How Do You Use Phone Bill Pay to Deposit in Online Casinos?

How to Use Phone Bill Pay to Deposit in Casino
How to Use Phone Bill Pay to Deposit in Casino

Mobile gambling is growing bigger day by day. More and more players like to play from their mobile phones, and this is especially true for online pokie fans.

Pay by Phone Bill, also known as carrier billing or mobile billing, is considered convenient and allows consumers to charge purchases directly to their mobile phone bill.

It is a convenient method but is not commonly used in most online casinos in NZ.

However, according to the latest trends, the most used payment methods include some e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller.

Pay by Phone Bill at Casinos

A “pay by phone bill” casino allows you to make deposits using your mobile phone easily.

One popular pay-by-phone company for casinos is Boku, with Payforit and Zimpler also gaining popularity.

Since pay-by-phone bills allow for lower deposits, sometimes as little as $5, Pay By Phone casinos in New Zealand are attracting attention from casual players.

This payment method is relatively new, so not all casinos have included it in their banking options yet.

However, Phone Bill Pay is currently unavailable in NZ casinos, so you must focus on alternative methods for deposits and withdrawals.

How Could Phone Bill Pay Deposits Work?

The usage of phone bill pay to deposit in online casinos is very easy and does not require you to add any additional confidential information.

Here’s how it generally works:

  • Choose “Pay by Phone Bill” or a similar option from the casino’s deposit methods.
  • Provide your mobile phone number.
  • You’ll receive an SMS to confirm the transaction. Follow the instructions in the SMS to complete the payment.
  • The deposit amount will either be added to your monthly phone bill or deducted from your prepaid balance.
  • Once the transaction is confirmed, the funds will instantly be available in your casino account.

Phone bill pay deposits for online casinos could affect your phone bill, depending on your phone plan:

  • Postpaid Phone Plans: If you have a postpaid phone plan, the deposit amount you make at the casino will be added to your next monthly phone bill. This means you’ll pay for the deposit along with your regular phone charges.
  • Prepaid Phone Plans: For prepaid phone plans, the deposit amount would be deducted directly from your remaining phone credit balance. Essentially, you’re using your prepaid phone credit to fund your casino account. Make sure you have enough credit to cover the deposit amount you intend to play with.

Making a mobile deposit works just the same as making a phone call.

Any changes you make to your mobile when using mobile depositing will be charged straight to your available phone credit, or added to your end-of-the-month bill.

No additional charges come with this; instead, your mobile phone bill pay will be charged whatever amount you deposited to the casino.

There’s no connection to your bank account, so none of your details are put at risk.

You only need a mobile phone number to initiate the deposit, and only the holder of your mobile phone can authorize the payment, so as long as you have your mobile, you are secure with mobile deposits.

If all that fails, mobile depositing also comes with inbuilt depositing limits that max out at $30, so whether you or someone else makes a mobile deposit, you’re always protected by inbuilt depositing limits.

However, please make it very clear that Pay by Phone is unavailable at online casinos in New Zealand.

Withdrawal Concerns

So, you’ve conquered the reels and struck gold with phone bill deposits at your online casino. Now comes the sweet part: cashing out your winnings.

But here’s the catch – phone bill pay often doesn’t work for withdrawals.

Alternative to Phone Bill Pay

You might be wanting to use Phone Bill Pay but the unavailability will stop you from this.

Hence you need to to choose the other alternative payment methods for deposits and withdrawals at online casinos in New Zealand.

Here’s a list of payment methods according to popularity from top to bottom.

  • Debit Cards
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • POLi
  • Paysafecard
  • Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin


  • A popular e-wallet known for its security and fast transactions.
  • Statistics: Over 60 million user accounts worldwide.
  • Accepted Casinos: Spin Casino, PlayOJO


  • Another established e-wallet offering secure and speedy transfers.
  • Statistics: Processes over $150 billion in transaction volume annually
  • Accepted Casinos: Royal Vegas, Casumo

Credit/Debit Cards

  • The most widely recognized payment method, offering convenience and instant deposits.
  • Statistics: Over 80% of New Zealand adults hold at least one debit card
  • Accepted Casinos: Almost all NZ online casinos, like Jackpot City and SkyCity Casino (online)


  • Prepaid vouchers offer anonymity and budget control.
  • Statistics: Sold in over 40 countries with millions of points of sale.
  • Accepted Casinos: LeoVegas, Captain Cooks Casino


  • A growing trend, offering fast transactions and high levels of security.
  • Statistics: Ownership of cryptocurrency in New Zealand is estimated at around 6.5% of the population.
  • Accepted Casinos: Crypto pokies like Emu Casino, and Coinspot Casino (crypto-focused)

Paying with Phone Bill Pay is safe and the best feature is that it share SMS for payment confirmation before making any transactions.

