6 Ways to Become a Millionaire and Hit the Jackpot by Playing Powerball Lotto New Zealand

Powerball Lotto NZ- How to be a winner
Six ways to become a millionaire and hit the Jackpot by playing Powerball Lotto New Zealand

In 2018, the first Powerball win was a lucky punter from Christchurch who won a whopping $20.2 million Lotto Powerball prize. The winning ticket was sold at Hornby Mall Lotto in Christchurch.

The total prize was $20 million from the Powerball First Division and $200,000 from the Lotto First Division. Four other lucky Lotto players from Mangawhai, Auckland, and Nelson will also celebrate after scooping $200,000 with Lotto First Division.

The winning Lotto tickets were sold at Molesworth Four Square in Mangawhai, Botany Junction Four Square in Auckland, Richmond Night and Day in Nelson, and on MyLotto to a player from Auckland.

Similarly, in March 2018, a $12 million Lotto Powerball ticket was sold in the Wairarapa, and a local couple claimed the prize. They had bought their ticket at Masterton’s Kuripuni Lotto and Post Shop.

Six ways to become a millionaire and hit the Jackpot by playing Powerball Lotto New Zealand
Six ways to win Powerball Lotto NZ

On April 25th, 2018, Suzzy, another player who also wants to be a lucky winner, looked at the New Zealand Powerball Lotto when the number 1745 was drawn. 

In Match 6 plus the Powerball lotto, the prize to be won was NZ$9,000,000, but she was not the winner of this jackpot prize. The winning numbers drawn were 3. 7. and 15. 23. 27. 36, bonus ball 11 with power ball number 3. For Suzzy, it seems there was no way to hit the big Jackpot.

Powerball Lotto is an add-on to the New Zealand Lotto game and is drawn in coordination with the central Lotto draw every Wednesday and Saturday. Whether it is a $2 million Lotto prize or a $10 million jackpot, your odds never change.

Players indeed rush for Powerball tickets when the prize pool is larger, but there’s more money to go around, so your odds of winning Lotto first division and Powerball are still 1 in 38 million.

According to University of Auckland biostatistics professor Thomas Lumley, statistically, people could do nothing to improve their chances of winning. Still, there are things you can do to slightly increase how much money you expect to win.

Lumley believes that people often choose popular numbers to increase the probability of winning; however, if you want to increase your chances of getting more money, you must branch out.

If you know what numbers are popular in New Zealand, then choosing numbers that aren’t on that list would be good, but you can’t do much better than a random pick. This means random numbers are your best bet at winning more money, as picking different numbers makes you less likely to share the prize money with someone.

More people bought Lotto tickets when the jackpot was higher. However, that did not mean you had a lesser chance of winning. It won’t decrease your chance of winning; it will reduce the amount you might win. It means if you win, you might not get all $10 million yourself. You might have to split it.

So what should Suzzy do to make herself a Millionaire next time she plays Powerball Lotto NZ?

Well, she can follow the six ways that might increase her chance of winning and becoming a millionaire, though there is no surety of winning the lottery in any way.

Know the Game Odds Before Playing

Know the game odds before playing
Know the game odds before playing.

Lotto is a 6/40 game. Six out of 40 possible numbers are drawn, which a ticket holder must match to win the first division.

The odds of winning the Lotto first division are 1 in 3.8 million. Throw in a Powerball, and the odds increase to 1 in 38 million. Therefore, you cannot change the odds of the game. It is better to study the odds of every Lotto NZ before you think of playing it.

Know the Previous Winning Numbers

Know the previous winning numbers
Know the previous winning numbers.

Looking at the past winning numbers, you will find that number one was drawn 296 times, number 13 was the second most drawn number, randomly pulled 287 times, with number 19 the third most drawn, followed by 12 and 15.

The number 9 ball has been drawn as a Powerball just 36 times, compared with the 117 times the number 2 ball has been drawn. The number 13 ball has come out 148 times.

The least frequently drawn number was 6. Now, you can choose the numbers that often appear in the drawn lot and be a winner.

Hop to the Luckiest Stores To Play Lotto NZ

Six ways to win Powerball lotto NZ- Lucky Store in NZ to buy lotto tickets
Six ways to win Powerball lotto NZ- Lucky Store in NZ to buy lotto tickets

If those odds aren’t enough to put you off, then you might be interested in knowing about the ‘luckiest’ numbers and stores over the 30 years Lotto has been around.

Numbers 1, 7, 13, 18, 21, and 26 are the most drawn, while 2 is the most popular Powerball number. Lotto NZ points out that the balls are washed and weighed regularly, so – sadly, for those looking for an edge – the popularity of some balls over others is almost certainly due to random chance.

The ‘luckiest’ store is Unichem Stortford Lodge in Hastings, with 45 winning first-division tickets sold. 

Before you rush off to Hawke’s Bay to buy your ticket, you should know the list of ‘luckiest’ stores doesn’t tell us how many tickets these stores sold or how long they have been around. A store that sells many tickets over a long time will probably have many more first-division winners than one that sells very few.

