Top 14 Mobile Apps in New Zealand

Mobile devices can be found around the world. Even those who live in New Zealand are taking advantage of this technology. One thing that everyone should realize about their mobile computing device. It is only as good as the apps that you install on it.

Since mobile computer devices do have limits on how many apps they can hold, you must get the best apps. Many apps are perfect for the people of New Zealand. These are the apps that most people in this region should have.

The Top 14 Mobile Apps in New Zealand

App NameMain PurposeKey Features
Essential NZ Travel GuideTravel companionCrowd-sourced gas prices, are useful for road-trippers.
Find Food in NZFood guideFast food and Japanese cuisine recommendations.
NZ Travel Guide by TriposoTravel informationComprehensive guides for top NZ destinations.
Juice Defender SystemBattery optimizationMaximizes phone battery life by turning off unnecessary services.
Avast Mobile SecurityMobile securityEnsures security, especially for Android OS.
Spin CasinoOnline casino gamingMobile platform for Spin Palace, offering a variety of games.
Air NZAirport travel assistanceBoarding passes, day-of-travel notifications, air point information.
CamperMateCampervan travelCampsite reviews, filters, offline maps.
WikiCampsCamping site informationReviews, offline maps, useful for tent users.
MAPS.MEOffline maps for navigationEssential for hiking trails and areas with limited reception.
Skinny MobileMobile network serviceIdeal for those needing a SIM card in NZ, monitors data usage.
Grab a seatFlight dealsDaily domestic and occasional international flight deals.
Podcast AppPodcast listeningEntertainment during drives, Podcast Addict recommended.
GaspyGas price comparisonCrowd-sourced gas prices are useful for road-trippers.

1.  Essential New Zealand Travel Guide

Essential New Zealand Travel Guide

This app is what it says. It is the perfect travel guide for anyone who is Things You Must do in New Zealand. It provides information about the top things to do when traveling in New Zealand.

You get information about the must-do experiences and the top 10 New Zealand attractions. It also provides your location at any time. This app will make it easier to explore all that New Zealand has to offer.

2. Find Food in New Zealand

Finding the right place to eat can be difficult. This app is the perfect guide to fast food and Japanese food for travelers in New Zealand.

3. New Zealand Travel Guide by Triposo

New Zealand Travel Guide by Trposo

This is the perfect mobile app for anyone traveling in New Zealand. It offers complete travel guides for many of the top destinations in New Zealand.

4. Juice Defender System

Juice Defender System

If you want to get the most out of your phone, you need to make sure that you maximize its battery life. This app will do that. It will turn off any unnecessary services to make sure they do not drain the battery. With this app, you won’t have to worry about whether your phone will die before you win the big jackpot at the mobile casino.

5. Avast Mobile Security

Avast Mobile Security

Although most people do not realize it, a security program is important for a mobile device. This one works especially well with the Android Operating System.

6. Spin Casino

Spin Casino

Online casinos are growing in popularity around the world. Spin Palace is one of the most well-known and respected online casinos available. The mobile version of the casino in New Zealand will not disappoint with its list of games and its great play. Take a chance to win a big jackpot while on the go with this app.

7. Air NZ

Air NZ

The Air NZ app used to be called mPass. It is the perfect app for anyone who is traveling through the New Zealand airport. It allows the user to get international boarding passes, and the day of travel notifications and it gives enhanced air point information.

A few other popular and useful apps are Wathe ze navigation app which tells you instantly about traffic, construction, police, crashes, & more; the Wish app which helps you save money when you are buying something in New Zealand; AT Metro Track my bus app to save your favorite bus routes and stops, and see the bus’ progress in and around Auckland and many more such useful apps.



In case you plan to rent or buy a campervan in New Zealand, you should have CamperMate. You can find user reviews for campsites, filters, and maps available offline and can also have everything travelers need to be pinned, including drinking fountains.


Play Store | Apple Store


This is also a very useful app as you will find most locations on CamperMate. The search functionality for camping sites will make life a lot easier for those who are going to use a tent often in NZ (maps available offline).


Play Store | Apple Store


As the name suggests, it has reception across the country. You’ll need to download the maps beforehand so they’re available offline. This is one of the most-have mobile apps in New Zealand. It is super useful for hiking trails and keeping track of where you are when hitchhiking/driving etc. out of reception.


Play Store | Apple Store


In case you wish to have a SIM card in New Zealand there are a few main options, Skinny, Vodafone, and 2 Degrees. For most of you, Skinny Mobile is going to be the best sim card for you. This is one of the top 14 mobile apps in New Zealand.

You may not get an amazing deal in terms of data as it is not an NZ thing, keeping an eye on how much you’ve got left using the app will keep you from blowing it all.


Play Store | Apple Store


If you’re going on an Australia trip or Pacific Islands from New Zealand for a short time, check in on Grab A Seat every morning. On this app, you will find daily domestic deals, and a few times a week there’ll be international deals too. This is one of the top 14 mobile apps in New Zealand.


Play Store | Apple Store


Are you a big fan of podcasts? They’re perfect for listening to while driving too. You can opt for Podcast Addict for great music. This is one of the top 14 mobile apps in New Zealand.


Play Store | Apple Store

GASPY - Top 14 Mobile Apps in New Zealand

With several people both road-tripping around NZ and feeling like gas companies are their biggest enemy, this app works a treat fit. It’s all about crowdsourcing the latest gas prices at places around New Zealand and lists them all in a very simple format. This is one of the top 14 mobile apps in New Zealand.


Once you have gotten these apps on your mobile computing device, you will be ready to travel to New Zealand. These apps will help you before during and after you have visited New Zealand. They are worth the time and effort it takes to get them on your mobile device.

Downloading all these apps is 100% not necessary to enjoy most of the things to do in New Zealand. But, they certainly can improve them depending on your plans. Maybe you only need one or two? It’s up to you what apps you wish to have.


What does the Find Food in NZ app offer?

This app serves as a guide for finding fast food and Japanese cuisine options for travelers in New Zealand.

How does the Juice Defender System work?

Juice Defender System optimizes phone battery life by disabling unnecessary services, ensuring your device lasts longer.

Why is Avast Mobile Security recommended?

Avast Mobile Security is crucial for maintaining the security of mobile devices, especially those using the Android Operating System.

What is Spin Casino, and what does its app offer?

pin Casino is an online casino, and its mobile app provides access to a variety of games for users in New Zealand.

What features does the Air NZ app provide?

Formerly known as mPass, the Air NZ app offers international boarding passes, day-of-travel notifications, and enhanced air point information.

How does CamperMate benefit travelers with campervans?

CamperMate provides user reviews for campsites, filters, and offline maps, offering essential information for campervan travelers.

Are these apps necessary for enjoying New Zealand?

While not mandatory, these apps enhance various aspects of your New Zealand experience, from travel and entertainment to navigation and cost-saving.

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