The 5 Best Scratch Card Apps To Play Free Scratchies On Your Mobile

The 5 best Scratch card apps for Android mobile to play free scratchies online

Scratch card apps are free instant scratchies that can be played online with mobile devices. They are available at the Google Play store for Android mobile devices and the iTunes store for iPhone mobile devices.

These scratch card apps are for fun, and you can play the shy games as long as you want.

You are offered free virtual money to buy the scratchies to play, and if you win again, you win free virtual credits to play more.

Here are the top Android apps for playing free online scratch cards on your mobile.

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Top Scratch Card Apps To Play Free Scratchies

Scratch Card TypeBest For
Scratch Card: Scratchers GameCasual Players & Lottery Enthusiasts
Las Vegas Scratch Card (Themed)Fans of Las Vegas & Casino Games
Lottery Scratch Off-MahjongMahjong Enthusiasts & Puzzle Fans
Scratcher and Clicker (Combination)People Who Enjoy Variety & Interactive Play
Scratch Lottery (Generic)People Who Enjoy Instant Wins & Low Stakes

1. Scratch Card: Scratchers Game

Scratch card app
Scratch card app

The scratch card scratchers game app by Shocktech offers 30 different scratch cards to play.

You will find different theme scratchies here, like Crossword, Deluxe Cashword, Loose Change multiplier, Vegas Slots, Neon 9s, 7-11-21, Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, and Wheel of Fortune.

All scratch card tickets are addictive, so try your luck to win a considerable fancy number. If you download this scratch card, you can have great fun with the fantastic scratch card offers.

These instant scratchies are easy to win. Get the Real scratch card experience, and if you win, you could bet to double your prizes.

Scratch card tickets can be zoomed in and out, and scratchie tickets can be shared easily with friends.

 Click here to download it now

PokiesMobile Suggestion – You can play 50 different scratch cards if you choose Scratch Card: Scratchers Game.

2. Las Vegas Scratch Card

Las Vegas Scratch card
Las Vegas Scratch card

Las Vegas Scratch Card is another beautiful app from the same developer as above. It offers Las Vegas lottery scratch cards that are generally used to make fun of your free time.

With these scratch games, you can have a reasonable and realistic lottery scratch card experience. There are lots of lotto scratch cards that are available to scratch off.

It is best if you like to play the instant lottery for a scratch game.

You can be entertained a lot with scratch games. You can enjoy all the scratch-off lottery tickets for free, such as crossword, blackjack, Vegas slots, catchword, diamond 777, etc.

Click here to download it now

PokiesMobile Suggestion – You can enjoy real lottery scratch cards with a Las Vegas theme for a fun way to pass the time.

3. Lottery Scratch Off-Mahjong

Lottery Scratch Off-Mahjong
Lottery Scratch Off-Mahjong

Lottery scratch card: Mahjong is a free scratch card game. This lottery scratch card has 38 scratch-off offers.

If you are interested in lottery scratch games, try the lottery scratch card off Mahjongg to win exciting prizes. It’s the best scratch card lottery for giving people more entertainment

Click here to download it now

PokiesMobile Suggestion – Lottery Scratch Off – Mahjong offers 40 scratch-offs including Mahjong, Roll the dice, Red envelope scratch ticket, and more, perfect for instant lottery game enthusiasts seeking fun and excitement.

4. Scratcher and Clicker

Scratcher and clicker
Scratcher and clicker

Lotto Scratch Powerball develops the Scratcher and Clicker app for Android. The Scratch and Clicker is a free cash scratch-off game.

You can instantly win games and test your luck with the 50+ scratch card tickets with the scratcher and clicker game.

You can play all your favourite lottery scratch-offs without losing any of your real money.

There are  50+ Scratcher lottery tickets to play and win here. You get instant win ticket analytics and can enjoy the real scratching effect with the scratcher and clicker.

You can earn the gift bonus for every 100 scratch tickets scratched by spinning the gift machine.

You can increase your earnings by spinning the bet machine. By playing the clicker game, defeat the pirates and become super clickers.

Click here to download it now

PokiesMobile Suggestion – Scratcher & Clicker offers 50+ fun scratch-off lottery games where you can test your luck without risking real money.

5. Scratch lottery

Scratch Lottery
Scratch Lottery

Scratch Lottery is a free Scratch app that allows you to play and win, like the above scratch card apps. It’s a new design; you can choose your favourite scratch cards.

You can be assured that there is no cheating; everything is transparent here.

The scratch lottery app, developed by EV Gaming, offers various styles and formats for playing scratch-offs.

Click here to download it now.

PokiesMobile Suggestion – It’s a free scratcher lottery app with realistic instant win games, including live lottery drawings, jackpot wins, bingo, crosswords, match 3, slots, and tic-tac-toe scratch-offs.

How do you get started with Scratch Card Apps?

To get started with Scratch Card Apps in New Zealand, you can follow these steps:

  1. Choose an App: Find a good scratch card app that works with NZ dollars and is compatible with your phone. There are several options, but it’s best to go with one that’s reputable and well-reviewed. You can check out sites like for recommendations.
  2. Create an Account: Once you’ve found an app you like, you must sign up for an account. This usually involves entering basic info about yourself, like your name and email address. Sometimes, they might ask for ID to verify your identity, but don’t worry, it’s just to keep everything safe and secure.
  3. Make a Deposit: To start playing, you must deposit money into your account. If you’re testing the waters, look for apps that offer low minimum deposits.
  4. Select a Scratch Card: Now the fun part is picking your first scratch card! They come in various themes and prices, so take your time to find one that catches your eye.
  5. Play: Once you’ve chosen your card, it’s time to get scratching! Just follow the instructions on the screen – it’s as easy as swiping your finger to reveal the hidden symbols.
  6. Check for Wins:
  7. Did you win anything? The app will tell you right away if you’ve won a prize. It’s always exciting to see those symbols line up!
  8. Withdraw or Play More: If you’ve won, congrats! You can usually cash out your winnings using your preferred payment method. And if not, no worries – you can always try your luck again with another card.

