odds. For the occasional lottery players, you may find it better to be selective and just buy a more expensive ticket every now and then.

Tip Number 3

Study the small print. On the back of every scratch card, is the small print. Read this in order to compare the odds of a few different games, before making an educated guess as to which card is for you. Odds are typically a list, comparing different numbers: 1: 5 or 1:20. This ratio suggests that every 1 out of 5, or every 1 out of 20 tickets will be a winner.

The ratio does not suggest that every fifth ticket in a row is likely to be a winner. And out of a random selection of 20 cards, one is not guaranteed to be a winner. The odds indicate that in the total number of tickets allocated, in every store across the nation that certain percentage of tickets are winners.

Tip Number 4

Stagger your ticket buying, or buy in bulk. A simultaneous two winning tickets is a very rare occasion, but out of an entire roll of tickets its likely that there are at least a few winners. You should stop purchasing tickets from a specific pack for a few days, if you know that the winning card has already been purchased. You could alternatively go to another store, or buy a different game. This just ensures that you are not wasting money on a guaranteed losing card.

There are a guaranteed number of winners and losers in each pack of scratch-off tickets that are sold. A pack is usually 30 or 40 tickets. Buying the whole pack is a guarantee that although you may not make a profit, you will at least win something.

Tip Number 5

Wait for the losers. Similarly to slot machines and other games of chance, a long losing streak may mean the odds are friendlier when you jump in and make that well-timed purchase. To get some tips and find out which games haven’t paid out lately, try and speak to the cashier at your particular lotto shop. There is definitely no way to know if one ticket is any more likely to win than another, but it is at least helpful to know if the game has already been played out.

If you’re standing behind someone who has just bought ten losing tickets, its worth it to buy a couple for yourself. If the first ten didn’t win, theres a slightly better chance the next few tickets may contain a winner.

Tip Number 6

Look at prize levels. Selling a ticket for a scratch-off game thats winning tickets have all been sold, is unfortunately perfectly legal. The store may decide to put up a flyer to tell you this, but sometimes is is several weeks out of date. You can head over to the state lottery homepage and make sure you aren’t wasting your money on losing.
 If a game at your appropriate price point is your favourite and you want to buy yourself some tickets, have a look at the top prize before making the purchase.  If the game is slower than usual because all the top prizes have been claimed. consider that it may be more beneficial to switch to a different game at the same price point.