Best Pokie Apps Available in New Zealand

New Zealand Scratchies

New Zealand Scratchies

New Zealand players absolutely love playing Scratchies and Scratch card games because they are so entertaining and easy to play.

Scratchies are purely a game of chance and do not require you to have any impressive pokies skills, what so ever.

Playing scratch cards is simple. You just need to know and understand the size of your stake. Being able to buy a scratch card online and physically in a store gives you a wide selection of Scratchies to choose from. All offering different formats and themes, these games can be played both online and offline.

Scratch Card Lotto Games

Instant Kiwi- Scratch card game

You can enjoy offline scratch card games in the form of lottery games. From as little as $1, “Instant Kiwi’  offers Kiwi players a chance to participate and stand a chance to win big prizes. Other scratch cards are also available for $2, $3, $5 and $10. No matter the price of the card, they all offer excellent cash rewards. Prizes start at just $1 with the maximum prize awarded at NZ$250,000. This give players great incentive to join in and buy a scratchies card.

Online Scratch Card Games

Online casino Scratch Card games to play in NZ

Readily available and offering great prizes, you can find scratch card games at most online casinos. Log into your casino account, go to the games lobby and select scratch card games. Look through the games on offer, and choose one that suits you. Scratch the card with your mouse, or finger if using a touchscreen. If you unveil three identical numbers or symbols, you win.

Online scratchies are presented similarly to online pokies and are often based on popular themes such as sports, hit movies and TV shows. Some scratch cards are even based on well-known pokies. There are a great variety of online scratchies to be played.

Perks include being offered a good payout percentage, and a higher degree of variety and interactivity opposed to conventional scratch cards. You can choose a wagering level that suits you. You will also find high levels of Visually engaging and inventive gameplay.

How to play scratch games online

Iron Man 2

1. Do some research and find a reputable casino; you can do this on your smartphone or on PC

2. Register yourself at the casino

3. Open a real money account by making an initial deposit in NZD or required currency

Not only can you select the size of the bet you want to make, but you can also alter this amount as you play. The wager is a reflection of the potential prize size. ‘Cashapillar’ and ‘Dawn of the Bread’ are both very straightforward scratch and win games where between six and nine hidden symbols are ‘scratched off’, to reveal the symbols underneath. The prize value that is shown will only be awarded if there are three or more matching symbols.

Benefits of playing Scratchies at online casinos

Scratch card games to play at online casinos NZ

Ramesses Riches is an Ancient Egypt themed online scratch-it with instant wins up to 1000 times your wager.

  • At online casino you can even try scratch cards for free before playing them for real money.
  • You can play an unlimited number of free, instant scratch cards. You can actually play the games without even registering an account.
  • You don’t need download anything either, as all the games are strictly no-download. You play them instantly in your web or mobile-browser instead of waiting for a boring download to finish.
  • No much of bankroll is required to play Instant scratch card games at online casinos. Most casinos offer no deposit bonus, almost all casinos offer welcome or sign up bonus which surely increase your bankroll.
  • When you play the free games, there are a lot more scratch card action coming your way as online casinos offer over 50 or 100 scratch cards in the casino’s lobby.
  • In between while playing scratch cards you can even try pokies, table games, video poker games and even other live casino games.
  • Real-money scratch cards are more exciting than Saturday lotto – and you can play them every day. So, when you’re done with the free games, you can play for real money to have a chance to win a pile of cash in NZD.

Popular online scratch card games that are available for your enjoyment;

  • Deal or no deal instant win
  • Emmerdale
  • Road to Woolpack
  • Iron man 2 Scratch
  • Kong scratch
  • Merlins Millions Scratch
  • Rocky Scratch
  • Mummy Scratch

Some games may include an additional scratch cards bonus game. This often includes a brief, animated feature that is similar to the bonus features of an online pokie and offers you the chance to win additional prizes.There are however other variations, some of which involve a greater degree of player interaction.

When it comes to revealing the hidden symbols, you can scratch the symbols one by one, which allows you to choose the order in which the hidden symbols are revealed. If you do not want to scratch out each one individually, you can click on the reveal all button. This reveals all the symbols automatically and drastically speeds up the game.

Different types of scratch cards

At an online casino, you will find various brands of gaming software developers offering a wide range of scratch cards. Some software developers you may be familiar with are NetEnt, Microgaming, and Playtech. Although typically based on the same principle of revealing hidden symbols and hoping to match values to win a prize, there is a huge variety of scratchies online.

For example, the most popular casinos like Spin PalaceJackpot City and other have their scratch cards themed after TV series or movies. In the Playtech casinos, for example, you can find Ironman scratches, King Kong scratches, Pink Panther scratches and others. Microgaming has special scratch games, not just the traditional scratch and win: in the Space Evader Gold, you have to move on a field, where you can land on prize-packed ‘squares’. The number of steps you can take depends on the RNG.

As a trial, you can first play for free, or you can play for real money as said above. The choice is yours.

Microgaming Scratch Cards

Plunder the Sea

Plunder the Sea Scratchie

Online casinos that are powered by Microgaming give Kiwi players scratch card games to be enjoyed as instant play games and downloadable games. This allows you to play the games on your laptop, PC or mobile device. It is evident that a lot of attention has been put into creating a diverse range of game titles. For example, Plunder the sea, Lucky numbers, and Space evader Gold. 

The general rules run across all these games, but the themes all vary, as well as the symbols and multipliers. Another feature on some of these games requires you to roll a dice or play on 2 or 3 different cards at the same time.

Scratch card odds

When you play scratchcards, the odds depend on the exact game you’re playing.

Simply head to the pay-outs page of the game and see for yourself. The percentage next to each game tells you how much of all stakes, on average, it returns to players as winnings.

There’s also an easy rule of thumb for figuring out how easy or hard it is to win playing some instant scratch ticket. Simply look at how much you can win. If the game has big pay-outs, the odds of winning are low. If the pay-outs are low, it means the tickets pay out quite often and your odds of buying a winning ticket are higher.

Players love scratch card lottos mostly because of the frequent payouts and wins. Although these are not always huge, big jackpot prizes are very possible, they just depend on the game and size of the wager.

At many online casinos the Jackpots are up to $200,000 on the scratch card games. With the best scratch cards you can expect a payout percentage of around 96% at the top online casinos like in the game of Cashapillar.

There is good value to be had and this compares very favorably not only to other sorts of online casino games such as pokies but to physical lotto scratch cards too. Reason being that online scratch cards use a random number generator (RNG), giving you the same chance of winning every time you play, irrespective of previous games and other players.

The more a game returns, the better are your chances of winning. You do still need to get lucky of course, but less so. Thus at online casinos you scratch for a chance of winning big.

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