Which Online Casinos Have Scratchies?

Online casinos or other Scratch card apps allow Android mobile phones to play free scratchies online.

These scratch card apps are

Pick your Android mobile phone, type the casino URL link on your Chrome browser, and enter.

The online casino app will load in seconds and take you to the casino homepage.

Jackpot city casino NZ mobile casino
Jackpot City Casino

Here at the homepage, you register at the casino by clicking Join Now or Sign Up.

Now, head to the casino games lobby.

Click on specialty games and find the scratch cards to play

Tap or click to play now any scratchie that you want, all free

Like the free apps mentioned above, you can also play with free credits offered within the game app.

For free, you can play scratchies at the online casino app when making real cash deposits.

Even many online casino apps don’t allow you to register as a player, and you can go to the lobby to play the games.

The excellent part of the online casino app is that you can switch to real money scratchies whenever you wish by making a small deposit.

Now click here to play more scratchies, all free.

Real Money Scratch Off Apps vs. Free Scratchie Apps

Scratch card games at online casinos
Scratch card games at online casinos

Many players ask what is better to play: Real Money Scratch Off Apps or  Free Scratchie Apps. Though the answer depends entirely on the individual player, the choice still depends on the money in your pocket and how much you are willing to lose.

Real-money scratch-off apps and free Scratchie apps are both available at online casinos. Both apps are available for iPhone and Android.

So you can 100% play your favourite scratch-off ticket games from your phone or tablet with these apps. Apart from buying tickets and scratching them with your finger or a coin, the apps all need a click to do this.

Free Scratchie Apps:

  • Demand no money to risk or lose.
  • You are not purchasing scratch-off tickets within the app.
  • Most are free to download.
  • You can still win money, typically through jackpots or accumulating points for prizes.
  • Similar to social casino apps on platforms like Facebook.
  • More about having fun than gambling.

Real Money Scratch-Off Apps:

  • Found at online casinos.
  • Play instant scratchies via the web or mobile browser.
  • Access to the same games as free scratchie apps.
  • Purchase tickets at a local gas station.
  • Potential to win significant money.
  • Winning tickets are paid instantly; no need to visit a lottery office.
  • Offers the same experience as physical scratch-off tickets.
  • Opportunity to win money like in-person tickets.
  • Can make real cash, often with better odds than physical tickets.
  • Suitable for those looking to gamble and potentially win prizes.

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Why Choose Free Scratchies Apps?

Choosing free Scratchies apps in New Zealand can be beneficial for several reasons:

  1. No Financial Risk: With free scratchie apps, you can enjoy the excitement of scratching off tickets without risking any money, making them ideal for those who want to have fun without fearing losing their hard-earned cash.
  2. Accessibility: These apps are typically easy to download and access on your mobile, providing instant entertainment wherever you are, whether at home or on the go.
  3. Variety of Games: Free scratchie apps often offer a wide range of scratch card themes and gameplay styles to suit different preferences, from classic scratchies to innovative new formats.
  4. Social Experience: Many free Scratchie apps allow you to share your progress and achievements with friends, adding a social element to your gaming experience. You can compete with friends or enjoy the excitement together.
  5. Practice and Fun: Free scratchie apps are perfect for practising your scratching skills and trying out new strategies without any financial pressure. They provide a fun and relaxing way to pass the time and unwind.
  6. Cost-Effective: Enjoy the fun of playing scratch cards without spending money, making them a risk-free entertainment option.
  7. Convenience: Play anytime and anywhere without visiting a store to purchase physical scratch cards.
  8. Instant Results: Like physical scratch cards, online scratchies give instant results, adding to the excitement.
  9. Entertainment on the Go: Offers a quick and easy way to have some fun on your phone, perfect for commutes or spare moments.

Editor’s Verdict

The choice between real money scratch-off apps and free scratchie apps ultimately comes down to what you’re looking for in your gaming experience.

Free scratch card apps let you have fun and win prizes without spending money.

These apps are perfect for casual players who want entertainment without the pressure of gambling.

These five top-rated scratch card apps provide mobile users with a fun and engaging gaming experience.

With a combined total of over 10 million downloads across all platforms, these apps have captured the attention of players worldwide.

Featuring a diverse selection of themes and gameplay options, they boast an impressive average user rating of 4.5 stars out of 5.

Our Recommendation – We recommend to choose Scratch Card: Scratchers Game as it provides 50 different scratch cards that won’t let you bore.


Can I win real money with these Free Scratchies apps?

No, these apps are for entertainment purposes only. You won’t win real cash prizes.

Are these apps safe?

There are many free scratch card apps available. As with any app download, checking reviews and ratings is important to avoid anything sketchy.

Are there any in-app purchases with these free apps?

Some free apps might offer optional in-app purchases for things like extra virtual scratch cards or boosts.

Do I need an internet connection to play?

There are both online and offline free scratch card apps available. Some might require an internet connection for features like leaderboards or bonus content, while others can be played entirely offline.

Is there a way to win anything in these apps, even if it’s not real money?

Some free scratch card apps might offer virtual rewards or points for completing games or reaching milestones. These points might be used for things like unlocking new scratch cards or cosmetic changes within the app.

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