How To Play Free Pontoon At Online Casinos NZ?

Pontoon Game

Blackjack is the most popular casino card game in the world. Players love its combination of luck, strategy, and fair odds. But not everyone likes “vanilla” blackjack. Also, this introduces a large chunk of variations on the game that you will find with the original version. Here we’ll discuss how to play free Pontoon!

Such games mostly feature a handful of modified rules designed to spruce up the action, making things a little thriller and offering players more ways to win on each hand. Blackjack switch and Perfect pairs are 2 of the most popular such variations.

Yet another such variation is Pontoon. It is a name that can refer to a couple of different card games that are popular around the world. You can find this version at many online casinos.

If you’ve loved to play blackjack in the past, but are looking to play something different without abandoning the basic structure of the game, this might be the best option.

History of Pontoon

History of Pontoon
History of Pontoon

If you want to know How to play free Pontoon, you need to know its history. The game of pontoon was introduced as a variant of vingt-et-un, which was a prominent French card game that surfaced in the era of Louis XV. Slowly it became a personal favorite of both St Helena and Napoleon if historical reports are to be considered.

In the 20th century, the card game of pontoon or 21 became more popular amongst the armed forces of English-speaking countries and spread throughout the world. Here you will know how to play free Pontoon.

How To Play Free Pontoon?

How to Play Pontoon - The Rules - This is how to play free Pontoon.
How to Play Pontoon – The Rules

The game of Pontoon starts with the dealer which is also called banker dealing one card face down to each player. All players can look at their cards except the banker.

Starting from dealer’s left players then make their initial bets. Now a second card is dealt face down to each player and all players, including the dealer, look at their cards.

If the banker has a Pontoon, which is an Ace plus a face card, worth 10 points, it’s immediately shown and the banker takes double the bet from each of the players. This is how to play free Pontoon.

If the banker is not having a pontoon then each player can try and improve their hand by drawing (‘twisting’ or buying) cards from the dealer. This is how to play free Pontoon.

In case you have a pontoon, you win your bet. But if your cards add up to less than 21, you have a few options.

Pontoon Rules to Play
The Game Play Of Pontoon

If the cumulative value of your cards is 15 or over, you can say “stick.” You stop your turn, keep your bet as is, and pass the turn on to the next player. On having a higher hand than the dealer, you win.

If the total value of your cards is less than 21 you can also say ‘twist.’ The dealer will deal you another card face-up. In case you’re still under 21 you can twist one or two more cards. And in case of still under 21 or equal to 21 after five cards, you have a five-card pontoon.

The next option is if the total value of your cards is less than 21 you can also “buy” more cards. This means you add to your bet which could be either equal to or up to twice your original bet and get another card dealt face down.

If you’re still under 21; you can buy more cards and do the same with your bet. You can add any amount between your original bet and how much you bet the previous time. In case your two cards are equal in rank, you may split them into two hands by putting them face up on the table and placing another bet equal to your earlier bet.

If you start by twisting you need to keep twisting – you can’t buy any cards later in the hand and add to your bets. But if you start by buying cards you can continue buying or you can switch to twisting at any point. This is how to play free Pontoon.

If you get two of the same cards on the initial deal you can split them and play each hand individually. In case get another of the same value card, you can split it again. This is how to play free Pontoon. If you go over the value of 21 at any point in a hand you are bust and have to flip your hand over.

Strategies To Win The Game Of Pontoon

The best strategy when you play a free pontoon game, as in all blackjack variations, is having a basic strategy that covers all possible possibilities you might have during a game.

This is the best strategy as you don’t have to worry about how the dealer’s cards impact your decision. The rank of your hand and the number of cards in your hand are the factors that decide your next move. This is how to play free Pontoon.

There is no need to figure out any perfect strategy for yourself. If you’re not sure of the best way to play, it is just enough to keep one of the available strategies online while you are playing. You can refer to it on each hand to make sure you are giving yourself the best odds possible.

