The Best 10 Playgrounds In Wellington For Kids To Enjoy

The Best 10 Playgrounds in Wellington for Kids to Enjoy
The Best 10 Playgrounds in Wellington for Kids to Enjoy

Wellington is the best tourist spot in New Zealand. If you have to stroll, you too have much to enjoy, from great food to the finest and most attractive Wellington kids’ playgrounds.

Wellington has some 50 well-equipped public playgrounds in and around the city, like in the waterfront area, Oriental Bay area and the Botanic Gardens or a few located near great café houses.

Here are the best playgrounds that kids, as well as you, will love to be in.

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1. Frank Kitts Park Playground Waterfront

Frank Kitts Park Playground Waterfront - Playgrounds
Frank Kitts Park Playground Waterfront

Frank Kitts is one of the city’s most popular Wellington kids playgrounds, known for its vast lighthouse slide.  Also, kids can enjoy other swings, a climbing structure and a spring ride-on. This playground is located in the heart of all the waterfront activities.

You and your kids can relish an ice cream from the nearby van and might even have a close-up with a helicopter taking off from the pier opposite.

2. Freyberg Beach Playground, Oriental Bay – Wellington Kids Playgrounds

Freyberg Beach Playground, Oriental Bay
Freyberg Beach Playground, Oriental Bay

Freyberg Beach Playground is a popular Wellington kid’s playground in the Oriental Bay area. You will love to find a giant rope climbing frame feature that will delight your kids.

On either side of this, you can bring in your toddler for a slide and tunnel and a large climbing platform for kids to jump in and out.

This playground is located near a mini-beach built with sand, especially barged in from Golden Bay. With a comfortable grassed area facing the harbour and Oriental Bay fountain, it’s a beautiful spot for some picnic-type adventure. If you feel hungry or your kids want some chips, you can have them from nearby Mt Vic Chippery.

3. Botanic Garden Playground, Wellington

Botanic Garden Playground, Wellington
Botanic Garden Playground, Wellington

At Botanic Garden playground, you too will become a kid here as this playground is one of the best Wellington kids’ playgrounds with plenty of giant and exciting slides, ride-ons, and climbers.

As the picture above shows, a pair of long slides with tunnels over the top half and a suitable platform climb reaches that.

Then there is a four-armed ‘octopus’ ride on pivots around, in, and out from a central pole and a flying fox. 

Also, you can spend some time at Space Place at Carter Observatory to watch space activities or ride in Wellington Cable Car a little further up the hill and have fun.

4. Homebush Road Playground Khandallah

Homebush Road Playground Khandallah
Homebush Road Playground Khandallah

Wellington’s secret Wellington kids playgrounds have astounding views of the harbour. This is an essential playground with swings, but it is surrounded by a large field and landscape view that will attract you. You must walk down a vast track off Homebush Road to get there.

The entrance to the track is about halfway along Homebush Road. Kids will love See-saw, spiderweb climber and a slide-&-tunnel platform structure. As a parent, you will love the incredible panoramic views across Wellington Harbour, from Hutt Valley to the CBD.

5. Ben Burn Park Playground, Karori – Wellington Kids Playgrounds

Ben Burn Park Playground, Karori
Ben Burn Park Playground, Karori

Next to the Karori Park pavilion, there is a small playground open to a busy road, but it does include a couple of exciting pieces of equipment, like the circle of “rocks” that kids can run around and a flying fox. The park itself has a great bike or scooting track around it.

There are bucket swings that kids will love. Also, as it is a sheltered spot, you will experience not much heat on a windy day.

Also, there is a cafe in the Pavillion for some eateries, a free parking zone, and a Karori shopping centre nearby.

6. Shorland Park Playground, Island Bay – Wellington Kids Playgrounds

Shorland Park Playground, Island Bay
Shorland Park Playground, Island Bay

Shorland Park near Island Bay is a famous beachside playground. With large open spaces to run around, swings, a long slide, a pirate ship, concrete tunnels, a band rotunda, and wood-based climbing structures, kids will have ample time to spend and enjoy. With a parking facility, there is no issue for your vehicles to stand.

