Tips To Win The Game Of Roulette At Online Casinos

Tips to win the game of Roulette

Roulette is a very enticing game. The mechanics of this wheel invented by a French physicist and mathematician named Blaise Pascal in 1655 was taught to us by our teacher. 

What was Blaise Pascal trying to teach us?

The theory was that a perpetual motion machine continues to operate without drawing energy from an external source.

The laws of physics say it’s impossible, but being an inventor, Pascal was attempting to defy the odds.

His experiment failed, but the process gave birth to one of the most popular casino games of all time.

How Did Roulette Come To Casinos?

How did roulette came to casinos
Roulette is the most popular game to play at casinos

After the invention of the Roulette wheel people got interested in it.

All were curious about this new invention and in 1842 the number zero was added to the wheel 1842 for King Charles III of Monaco’s entertainment.

This type of Roulette with zero was designed by Francois and Lois Blanc. King Charles built a casino and in Monte Carlo, this wheel was a game to be played by the masses.

Also, zero gave the house a bigger house edge and generated a lot of income for Monaco, the Roulette wheel with the single zero hit the market at the same time that France had outlawed gambling, making Monte Carlo even more desirable.

In the 1800s, Roulette made its way across the ocean and onto US shores. To give the house an even bigger edge, a double zero was added to the Roulette wheel.

That means that instead of 37 numbers, the American Roulette wheel would have 38 numbers (1 through 36, 0, and 00).

Tips to Win The Game Of Roulette At Online Casinos

Roulette is thus a very exciting game at the casinos be it online or real land casinos.

This is a game where the casino has a slight edge over the players and therefore is a game of chance where winning is a bit unpredictable.

Many players think of a way to win this game and look for various cheats and hacks.  But remember cheating is a criminal offense in casinos and you should avoid it.

This also doesn’t mean that there are no ways to hack this wheel game especially when you are playing at online casinos.

Though there is no sure win by using some of the cheats and hacks of roulette at online casinos certainly you will improve your chances of winning the game.

All these tips are suggested by Roulette experts which we have compiled for punters to gain benefit from.

1. Choose the Right Color in the Wheel

Right color of the wheel
Right color of the wheel

What colour would you choose, either red or black? As there are 50% chances of occurring of both colours (minus the 0). Always bet on a colour and invest a dollar to get yourself started.

If you have made up your mind to play for some time then you can start with three or five dollars.  

If you win for the first time you have played, play again and leave the original bet to take that one home. As long as you win or lose till you have the original bet, you can play and if this is not happening, cut the losses and leave.

There is one more thing you can do you can play Roulette which will not cost you a penny and is free and you must bet on outside tables.

There are always the same chances for a color to occur and you can even win 8 times straight.

2. Quit on Your Losses

Quit on your losses
If your results go in a loss  either Quit or wait for your chance again

When betting in numbers between 1-18 and 19-36 they pay the same amount as on betting on colours but are a one-time lose or win system.

You can only bet once or at most twice on the casinos. It happens only a few times when the ball has not landed on either two sides.

It has been conducted in a survey that after seven spins place bets on the numbers that have not come yet.

If your results go in a loss either Quit or wait for your chance again and start with $1 so that next time you win have your plus $1 the original bet.

3. Betting on Rows

Betting on rows
Betting on rows and playing with colors are same

Playing with colours and betting on rows are the same. If you won the game on the first attempt, play again with the winning and keep aside your original bet.

If it results in a loss, bet again the same amount and result in a win cover your loss of the first one and if you think you have made 2 straight losses then there are two things to do.

Either quit or double the amount of bet this time and bet again. You have to get lucky only once if you keep on repeating but remember do not keep on doubling the bet.

There is a high risk of losing a large amount of money in this way.

3. Force the Zero

Force the zero
At online casinos where the game is programmed roulette has certain algorithm to generate a specific number to mix up

There are a total of 36 numbers and adding several zero there are 37 in total and each of them has an equal chance of occurring.

In real-time games there is no surety a number would come but at online casinos where the game is programmed roulette has a certain algorithm to generate a specific number to mix up some reality to the Roulette.

If you have made up your mind for a particular number it might not come for the first 75-85 spins but will come surely.

People are interested in betting red and black and zero will come eventually a few times to offset the Red and Black. You have to on that a few times and make some money.

Like in an online casino place a dollar each on both the red and black chip and three dollars on the green zero. If you are lucky and able to hit zero within the first 10 trials you would make 16 dollars.

If you can achieve zero on the first 10 trials then go to play at some other online casinos so that you can restart the whole process again.

Likely, zero would not occur for the first 30-34 spins and within 60-70 spins it would occur two to three times. If you can achieve than you will make more than 120 dollars which is a great win.

You can also place 4 chips of 1 dollar each on green zero. In the first 10 trials, you hit zero at least once then you will make $2.

There are high chances of scoring on zero after sixty spins and then if you hit  zero twice you would make more than $130

Also, you can start again and this time six chips of dollar each and a dollar each on red and black.