Free Pontoon Special Features

Pontoon Game Feature
You’ll deal with two faces cards

You can double down on anything, and you’re free to hit after you’ve doubled down

  • Dealer hits on a soft 17
  • Hitting 21 with 5 cards pays 2:1

To play Pontoon, click on the chip value you’d like to bet. You can bet as little as the table minimum and as much as the table maximum. To add chips, just click on the chips close to the edge of the table. To remove chips from your bet, just click the top of the chip stack. Once you’re happy with your wage, click Deal.

You’ll deal with two faces up cards and the dealer will be dealing two faces down. You need to select to hit, stand, split, or double down based on zero knowledge from the dealer. While similar Blackjack rules apply;

you must hit on 14 or less, the dealer must hit on a soft 17, and you’re free to hit after doubling down. Check the Pontoon rules in the game for other things you should know. This is how to play free Pontoon.

It’s easy to customize Pontoon. Click the Menu button in the game, and then click Player Options. You’ll be able to do things like adjust the SFX of the game and modify how fast the cards you will deal with. And you can keep modifying things until you’re happy, any time.

Even though you can’t see the dealer’s cards you’ll love what you see when you play Pontoon. Play it for free—for as long as you like—at online casinos.

You can also download free online casino apps to access the online Pontoon game. Or explore the entire suite of table games. This is how to play free Pontoon. Once you’ve mastered free Pontoon at online casinos you can go for real money pontoon play.

Why To Play Free Pontoon?

Why Play This Game
Why Play This Game

once you are aware of How to play Free Pontoon, it’s time to know why to play. This game is a very interesting variation on blackjack. The many features that make it popular among those who find the original version of the game a little tough.

The strategies are a little simpler to follow, as you have fewer factors to consider on each hand. But despite the simplicity, the odds are just amazing and often even better.

In this form of the game, house edges of less than 0.5% are frequently witnessed with optimal play. It’s a hard number to beat in an Internet casino, even in traditionally player-friendly games like video poker.

Play free Pontoon at Rich Casino, Superior Casino, Casino.comSpin Casino, 7 Reels Casino, and others. All card values in Pontoon are the same as in regular Blackjack.

You may play single or multiple hands at once and you may bet between $1 and $300 on each hand. After your cards are dealt, you can choose between hitting, standing, splitting, or doubling down.

Once you are happy with your hand; the dealer will play the cards and winners will get rewards depending on your bets.


free Pontoon offers an exciting twist to traditional blackjack, providing players with a fresh and engaging experience.

With a rich history rooted in the French card game vingt-et-un, Pontoon has evolved into a popular choice for those seeking variety in their casino gameplay. Understanding how to play and employing effective strategies enhances the thrill, making it a compelling option.

The game’s special features, such as doubling down on anything and unique payout structures, add to its allure. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to card games, free Pontoon delivers an enjoyable and rewarding adventure. Explore this variant at top online casinos for a delightful gaming experience.


How does Pontoon differ from Blackjack?

Pontoon features modified rules compared to traditional blackjack, introducing variations that spice up the gameplay. While the basic structure remains, Pontoon incorporates different strategies and payout structures.

How do I play Free Pontoon?

To play free Pontoon, start by placing your initial bet. The dealer deals two cards face down to each player. Players then decide whether to stick, twist, or buy more cards to improve their hand. The goal is to have a hand value close to 21 without exceeding it.

Can I split my cards in Pontoon?

Yes, if you receive two cards of the same value on the initial deal, you can split them and play each hand individually. If you get another card of the same value, you can split again.

What is the history of Pontoon?

Pontoon originated as a variant of the French card game vingt-et-un and gained popularity in the 20th century, particularly among the armed forces of English-speaking countries.

Where can I play Free Pontoon?

You can play free Pontoon at various online casinos, including Rich Casino, Superior Casino,, Spin Casino, and 7 Reels Casino.

Are there specific strategies for Pontoon?

Like in all blackjack variations, having a basic strategy is crucial in Pontoon. Understanding when to stick, twist, or buy more cards based on your hand’s rank and value is essential for optimal gameplay.

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