How To Play Real Money Penny Pokies At Online Casinos NZ?

How to play Penny pokies online NZ

In penny pokies games, punters can wage as low as a penny. This makes them most convenient for low rollers since even the maximum possible bet on all available win lines cannot be too much. The minimum limit set on the amount one can wager has made them popular worldwide casinos.

With such vast popularity, it is only right that penny pokies be made available in a wide array of options. Online gaming software developers have made them available in the hundreds.

Zeus Penny Pokies
Zeus Penny Pokies

1. Cleopatra

These pokies by International Game Technologies have managed to captivate millions of gamers in online and offline gambling destinations alike. The game carries icons inspired by Ancient Egyptian culture, with the Sphinx as the scatter and Cleopatra as the wild.

The scatter triggers the free spins bonus, which can offer as many as 188 freebies. A fixed jackpot prize, triggered by acquiring five wilds, is also included. The prize is ten thousand coins, which translates to one hundred thousand pounds.

2. Zeus

Zeus stands as one of the gods of Greece who have, over time, had many stories revolve around their existence. One of these tales has been told in slot machines by Williams Interactive.

Among the enticing aspects of the game is that it has eleven scatters as opposed to the popular one. All of the scatters draw inspiration from Greek mythology, such as Zeus himself, his winged horse, a boat, and a vase.

Each of these icons comes with a payout, the highest being two hundred and fifty thousand coins. A gamble feature is also provided with every win.

3. Spartacus

Developed by Williams Interactive, this penny pokies is based on the tale of one of Rome’s greatest warriors. The warrior stands as the wild while the Colosseum is the scatter. The former comes with the ability to replace any icon to form a winning combo, while the latter is accompanied by freebies and multiplier bonuses.

All these pokies accept wagers as low as a penny. Even so, one has the freedom to stake wagers as high as five dollars per spin. The lower stakes allow one to use their bankroll for much longer than when high wagers are placed. However, the high-stakes wagers come with much more lucrative winnings when the right combinations are acquired on the reels.

Progressive Penny Pokies

progressive penny pokies
Progressive Penny pokies can be played with 1 cent or less

Some pokies come with the progressive jackpot feature, which allows winnings to accumulate each time the player strikes a winning combination.

For this reason, it is impossible to determine the amount one will walk away with when one acquires the jackpot amount. Some progressive penny pokies include Burning Hot, 88 Fortunes, Alice in Wonderland, and 100 Cats. These pokies have some of the highest payouts of all penny pokies.

Penny Pokies Responsible Gaming

Penny pokies responsible gaming
Play Penny Pokies Responsible Sticking To Your Bankroll

Even though penny slots require low wagers per spin, it does not mean they cannot deplete one’s account quickly. Considering one can set the reels in motion about six hundred times per hour, one spends at least six dollars per hour.

However, since the denomination is so low, the gamer is encouraged to wager more than a penny per line, bringing the average expenditure higher than two hundred and fifty dollars per hour.

Therefore, gamers should carefully set wager limits even with penny pokies. Otherwise, they could blow much more than expected in the long run. One should always remember that the casino always has the upper hand even if they face a winning streak.

Where To Play Real Money Penny Pokies?

Many Kiwi-friendly sites offer Penny pokies at their casinos. Popular ones are:

  1. Rich Casino
  2. Sloty Casino
  3. Play Ojo Casino
  4. LeoVegas Casino
  5. Superior Casino

And others

These casinos have received licenses to operate from prolific gaming commissions, so they are legit to play.

Also, you can play penny pokies with real money, even on your mobile. These penny pokies are developed by top gaming providers like Microgaming, Net Entertainment, NextGen Gaming, Playtech, and NYX Interactive, as well as others

Tips To Play Penny Pokies in Real NZD

The basics of penny pokies are the same as those of any other video pokie. They have multiple pay lines, bonus events, and random number generators to determine what you see on your screen. However, there are differences in meeting player needs and expectations.

Penny players need more volatility in the games. A 200-coin win on a nickel–five-cent slot brings $10, which goes a long way toward buying lunch. On a penny pokie, 200 coins is a mere $2, which might leave you with some change after buying a bag of potato chips.

Penny pokies need to be more volatile than higher denomination games to give players wins that are worth their time. Wins at pokies must be offset by the chance of fast losses to keep payback percentages in balance.

Pokies developers have accomplished that by putting more pay lines on penny pokies, making free spins the main bonus events on most penny pokies, and incorporating multi-level progressive jackpots on many new games.

Before you join an online casino to play Penny pokies in real NZD, you should follow the following tips:

  • Bet on all available pay lines
  • Find out how the bonus rounds work before you play.
  • Decide if you want the increased volatility.
  • Make sure you make the bets required to be eligible for the jackpots.
  • Don’t stay at a penny pokie you think is due to win.
  • Set a bankroll for the day’s play.
  • Try a system of floating win goals and loss limits.

Now join a Kiwi-friendly BTC casino to play penny pokies with real money.

Our Verdict

Penny pokies are perfect for beginners and those watching their spending. Games like Cleopatra, Zeus, and Spartacus let you play for as little as a penny to have fun without spending much. Even with small bets, it’s important to gamble responsibly.

Some good online casinos with penny pokies are Rich Casino, Sloty Casino, and LeoVegas Casino. Remember to understand the game, be okay with risks, and set limits on how much you spend.


Are penny pokies popular in New Zealand?

Yes, penny pokies are quite popular in New Zealand. They offer a budget-friendly option for players to enjoy slot games without significant financial commitments.

What are some popular penny pokie titles?

Popular penny pokie titles include Cleopatra, Zeus, and Spartacus. These games offer engaging themes and the chance to win with low-denomination bets.

Can I win real money with penny pokies?

Absolutely. Many online casinos in New Zealand, such as Rich Casino and LeoVegas, offer real-money penny pokies where players can win cash prizes.

Are there progressive penny pokies?

Yes, there are progressive penny pokies that feature accumulating jackpots. Games like Burning Hot, 88 Fortunes, and Alice in Wonderland offer substantial payouts

How do I play penny pokies responsibly?

It’s crucial to set wager limits even with low-denomination games. Players should know the potential for fast losses and always gamble responsibly.

Where can I play penny pokies in New Zealand?

Many Kiwi-friendly online casinos offer a variety of penny pokies. Some popular choices include Sloty Casino, Play Ojo Casino, and Superior Casino.

Can I play penny pokies on my mobile device?

Several top gaming providers, including Microgaming, Net Entertainment, and Playtech, develop penny pokies that are compatible with mobile devices.

What tips should I follow when playing penny pokies in real NZD?

Tips include betting on all available pay lines, understanding bonus rounds, embracing volatility, ensuring jackpot eligibility, and setting responsible bankroll limits.

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