If you make zero in the first 10 trials then you can make at least 42 dollars and there are high chances of occurring zero after 30 spins and that would generate revenue of more than 170 dollars.

Maybe you can place a dollar each on both red and black and this time place 8 chips of a dollar on the zero. Scoring a zero in the first 10 trials would give you sixteen dollars.

There are very less chances of scoring zero in the first few spins.

The best is to place a dollar each on both red and black and start with two dollars on green zero.

Double the amount of bet on green zero after every 10 trials and you would encounter zero within the first 60-70 trials you would end roulette every time with a profit.

If you follow these hacks then you are surely going to win something in roulette.

4. Choose the Right Bonus

Roulette bonus at 888
Roulette bonus at 888 casino

Bonus on Roulette games at casinos acts as a booster to your bankroll.

Though a welcome bonus or match deposit bonus is common at online casinos you can look forward to no deposit bonus which includes Roulette to play.

Though no deposit bonuses are generally related to slots, few online casinos do include roulette to play with this bonus offer.

One of the bonuses at 888 casinos is one of the quite lucrative bonuses to play roulette.

Play 888 Live Casino Roulette during the casino’s daily Lucky 8 event from  8 pm–9 pm (GMT), and you could win a bonus of $8 every time the winning number is ‘8’. 

Simply place a bet of at least $8 during event hours. If you placed a bet on a round where the winning number was 8, you’ll win a bonus of $8.

If you follow these tips than you are surely going to win something in roulette.

Things To Remember

Few more points to remember when playing the game of Roulette

  • First play for free or join play for fun online casino to learn the game of roulette. Practice few sessions without spending any penny and when you think you have mastered the game you can join a real money online casino to play roulette.
  • If you have been playing for long than remember what numbers, colors a particular table hit mostly. Keep track of your previous score and it will help you predict colors and numbers for next rounds.
  • Remember to quit when you start losing and be satisfied with what you have won. Do not chase your losses or wins.
  • Note that some roulette tables are very likely to generate some particular even or odds.
  • Also multiple of 5 are the most uncommon numbers to hit on roulette. So try these numbers.
  • When you choose to play roulette online, you can take advantage of a whole host of different variations of the game on offer at any good online casino. Roulette variations that are popular with players include European roulette, French roulette, American roulette, and online-specific versions like multi-ball and multi-wheel roulette as well as Live roulette with a live dealer on your cell phone or PC or tablet. Remember American table has 00 in addition which decreases your probability of winning. There are chances of 1/37 while playing European casinos and 1/38 while playing American casinos.
  • Always play at a reputable online casino that is legit and registered and offers fair and secure gaming.


Roulette, born from Blaise Pascal’s pursuit of perpetual motion, evolved into a captivating casino game.

Originating in France, it gained popularity in the 19th century, reaching the shores of America with modifications. To enhance your roulette experience, consider strategic tips.

Opt for outside bets, track number patterns, and wisely force the zero, especially in online casinos. Utilize bonuses, like the Lucky 8 event at 888 Casino, to boost your bankroll.

Practice in free play mode before venturing into real-money games. Remember, quit wisely, be content with wins, and choose reputable casinos for fair play.

Mastering roulette blends chance with calculated decisions, ensuring an exhilarating gaming journey.


What is the origin of roulette?

Roulette originated in 17th-century France, credited to physicist Blaise Pascal’s pursuit of a perpetual motion machine. It evolved into a popular casino game over the centuries.

How did roulette come to casinos?

Roulette made its way to casinos in the 19th century, gaining attention after Francois and Louis Blanc added a zero to the wheel for King Charles III of Monaco’s entertainment.

Are there strategies to win at roulette?

While roulette is a game of chance, players can employ strategic tips. These include choosing the right color, quitting strategically, betting on rows, and forcing the zero in online casinos.

Can I use cheats or hacks to win at roulette?

Cheating is illegal and strongly discouraged. Instead, focus on legitimate strategies like choosing the right bets, quitting wisely, and utilizing bonuses for better chances of success.

How can I force the zero in roulette?

In online casinos, there’s a strategy to force the zero by understanding the algorithm. Patiently place bets on both red and black, along with specific bets on the green zero, increasing the bets strategically.

What bonuses can enhance my roulette experience?

Look for online casino bonuses, such as the Lucky 8 event at 888 Casino, offering additional rewards for playing roulette during specific hours. Welcome bonuses and no deposit bonuses can also boost your bankroll.

Is there a surefire way to win at roulette?

Roulette is inherently unpredictable, and there’s no guaranteed winning strategy. However, employing strategic tips and understanding the game’s dynamics can improve your chances of success.

How should I manage my losses in roulette?

Quit wisely if you experience consecutive losses. Set limits, be satisfied with your wins, and avoid chasing losses. Responsible management is crucial for an enjoyable and sustainable gaming experience.

Can I play roulette for free before using real money?

Yes, many online casinos offer free play or demo modes for roulette. Utilize this feature to practice and understand the game dynamics before transitioning to real-money play.

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