Responsible Gambling in NZ

We sure do love to see people having fun and enjoying online gambling, but we do, however, also realize that some people may take things too far and end up developing a gambling addiction.

Addictions are severe and may ruin a person’s life. We, therefore, urge you to gamble safely and practice responsible gambling.

Knowledge is power, and with that being said, the first step towards responsible gambling is researching casino sites before registering and being aware of what you are signing up for.

Some other tips we can give you about responsible gambling are:

  • Only ever gamble with money that you would be okay with losing.
  • Do not think of gambling as a way to make money.
  • Have a set money limit, and stick to it.
  • Do not gamble if you are upset or depressed.
  • Set a time limit.
  • Balance gambling with other activities.
  • Gambling whilst under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication is not a good idea.

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If you are in New Zealand and need help with problem gambling, there are several resources available to you.

Start by speaking with a mental health professional or counsellor who can provide you with support and guidance.

In addition, several organizations in New Zealand can provide help with problem gambling, including:

The Problem Gambling Foundation of New Zealand

This organization provides a range of services to help people with problem gambling, including counselling, support groups, and information and resources.

Please find more information on their website ( or call their free helpline at 0800 664 262.

Gambling Helpline

This is a free, confidential helpline for anyone in New Zealand concerned about their gambling or the gambling of someone they know.

Call the helpline at 0800 654 655 or visit their website ( for more information.

Gamblers Anonymous

This is a support group for people who have a problem with gambling. Gamblers Anonymous offers meetings across New Zealand, where you can connect with others who are also struggling with problem gambling and receive support and guidance.

Please find more information on the Gamblers Anonymous website ( or by calling their helpline at 0800 654 655.

It is important to remember that you are not alone and that there is help available if you are struggling with problem gambling.

Don’t be afraid to reach out for support.

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