Super Bonus Bingo Online: Interface, Play Guide, and Bonuses

Play Super Bonus Bingo with RTP of 95.39%
Play Super Bonus Bingo with RTP of 95.39%

Have you played Super Bonus Bingo, as New Zealand players love to play Bingo games? Though this game is often interesting to play at Bingo halls to relax and have fun it can also be played online with more incredible prizes to win.

At many online bingo halls, you can even win exotic holidays, cars, jewelry, and other exciting prizes and you never have to wait for a set time to play as you can enjoy bingo around the clock. Here is how to play Super Bonus Bingo games.

Also, these online bingo are easy to understand and you need not need any skill to play online bingo. One interesting game you will love to enjoy at online casinos is Super Bonus Bingo. This game developed by Microgaming giant gaming software is the version of the classic bingo game.

Bingo is the classic lottery-style game in which balls are picked randomly from a hopper and matched against your pre-chosen selection and Super Bonus Bingo provides the player with a few extra options and information as well as a brief bonus game.

The Interface of the Game

Interface of the game
Interface of the game

The interface is simple and easy to understand. The paytable with nine columns is located at the top of the screen in Super Bonus Bingo.

The multipliers for bets on a certain number of balls from two to ten are shown in it. The balls are located below. The player clicks on them trying to guess the winning numbers. On the control panel available below you can see the following features to select when playing the game.

  • The plus and minis sign allow choosing the bet size
  • Clear is used to cancel all chosen numbers
  • Repeat Bet allows repeating the numbers from the previous round
  • Turbo On/Off allows either enabling or disabling turbo mode
  • New Game allows starting a new round
  • Bet shows the size of the bet
  • Win shows the total payout amount
  • The balls appear from the tube much faster in turbo mode. You should activate it if you want to speed up the gameplay.

How To Play Super Bonus Bingo?

Super Bonus Bingo is quite easy to play. All you need is to enter a Microgaming online casino, get yourself registered there, open your casino account with a minimum deposit, and select this game from the game menu list.

When you click on the game you will find when the game loads that there’s a paytable of sorts at the top, the numbers from which to choose in the center, and the actual numbers drawn at the bottom of the screen.

The first thing to do is decide how many balls you want to pick – the selection is between 2 and 10. The paytable displays the potential payout for each option; for example, picking and matching 2 numbers will pay 16x your stake while picking and matching all 10 will pay a massive 10000x.

Once you’ve chosen your numbers just click the green ‘Play’ button in the bottom right-hand corner and the 20 random balls will be drawn from the hopper. Each will be marked off on the numbers above with any matching numbers marked in gold. If you match the required number (or more) from your selection you are a winner!

Bonus Feature in Super Bonus Bingo

Bonus feature in Super Bonus Bingo
Bonus feature in Super Bonus Bingo

Super Bonus Bingo has a bonus round in which two extra balls are taken out. This significantly increases the probability of winning. To participate in the bonus game, you need to receive the payout for certain multipliers. The multipliers that provide such an opportunity are marked in white in the table.

You can see that some of the results on the paytable are shown in white; if your win happens to be one of these like 5 matchings in a selection of 10, you get the opportunity to try the extra feature.

Here you will pay an extra bet equal to your stake and two more balls will be drawn to try and make more matches. Note that progressive jackpots are not provided in Super Bonus Bingo.

You will surely enjoy this version of Bingo with an RTP of 95.39% and a betting range of $0.05 to $40.00 at any Microgaming New Zealand-friendly online casino. You can enjoy this game on your Android smartphone or any mobile device too. Do not forget to ask the customer support staff for the bonuses on this game from the casino otherwise, also you have to grab the welcome bonus when you first sign up at the casino of your choice.

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Super Bonus Bingo by Microgaming adds an exciting twist to the traditional game, bringing the fun and rewards of bingo to the online world. With a user-friendly interface and the option to pick between 2 and 10 numbers, players can easily customize their gameplay.

The bonus feature enhances the experience, offering a chance to win big with two extra balls drawn. While Super Bonus Bingo doesn’t offer progressive jackpots, its reasonable RTP of 95.39% and a betting range from $0.05 to $40.00 make it accessible to a wide range of players.

You can enjoy this game on your mobile device and even benefit from bonuses offered by the casino. So why not try your luck with Super Bonus Bingo at a Microgaming online casino in New Zealand?


Can you withdraw bonus cash on bingo?

In most cases, you cannot withdraw bonus cash on bingo immediately. Bonus funds typically come with wagering requirements that must be met before any withdrawals are allowed.
Wagering requirements vary between bingo sites and promotions, so always read the terms and conditions to understand how to convert bonus cash into real money you can withdraw.
Once you’ve met the wagering requirements, you can usually withdraw any winnings associated with the bonus while the original bonus amount remains non-withdrawable.

What is a super bingo bonus?

Super Bonus Bingo is an online bingo game developed by Microgaming. It offers a unique twist on traditional bingo, with extra features and bonus rounds.

How do I play Super Bonus Bingo?

To play Super Bonus Bingo, you need to register at a Microgaming online casino, make a deposit, and select the game from the menu. Choose how many numbers you want to pick (2 to 10), place your bet, and click “Play.” Match the drawn numbers to win.

Can I play Super Bonus Bingo on my mobile device?

Yes, you can enjoy Super Bonus Bingo on your Android smartphone or any mobile device with an internet connection.

Are there progressive jackpots in Super Bonus Bingo?

No, Super Bonus Bingo does not offer progressive jackpots. However, it provides opportunities for significant wins through its bonus feature.

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