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How to Play Second Chance Scratch Cards and what are the Odds to Win?

How to Play Second Chance Scratch Cards and what are the Odds to Win?

How to Play Second Chance Scratch Cards and what are the Odds to Win?

So, you may not have won that huge jackpot lotto prize you had hoped for, but your lotto ticket may still be worth thousands. As the name suggests, Second Chance Scratch Cards gives you a second chance to win cash and prizes.

Hold Onto your Losing Ticket – Second Chance Scratch Cards

Some days you’re feeling lucky, biting your nails and dreaming about all the things you could buy with your newfound fortune. Sadly, the happy ending isn’t quite as common in real life as it is in fairytales. You may, however, become the exception and benefit hugely from a second chance scratch cards lottery drawing.

If you are a lotto enthusiast, it’s likely that you know about a man called Bruce Seitz. He’s an inspiring example of how someone could turn a losing ticket into a prize of more than one million dollars.

The 53-year-old mortgage banker, Seitz, is from Stockholm. One day he bought a California Lotto scratch ticket and decided to try out his luck. You may have guessed by now, but it was not a winning ticket. The story doesn’t end here. The losing ticket was re-entered into a second chance game.

This unlucky ticket was drawn in the follow-up game. This resulted in an ‘unlucky’ man walking away 1.3 million dollars richer. You may think Seitz is the only exception, but that’s not entirely true. Bruces two older siblings also won the lottery by submitting their tickets for second chance lottery draws. In the end, persistence and optimism pay off.

Hold Onto your Losing Ticket -Second Chance Scratch Cards
Hold Onto your Losing Ticket

Who can play second chance scratch cards draws?

Essentially, the second chance scratch cards lottery draw is for people who are confident enough to give their ticket another chance after the initial defeat. Many lotteries offer these additional games in order to bring hope to the owners of non-winning tickets.

All that you need to do is use an online platform or contact a vendor to enter your losing tickets number in the follow-up draw. Apart from the winning tickets, usually, all registered tickets for the particular draw are eligible for a second chance draw.

The value of the original ticket will determine the number of entries you get.

It is important to know the terms and conditions as there could be certain limitations about the number of tickets you may enter into the follow-up game.

To have a chance of winning, you have to remember to physically re-enter your second chance scratch cards ticket into the draw. Very few lotteries have automatic second chance draws for losing tickets. If you want to win – action is needed on your behalf.

Through the website, you can check the status of your ticket after the second chance draw if you’re playing an online game. It should feature all the necessary information regarding any potential earnings, as well as about the method of collecting the prize should you win.

Who can play second chance draws
Who can play second chance draws

What are the odds of winning?

Your chances of winning depend on the total number of tickets re-entered for the particular draw. We know for sure that you are already competing against a smaller number of people than in the case of an original lottery draw. Many others would have given up by now, and your odds of hitting a large amount would have improved greatly.

The amount you paid for your ticket is irrelevant since the winner is selected from a pool of participants. This means that a two-dollar scratchie could be turned into an incredible prize of $50,000.

It is usually announced in advance, the sum that you will be eligible to win in the second chance draw. The prize may be a smaller sum, but don’t let this discourage you. Many people will be turned off by the smaller prize sum, which will only increase your odds of walking out with a prize.

Prizes and perks to win – scratch cards

You already know about the certain financial perks of winning a second chance draw, but you may also win interesting items. Some lotteries have prize points for second chance draws, which means that a certain number of people will win a certain number of points. These points can be used to purchase items from a catalog. You may not win cash, but it’s still rewarding knowing you’re walking away with something for free.

Other prizes may be even more creative and offer you the chance to go on a luxury trip or get a state-of-the-art appliance for their home. You could also receive additional points to play in the second chance drawing again.

Awards and perks to win
Awards and perks to win

Don’t lose faith, and don’t throw out your losing ticket. Be a little more confident in your luck and you may end up cashing out on your losing ticket. The odds of becoming the winner are much higher than the standard lottery draw. So, why not just give it a chance?

Which lotteries offer second chances?

Which Lotteries Offer Second Chances -scratch cards
Which Lotteries Offer Second Chances

1. Australian Lotteries

The Lott, Australia’s biggest lottery operator, offers the Scratch eClub, a second chance to the players who have non-winning Scratch-It cards. Regular draws are conducted every month, while some privileged players are automatically enrolled into separate special birthday draws. This is the only second chance drawing being offered in the country.

2. European Lotteries

This type of lottery draw is not that common in Europe as they are in the US. They do exist but many of them with many different rules from their US counterparts.

Here only those people with 2 main matched numbers get free entry to the Lucky Draw, the second chance draw of the UK’s Lotto game. Such popular games that offer second chances are EuroMillions, UK Lotto and Health Lottery.

3. US Lotteries

From the 44 states that draw lotteries, 43 states offer second chance draws. Second chance promotions are different and some state lotteries also offer multiple second chances draws.

For instance, California’s 2nd chance draws include Fantasy 5, SuperLottoPlus, and non-winning Scratchers.

You can visit the official website of your lottery to find all the necessary information.

Second chance draws provide losing tickets yet another chance to win big prizes. You have already paid for the ticket, so why not take that extra chance of winning a prize? Check the entry deadline and who knows, maybe your losing number will become the winning number this time!