Do Some Calculations When Buying a Ticket

Six ways to win Powerball lotto NZ- How to win
Six ways to win Powerball lotto NZ- Lucky Store in NZ to buy lotto tickets

Despite these overwhelming odds, there are times when few calculations can hit a jackpot. This happens when Powerball jackpots get so large that the value of the prize pool is greater than the amount spent on tickets. In these scenarios, your ticket’s ‘expected value’ is positive, although your chances of winning Powerball are the same.

Another trick to increase your chances of a bigger prize is picking numbers that other people are less likely to select – although, given that many players get randomly generated numbers, this might be a little tough.  However, if you can, then you are less likely to have to share the prize if you strike it lucky.

Play New Lotto Games

Play new lotto games,
Play new lotto games,

Earlier in 2017, Lotto introduced changes to the game. Division 7 allowed players to match three numbers on a single line to win. Lotto corporate communications general manager Emilia Mazur said Division 7 had increased the chances of winning a prize to one in 30.

Previously, the best chance of getting a prize across the whole game was one in 200. Since the introduction of new games in 2017, like Instant Play, there have been an average of 300,000 extra winners per week or more than one million extra per month.

In April 2017, Lotto also created the ability to play Strike independently. Powerball prizes were increased, and the jackpot increased to a $50 million “must-be-won.”

The last significant change in the lottery was in 2015, when playing Powerball Lotto NZ mid-week began, doubling the opportunities for people to win.

Other significant changes have included Strike’s introduction in April 1993 and Powerball in February 2001.

Also, using different methods of play can increase your chances of winning.  Seventy-three per cent of winners surveyed won with a Lucky Dip, Power Dip, or Triple Dip ticket.

Avoid Your Lucky Numbers

Avoid your own lucky numbers - Six ways to become a millionaire
Avoid your lucky numbers.

Many players use their lucky numbers and overestimate the likelihood of winning a low-probability event like a lottery, using magical thinking, such as believing in fate, lucky numbers, or lucky areas where many winning tickets have been bought.

But there is less chance that you increase your chances of winning by using them because the chances of your seven numbers rising remains at one in 38.8 million, whichever numbers you pick.

Experts believe there is no such thing as a lucky selection of numbers, and you can do nothing to increase the probability that any particular set of numbers will win.

You can buy more tickets, which increases your chances from very slim to just slightly less very slim, or form a Lotto syndicate, spending less to get more chances of winning, though if you won, you’d have to share the jackpot.

According to Peter Donelan, head of the School of Mathematics and Statistics at Victoria University, if you want to maximize your expected outcome, you would like to pick numbers less likely to be liked by others. Hence, you are less likely to have to share the jackpot.

That could include picking higher numbers, as many people use significant dates like birthdays or pick numbers others think are unlucky.

Finally speaking, the million jackpot prize is lucrative. Players often see how much money they will win by playing Lotto in NZ.  The biggest-ever Powerball jackpot was $44 million.

It was won by a young couple from the Hibiscus Coast in November 2016. Four months prior, Lotto New Zealand’s three players from Dunedin, Te Awamutu, and Hamilton split a $40 million jackpot.

Remember that you cannot guarantee that you will become a millionaire. Still, you can increase your chance of becoming a millionaire by hitting the Powerball Lotto NZ Jackpot.

Our Verdict

Winning the Powerball Lotto NZ jackpot is all about luck. There’s no sure way to win, so enjoying the game without stressing over strategies is best.

Not knowing what will happen is fun, whether you stick to your lucky numbers or mix them up. Play responsibly, have fun, and dream big. You never know; you could be the lucky winner one day!


When Are the Draws Held?

Powerball Lotto draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday. The draw time is 8:20 p.m. on Wednesdays and 8 p.m. on Saturdays.

What Are the Odds of Winning the Powerball Lotto?

The odds of winning Powerball Lotto’s first division are 1 in 38 million. Adding a Powerball increases the odds to 1 in 38 million.

How Do I Claim My Prize if I Win?

Prizes up to $1,000 are automatically credited to your MyLotto account. Prizes over $1,000 require completing an online prize claim form. You’ll receive a message with a link to the form in your online account.

Can I Play Powerball Lotto Online?

You can play Powerball Lotto online through the official Lotto NZ website or app. Create a MyLotto account, deposit funds, and choose your numbers.

Are There Strategies to Increase My Chances of Winning?

Powerball Lotto is a game of chance with no guaranteed strategy. You can consider factors like less popular numbers, historical data, or playing new games, but ultimately, winning relies on luck.

What Happens if Multiple People Win the Jackpot?

If multiple tickets match the winning numbers, the jackpot is divided equally among the winners. Sharing the prize is a possibility, especially when the jackpot is large.

How Often Are Changes Made to Powerball Lotto?

Lotto NZ may introduce changes to the game over time. For instance, new divisions or games can be added, and adjustments might be made to enhance the player experience.

Is There a Limit to the Powerball Jackpot Amount?

The Powerball jackpot can continue to grow until it is won. There is no specific limit, and the jackpot increases with each draw where it is not won.

Remember to play responsibly and check official sources for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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