6 Tips for Becoming a Casino High Roller

6 Tips to Become a Casino High Roller
6 Tips to Become a Casino High Roller

Being a high roller in casinos refers to a player engaging in casino activities with significantly larger stakes than the average gambler.

High rollers, also known as whales or VIP players, are characterized by their willingness to wager substantial amounts of money on casino games.

Being a High Roller at a casino isn’t just about how much money you bet. It’s also about feeling essential and getting noticed by the casino people.

They treat you uniquely and give you extra respect because you’re a high roller. But to become a high roller in New Zealand.

Here are 6 tips for Becoming a Casino High Roller.

What is a Casino High Roller?

Although there are no definite words to describe this, they are players who bet high, at least $100 or more per hand. This is $25 pokies of high rollers per spin.

But it is not betting alone that makes a player casino high roller. It would be best if you gave the casino lots of play.

Benefits of becoming a high roller:

  • VIP treatment and personalized services
  • Exclusive perks, including freebies and special bonuses
  • Higher betting limits for potential larger winnings
  • Access to private and comfortable gaming areas
  • Luxurious accommodations at discounted or complimentary rates
  • Invitations to exclusive events, parties, and tournaments
  • Customized services based on personal preferences

Given their betting size, every high roller is treated differently. Big high rollers can expect to get a choice hotel room, the best dinners, and expensive drinks.

It may include a VIP nightclub table and front-row show tickets.

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What Special Perks Can Casino High Rollers Get?

How to Become a Casino High Roller.1 -Tips to Becoming a Casino High Roller
What Special Perks Can High Rollers Get

Often, a casino high roller can opt for what they want regarding comps. You may like to head towards a casino in style in an Aston Martin rental or want the best blackjack rules the high roller online casino can give you.

You may wish to stay in a penthouse suite that offers a specific view of the Vegas Strip. You can ask the casino to inform you when this particular room is available.

How to Become a Casino High Roller?

How to Become a High Roller
How to Become a High Roller

There is no sure way to reach casino high roller status, but there are many ways you usually can try out.

1. Bet Big

6 Tips to Become a Casino High Roller
big bet

You need to bet large enough, like $100 per hand. Although that is not all, it will be a sure step toward becoming a high roller.

Casinos will probably want to see you risk at least $500 or $1,000 per round.

2. Play at Smaller Casinos with Big Bets

 Play at Smaller Casinos with Big Bets
Play at Smaller Casinos with Big Bets

Targeting smaller gambling venues to get treated like royalty would be best. The bigger the casino, the bigger the bet should be.

Start with smaller casinos where the big bet is valuable. This can earn you big treatments.

3. Make Big Deposits

Make Big Deposits
Make Big Deposits

Several gambling venues are more interested in how much you’re willing to deposit. A larger deposit gives off the impression that you’re willing to lose plenty of money, which is the casino’s revenue source.

You’ll be treated well if you deposit at least $100,000. Of course, many casinos can treat you well for depositing $10,000.

4. Be a Non-Gambling Casino High Roller

Be a Non-Gambling Casino High Roller
Be a Non-Gambling High Roller

You can also get excellent treatment by merely signing up for the rewards program and using your card whenever paying for anything.

You will also be eligible for great comps if you spend a good deal.

5. Know the Casino Requirements

Know the Casino Requirements
Know the Casino Requirements

Casino hosts are there to help high rollers. They will assist you in setting up comps as you like and arrange any treatment you need.

They often solve most issues or problems you have during your stay if you are friendly to them.

6. Play in the Casino High Roller Pokies Room

Play in the Casino High Roller Slots Room
Play in the High Roller Pokies Room

Most high rollers play at the tables. Pokies players lose more money than anybody in the casino as they play faster.

Concentrating on the pokies venue with high limits is better, and you can expect some excellent rewards.

The VIP levels are primarily based on points you accumulate over your lifetime. Hence, you need to earn specific points to maintain your status.

Knowing how the online casino VIP program works can earn enough points to hold your level.

Is It Worth Becoming a High Roller?

Is It Worth Becoming a High Roller
Is It Worth Becoming a High Roller

It’s your personal preference. If you want to gamble lots of money in casinos, you might consider doing what it takes to become an elite VIP.

As an online gambler, you must make up the VIP program by betting enough money. You should visit a gaming site’s loyalty page to see what points you need to reach the highest level.

Many players love the preferential treatment they get upon arriving at a casino. Of course, you can receive the same type of treatment by spending a significant amount at five-star restaurants and non-gambling resorts. But if you like gambling and want to be treated like a royal person, you must acquire high roller status.

6 Celebrity High Rollers

Some of the most popular high rollers are already in the public eye. Celebrities already are the public a natural swagger from their fame and usually have the bankroll to become a high roller, but a few can become a real money player.

Several celebrities have made the gambling community proud over the years. Here, I have a short list of examples of high-celebrity roller players.

1. Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan

He has been one of the greatest athletes of all time, from the leader of the Chicago Bulls to six-time NBA champions and multiple-game MVPs.

He has generated millions in earnings from his years of great basketball.

Michael Jordan, whose first retirement from basketball was rumoured to be due to his gambling, has been known to lose over $1 million over a game of golf with buddies. 

Mr. Jordan’s celebrity made him a star high roller, but he’s a genuine real money player.

2. Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck

He’s acted in many movies and has made a lot of money. What’s more interesting is his gambling habits. Ben has had a piece of the high roller’s highs and lows.

The sad part is his wife of over ten years left him because of his extreme gambling lifestyle. Mr. Affleck is a highly skilled card counter who’s been physically thrown out of at least two casinos.

Word on the streets is that if you’re in Affleck’s crew, you’ll also know about the underground action.  Overall, anywhere he goes, Ben Affleck is a high roller.

3. Dana White

Dana White
Dana White

He is a bald but sexy owner of the UFC – a worldwide sporting event that generates massive pay-per-view revenue. He spends the majority of his time in Las Vegas.

Dana is pretty much loaded and lives the ultimate Playboy lifestyle. Dana is a Vegas tipper and has even left 5 figure tips for perfectly cooked steaks and over a $100k tip to a blackjack dealer.

Dana is a big money player and a high roller of the classiest type.

4. George Clooney

George Clooney
George Clooney

Who doesn’t know George Clooney? He acts as a high roller on the big screen and hits the tables every time he visits Las Vegas.

George loves gambling but consistently experiences poor luck. It’s rumoured that George lost 26 straight hands of high-stakes blackjack one crazy night gambling with fellow actors.

Even with consistent bad luck, George Clooney is still a Whale.

5. Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods

Speaking of blackjack, Tiger likes to play $25K/hand. Tiger Woods was almost synonymous with Nike and any reference to golf.

His wins, endorsements, and personal business ventures earned millions of dollars. This wealth has only fueled his gambling habits.

He gambles the amount of some people’s annual salaries repetitively on the hands of blackjack—another example of celebrity-level money funding the high-roller lifestyle.

6. John McCain

John McCain
John McCain

He has been a former presidential candidate for the Republican party, a successful business initiator, and an incredible fundraiser. John is a gambler with a hunger for action.

His friends have reported that he used to spend all night playing craps, drinking and playing dice for sessions of 12 hours or more for large sums of cash. He proves that even politicians can be dice-throwing money players.

These celebrity examples give you an idea of what we mean when we say ‘high roller’.

That doesn’t mean you need to be famous to be considered a high roller, but once you’ve achieved the status, it can ultimately result in fame.

Think about Terrance Watanabe, known to have lost over $220 million in Las Vegas in only a few years. Those losses must have some crazy weekend stories behind them.

Play a lot to become a High Roller

Play a lot to become a High Roller
Play a lot to become a High Roller

You cannot take calculated risks. Of course, you need to be alert, but you cannot succeed without playing enough. If you don’t gamble, you’re not a high-roller.

It would be best if you played the game to get high-roller fame. No one cares about the bets you thought about making. It’s about a vulgar display of wealth and recklessness; you must play.

To become a high roller, you must gamble large sums of money. It’s not about where you’re from, your clothes, or how much money you have in the bank; it’s only about the money on the gaming table. The more funds you put on the table, the more popular you will be in casinos.


Becoming a high roller in gambling means you have to bet a lot of money to get special treatment from the casino, like fancy hotel rooms and VIP experiences.

While being a big spender comes with fabulous perks, it’s important to negotiate for things you want, like better game rules or special services.

Learn from examples like Watanabe, who lost a considerable amount, and manage your money wisely.

Starting with smaller casinos can be an intelligent move to enjoy high-roller perks without taking significant financial risks. Just remember, it’s essential to gamble responsibly and stay within your budget.


What makes you a high roller at a casino?

A high roller is someone who consistently bets large amounts of money. Casinos entice high rollers with lavish perks like private jet transfers, limousine services, and access to the best suites.

How much do you need to gamble to be a high roller?

The amount needed to be a high roller varies based on the casino, game, play speed, and odds. It depends on how quickly you’re expected to lose and how long you stay.

For example, a pokie high roller might bet $3 per pull, while a blackjack high roller might wager $100-$500 per hand or more.

Do casinos like high rollers?

Yes, casinos care about the money that high rollers bring in. The total guest buy-ins are crucial, and the money flowing into the casino is more important than the casino’s profit percentage.

What are the best games for high rollers?

High rollers often prefer games like Roulette, Blackjack, and Baccarat for their strategic elements and potential for large bets.

Do high-roller games hit more often?

No, the location of a poker machine (whether in a high-limit room or on the regular casino floor) doesn’t change the odds of winning. Pokies machines are designed to be games of chance with a built-in house edge.

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