For the grannies, the playground park is accessible by a wheelchair.

7. Wadestown Playground, Wadestown – Wellington Kids Playgrounds

Wadestown Playground, Wadestown
Wadestown Playground, Wadestown

Wadestown playground is fully fenced to keep kids safe in a fun-filled enclosure. Though it is a small playground, it is very well designed and has a great climbing platform with a suspended tunnel, bridge, slides, mini flying fox and more.

Also, the playground has swings, see-saws, and a giant metal slide across the park. Also, you can find a good time to spend with kids, like a small picnic.  

The entire park is also fully fenced and gated, so you can relax and let them run free.

Free parking is allowed here, and the ground has a toilet and change facilities when the plunked rooms are open. When the Plunket rooms are closed, the nearest toilets are in the small car park opposite the Wadestown Kitchen cafe.

8. Avalon Park Playground, Lower Hutt – Wellington kids playgrounds

Avalon Park Playground, Lower Hutt
Avalon Park Playground, Lower Hutt

The Hutt Valley is famous for its playgrounds. At Avalon Park, you will find a series of playgrounds in and around the area.

The playground is well equipped for all ages; surrounded by grassy parkland, it’s a great place to stop for a picnic.

A big old-school wooden fort sits on an ‘island’ in a picturesque pond. Various climbers and swings have the older ones covered. The kids have a great space to enjoy freely, surrounded by a white picket fence.

9. Katherine Mansfield Park Playground, Thorndon

Katherine Mansfield Park Playground, Thorndon
Katherine Mansfield Park Playground, Thorndon

Katherine Mansfield Park, Thorndon, is one of the most popular Wellington kids’ playgrounds on the corner of Fitzherbert Terrace and Hobson Street.

Amidst the green trees and beautiful garden, kids will find significant swings like disc swings where you and your little one can easily lie together and rock. Also, a long tube slide and rope-climbing structures suit younger kids.

There is free parking on Fitzherbert St, so no worries for vehicles while you enjoy the ground.

10. George Denton Park Playground, Highbury – Wellington Kids Playgrounds

George Denton Park Playground, Highbury
George Denton Park Playground, Highbury

Highbury is an excellent area with thick green trees around it. You can enjoy spectacular views over the city and harbour. It’s one of those areas that you probably know little of, but once you live there, you might never leave.

You can reach George Denton Park within a 10-minute drive from the city. Also, you can visit Polehill Reserve to the south and eastern flanks of Highbury.

The playground has open spaces, swings, and a great range of entertaining and physically challenging equipment. There’s play equipment designed to get adults in on the fun, like the overhead grinder that travels along a rail.

These gully areas were once covered in native forest, cleared for farming upon European settlement, and have slowly been regenerated back to native plant reserves since the 1980s. The gullies provide numerous walking and mountain biking tracks.

Adjoining the Highbury is the famous Zealandia Wildlife Sanctuary on its eastern side. This 225-hectare sanctuary is surrounded by a predator fence that helps protect several endangered or regenerating species, including Tuatara lizards, 40 native bird species and native freshwater fish.


Wellington offers a diverse range of exceptional playgrounds for children, ensuring entertainment and educational value.

From the iconic lighthouse slide at Frank Kitts Park Playground to the adventurous rope climbing frame at Freyberg Beach Playground, each location promises a unique experience.

Botanic Garden Playground boasts an array of slides and climbers, while the panoramic views from Homebush Road Playground add an extra dimension to the fun.

Ben Burn Park Playground, Shorland Park Playground, Wadestown Playground, Avalon Park Playground, Katherine Mansfield Park Playground, and George Denton Park Playground all contribute to Wellington’s reputation as a family-friendly destination.

With various amenities, accessibility, and engaging features, these playgrounds offer an enriching environment for children to explore and enjoy.

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