The 8 Exotic Places to Eat, Explore and Enjoy in Wellington

In the capital city of New Zealand, Wellington is the place where you will love to enjoy the true spirit of travel. 

The city sits near the North Island’s southernmost point on the Cook Strait. It encompasses a waterfront promenade, sandy beaches, a working harbour, and colourful timber houses on surrounding hills.

You will love to explore the tasty holes along the walkways to the diving platforms off the scenic waterfront. Here are the 8 most exotic places you will love to visit in Wellington.

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1. Hannahs Laneway

Hannahs Laneway - 8 exotic places to eat explore and enjoy in wellington
Hannahs Laneway

Hannahs Laneway is the most popular name for good food and wine. This lane is also known as salted caramel heaven, as it is home to Leeds Street Bakery’s salted caramel cookies and Wellington Chocolate Factory’s salted caramel brittle.

You can peek through New Zealand’s first public bean-to-bar factory, and you can buy delectable peanut butter out a factory window from Fix and Fogg, or you can taste artisan sodas at Six Barrel Soda or stop for a drink break at one of the most colourful craft beer bars in this town of Wellington.

2. The Little Waffle Shop

The Little Waffle Shop
The Little Waffle Shop

Do you love munching waffles and then dropping into the Little Waffle Shop? When you enter the world of waffles, try picking up a freshly made hot waffle covered in delicious toppings like Lemon Meringue Pie and Caramel Cookie Crumble. Or you can ask for the menu and choose the toppings from the list.

This is one of the Wellington Exotic places. Don’t forget, if you visit them on Wednesday, you can pick up the Waffle of the Week for only $5. Otherwise, the waffles will only cost you $7. You can join them on Facebook or Instagram and say, Yum Yum.

3. Fine Cocktail Bars

Fine Cocktail Bars
Fine Cocktail Bars

Wellington is the right place for you if you are looking for drinks. The city has famous and finest bars like the Havana, the award-winning cocktail bar-restaurant serving a diverse range of Spanish-inspired tapas and seasonal plates.

The bar supports local and international musicians and DJs three nights weekly for your listening pleasure. Also, there is one C G R Merchant & Co. where you will love the creativity in cocktails.

Then there is a Motel bar, a unique island oasis lounge bar & nightclub; also, find the Hawthorn Lounge bar, The Library bar, and The Black Sparrow bar, where sophisticated flavours flow through the drink and light dining menus. The Black Sparrow is a place for women and gentlemen to enjoy all things aged, twisted, and beautiful.

Another famous one is Alice Bar and Foxglove, where you’ll be rewarded with some of Wellington’s finest cocktails.

4. Writers Walk

Writers Walk
Writers Walk

Writers Walk is a famous place in Wellington. You can walk around the waterfront and follow the trail of sculptural poetry.

See if you can find all 19 poetic sculptures, each containing a quotation about Wellington from a poem or piece of prose by one of the many talented writers who have made the city their home at some point in their lives.

5. Say Cheese

Say Cheese
Say Cheese

One of the most exotic places to seek is to visit the artistic cheese shops in Wellington. The creativity in cheese making that hand-made cheese is what they are unique for.

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One of the famous names you can find is C’est Cheese in Wairarapa. Here, you can taste and indulge in an impressive selection of unique New Zealand cheeses, including locally made award-winning Kingsmead and Cwmglyn cheeses.

There is also a comprehensive and gorgeous range of cured meats, olive oil, chutneys, relishes, bread, and more. Set in a stylish shop, this is the perfect range for an ideal platter, hamper, or any high-quality foodie items focusing on local and craft.

What more can you get at $5? The halloumi sandwiches from boutique cheese makers Zany Zeus in Hutt Valley are something you will always cherish.

6. Seal Coast Safari

Seal Coast Safari
Seal Coast Safari

With incredible wildlife spread across New Zealand, you will love to go for a Seal Coast Safari along the wild south coast to Red Rocks to seek native fur seals basking in the sun. 

You can hire one of the tour services for this safari and get access to exclusive private farmland, and the chance to encounter New Zealand fur seals up close and personal.

While you enjoy watching seals sunbathing and taking their selfies, you can also enjoy the best cup of coffee and gourmet muffin with the seals while taking in Wellington’s true beauty.

7. Zealandia Sanctuary

Zealandia Sanctuary
Zealandia Sanctuary

Zealandia, formerly known as the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary, is a protected natural area in Wellington. You can visit this place, just a ten-minute drive from the city.

Spread over 225ha, this eco-sanctuary is home to some of New Zealand’s most precious creatures.

See some of New Zealand’s rarest birds, reptiles, and insects living wild in their natural environment, including hihi, tuatara, saddleback, kākā and, at night, little spotted kiwi.

8. Dive and Splash the Water

Dive and Splash water
Dive and Splash water

If you are in Wellington in summer, water is what you need to play with. The waterfront has a wooden dive plank and a jumping platform, which proved hugely popular in the summer.

The Taranaki Street Wharf jump platform in Wellington Harbour has witnessed some of the city’s daredevil bomb divers.

Such water diving platforms provide so much enjoyment for locals and tourists alike and are a real buzz to the waterfront area. The Authorities check the sanitation and cleanliness of the water, so no worries, enjoy.


Wellington is a hidden gem filled with exotic eateries, thrilling adventures, and stunning natural beauty. From the vibrant lanes of Cuba Street to the serene wilderness of Zealandia, there’s something to capture the hearts of every traveller.

So, pack your bags, grab your appetite for adventure, and prepare to be enchanted by the irresistible allure of Wellington.

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