Top 4 Slot Machine Myths Debunked

Top 4 Slot Machine Myths Debunked

It’s all in a wicker basket of luck! People often are rummaged with superstitious thoughts of wearing their favourite (lucky) outfits on the day of gambling.

Their favourite time of the day or even the person they’ve brought along whom they’ve tricked by saying it will be fun. Here are the top 4 slot machine myths debunked.

Let’s explore and debunk some common superstitions that often occupy the minds of experienced and new players in the world of pokies. It’s time for some myth-busting!

1. Cold/Hot Slot Myths

Cold/Hot Slot Myths
Cold/Hot Slot Myths

Many people have this myth about hot and cold slot machines running wild and amok in their heads. This myth implies that the hot slot machine, which is repeatedly used, could give much more payout money than the cold ones, but that generally isn’t the case. This is one of the top four slot machine myths debunked.

It’s all about the machine’s randomness and could be anything, so let’s clarify: temperature is not a factor.

2. Time/Space Driven Myths

Time/Space Driven

Being the most popular myth category due to a somewhat rational viewpoint, time and space-related myths have reasonable backgrounds.

Gamblers believe that the genie will emerge if they rub the lamp at a certain time of the day. As a result, they choose certain periods for gambling, believing that the casinos have a higher payout during weekends, holidays, or even special occasions.

This is also one of the top 4 slot machine myths debunked. After some briefing around, these myths made it to the chart-topper:

  • Weekends are the days with the most jackpots.
  • Slots pay out larger amounts at slower times than during peak hours.
  • Heavy traffic is a hindrance to a greater payout. Hence, people generally prefer the ones situated in silence.
  • The same slots have a different payout in the different casinos.

We could do this all day, but we made our point above. Now, facing back to reality, it is safe to assume that all of the above have zero validation.

Slot machines use a Random Number Generator (RNG) that works independently without being influenced by anything outside. So, the myths we discussed earlier are silly when you consider the facts. This clears up one of the top four myths about slot machines. Now, it’s up to you to decide if randomness and myths are separate or similar!

3. Jackpot Myths

Jackpot Myths
Jackpot Myths

Most cases of myths that could be recorded would fall under the section of jackpots. Though it might be intoxicating and surreal for the superstitious public, it is generally all about RNG’s randomness. If you consider yourself bright, it could be summed up as certain algorithms in an RNG.

The first and foremost myth is that the machine that just won a jackpot is unlikely to do that again, so it is worthless to wander around it expecting some real fruit.

This, however, is not always the case. As explained above, the machine is all about randomness and probability. So if you feel like leaving the machine after someone hits the fortune’s doorbell, think again! This is also one of the top 4 slot machine myths debunked.

The second part of the story is called the ‘Lurker Myth’. This myth has also inspired the infamous TV series ‘Friends’. If a person is on a losing streak and blames the machine in pure wrath and leaves, chances are you might hit the jackpot next.

Given its reputation as the Lurker myth, it’s quite dark—you get the fruit of someone else’s hard work! This is also one of the top four slot machine myths debunked.

If it were true and it wasn’t such a conundrum and a huff and puff of numbers, this myth might’ve proved its validation, but there isn’t such a thing as the perfect world now, is there? To face the harsh truth, the cycle of luck again falls under the road of randomness and probability. So if you ask me, I would say don’t give up yet!

4. The Master of Puppets Myth

The Master of Puppets Myth
The Master of Puppets Myth

The last myth is that everyone once or twice thinks of playing pokies in their lifetime. To be precise, even in the movies, the common people think that the casino is pulling strings on our plays and is probably the reason for their relentless streak of loss. This is also one of the top four slot machine myths debunked.

It can often be like that. After all, it’s the casino that you are up against; surely, they would do everything to get their money back. They won’t just let someone plunder all their vaults and walk away. After all, it’s their terrain.


Let’s clear up some misunderstandings about slot machines. Forget about hot or cold slots – randomness is key, and the machine’s temperature doesn’t affect your chances. Timing myths are just tricks of the mind; there’s no special time to hit the jackpot.

When it comes to winning jackpots, the machine doesn’t remember past wins – hitting a win once doesn’t make it less likely to happen again. And as for the idea of casinos manipulating the games, it’s just a myth.

In truth, it’s all about luck and the unpredictability of the game. So, forget about superstitions and enjoy the slots for what they are – exciting games of chance!

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