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Triple Tiger Pokies

Triple Tiger Pokies

Triple Tiger Pokies

Pragmatic Play is a gaming software that is well known for their Asian-themed games that range from 5-reel video slots to tighter 3×3 setups. Such as the 3×3, 1 line classic slot – Triple Tigers that has a strong paytable and will not disappoint you.

With the exception of the Lion, Asian cultures are considered to be the king of all beasts. They represent powerful energies. The Tsai Shen Yeh and the Chinese God of Wealth are often shown sitting on a tiger whenever they appear in Asian art pieces. Many also consider the tiger to be the protector of the dead. This explains why the tiger is often seen in graves as a protector, ensuring peace for the dead.

Associated with the symbolism of sun, summer, and fire, Tigers are also considered as a yang energy. The ancient Chinese myths talk of five Tigers who are able to control the balance of cosmic forces to prevent chaos from sabotaging the universe.

This triple tigers slot machine has a much wider range of wins. This gives you a bigger chance to line up 3 symbols and potentially earn over 100 times your bet. In the search for fortunes with this online slot, you will be aided by the Tigers powerful forces.

Game Features

The game presents you with a basic layout and features a single pay line on which three matching symbols need to fall from left to right in order to award you with a payout. Don’t let the seemingly restrictive dimensions of the game put you off – there is an outstanding Return to Player percent (RTP) of 96.52%. The minimum bet amount is £0.01 and the maximum is just £5 per spin, which makes this game ideal for new players.

Free Spins and Bonuses

The video slot comes with just one pay line and an impressive RTP. However,  it does not offer any Free Spins or special bonus modes. You don’t only win by landing matching combinations on the reels. Should you land three different bar symbols of any color, a payout of 10x your bet amount is offered.


On the left-hand side of the screen, you will find the payout table. This indicates the payout for each of the symbols in this game. Based on the maximum bet amount of £5 a combination of three BAR symbols of any color will earn you £50. This is 10x your initial bet amount. This is still on the lower end of the scale and you have the potential to earn more.

  • Three Red BAR symbols – £100
  • Three Yellow BAR symbols – £150
  • Three Green BAR symbols – £250

The Golden Tiger paws reward you with a lucky £400 while the Red 8 symbol pays out an impressive £500.

Any three BAR symbol will pay out 10x your bet, but there are also some further heavyweight symbols;

  • Green Tiger – 200x your bet
  • Purple Tiger – 300x your bet
  • Golden Tiger – 500x your bet

None of these are bad for a maximum wager of just £5!

Graphics and Sounds

The screen layout captures the Asian theme perfectly with red reels that are set up against a dark red background – you may think it looks similar to a Chinese restaurant! Framed in gold are the reels and also in gold are the characters that illustrate the words “Triple Tigers” and “Pays”. The game features slightly Retro symbols and oriental styled BAR symbols. The symbols are also relatively large in size compared to other modern standards.

You can find the control panel at the bottom of the screen. This lets you set the bet amount, use autoplay, and access the paytable. If you don’t want to go through all the submenus to check out potential prizes, you can also find the paytable on the main screen.