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Casinos in NZ

Casinos in NZ

Six hotel casinos operate in New Zealand, they are built on huge area of land and are often associated with some resort to hotel providing you the facility to stay and enjoy at the casino.

List of casinos in New Zealand


SKYCITY Auckland Casino

SkyCity Auckland is a part of the SkyCity brand which has an interest in the vast majority of the land based casinos in New Zealand and beyond. It is the only casino in Auckland and the second to open its doors in the country. Known as one of the busiest […]

Christchurch Casino

  Christchurch Casino Christchurch Casino is one of the real casinos that came into existence in 1994 at New Zealand. It is one of the largest casino in the country with huge range of casino games to enjoy. This casino is located in Christchurch, as spread in 43,998 sq ft of area it […]

Dunedin Casino

Residents and visitors to New Zealand are taking advantage of what the Dunedin Casino has to offer. There is something special about the real casinos. The environment that is created at the Dunedin Casino is hard for any other place to duplicate. You have the people, the sounds and the […]

SKYCITY Queenstown Casino

SKYCITY Entertainment Group operated casinos and hotels in New Zealand and Australia. They offer complete entertainment under the roofs of the resorts that they operate. SKYCITY Queenstown Casino is one of the businesses that is operated by this experienced entertainment group. This is another real casino to enjoy at New Zealand […]

SKYCITY Hamilton Casino

The SKYCITY Entertainment Group is renowned in New Zealand and Australia for providing some of the best gaming and entertainment environments in the world. SKYCITY Hamilton Casino is a part of this group and they do not disappoint any of the visitors to their complex. The casino now only extends […]

Most Popular New Zealand Casinos

The fast growth of gambling in the last few years of the last century actually led to the opening of the first casinos in the country. The maiden casino happens to be Christchurch Casino in New Zealand which first started operating in 1994. It enabled local people and visitors to […]

Casinos, like Skycity Aucland, have rows of poker machines

New Zealand casinos, like Skycity Aucland, have rows of pokie machines all neatly lined up for you to choose to play; Tables are all placed in order for you to enjoy wonderful table games. You will really love the table games when so many players gather around the table to enjoy the game and have fun together. Also there are bookies at these casinos where you can play and bet on live sports events as well as enjoy drinks.

Not only this you are offered to win loads of prizes and rewards while you play as these casinos have ongoing tournaments; celebrations and events which you can take part and as a member grab some of the best rewards.

NZ casinos have shopping complex built around

Many of NZ casinos have shopping complex built around where you can shop and buy some of the local goods or a memento of the place you have visited. Also there are lots of restaurants to enjoy some good food and dine and wine and enjoy to the fullest.

Here you will find some of the best casinos near you in New Zealand where you can enjoy all the above mentioned things. Remember to have the fun you need to travel to this place, book your stay here and have the fun.