However, the use of phone bill payments for online gambling raises concerns about responsible gambling laws.

Critics argue it facilitates gambling on credit, potentially skirting regulations.

High fees and disputes over withdrawals further highlight the need for regulatory scrutiny and consumer protections in this area.

Why Pay by SMS – Phone Bill Pay

Why Pay by SMS
Why Pay by SMS

Although depositing by phone bill pay is pretty easy, that’s not the end of the benefits of this easy payment system. This transaction is carried out instantly, depending on how fast you respond to the SMS.

In addition, paying by phone is secure. No personal details need to be made public or filled in. You do not have to enter any card numbers or bank account information which is pretty convenient as it becomes quite secure.

It is not easy to hack this payment method – which is only possible if the hacker has your portable device and can unlock it.

To make it more secure you need to set up a PIN or a pattern for unlocking your smartphone, just in case if any day it happens to get into the wrong hands.

The only downside that this payment system might have is, that you cannot make withdrawals. To withdraw money, you will have to choose some other payment service, like an e-wallet such as PayPal or Skrill, etc.

All these payment systems offer you the same level of privacy that paying by SMS entails.

The other flaw could be that it allows for very small deposits. You can only choose one of the following amounts: $10, $15, $20, $25, or $30. But this can ideally become a benefit as by making smaller deposits you are better able to control how much you spend while gambling online.

If you have a pre-paid or pay-as-you-go phone then a small charge is deducted from the balance on the phone account at the time of the transaction. If you do not have sufficient funds, your transaction will be declined. Some carriers require a minimum balance in addition to the amount purchased.

Finally, if you want to stay within budget and use small and quick deposits, chances are you would love to pay using your phone bill! Also, Boku isn’t your only option when it comes to mobile payment methods. Here are a few other options worth exploring as mentioned above like Siru, PayForIt, and PayByPhone.

Important to note is that not all pay-by-phone or pay-by-mobile options work at all NZ online casinos.

As most of them work at UK gambling sites. But you can always check this out with 24/7 help support at the online site you wish to play.

Editor’s Verdict

Despite its popularity and convenience, the Phone Bill Pay method is not widely used in all online casinos in New Zealand.

The advent of pay-by-mobile services like Zimpler and Boku simplifies deposits, allowing charges to be conveniently added to phone bills or deducted from pre-paid card credits.

This method ensures simplicity, security, and budget control, with inbuilt limits typically capping deposits at $30.

While Pay by SMS offers swift deposits, it has limitations like the inability to withdraw funds through this method.

While it is unavailable, you must focus on other popular payment methods to make transactions at online casinos like Skrill, Neteller, and Credit/Debit cards.


How does pay-by-mobile work?

Users select this payment method, enter a deposit amount, and provide their phone number.

Confirmation is received via SMS, and the chosen amount is either added to the monthly phone bill or deducted from prepaid credits.

Is pay-by-mobile secure?

Yes, it’s secure. No personal details are exposed, and transactions are swift. Setting up a PIN or pattern adds an extra layer of security.

Are there deposit limits with pay-by-mobile?

Yes, most casinos have limits, often capping deposits at $30.

Can I withdraw winnings using pay-by-mobile?

No, pay-by-mobile is typically for deposits only. Players need alternative methods like e-wallets for withdrawals.

Which online casinos support pay-by-mobile?

Casinos like Jackpot City,, Spin Casino, and Royal Vegas often support pay-by-mobile options. Check with casino support for specifics.

Are there other pay-by-mobile options besides Boku?

Yes, alternatives like Zimpler, Siru, PayForIt, and PayByPhone exist. Availability may vary by casino, so check with customer support.

How fast are pay-by-mobile transactions?

Pay-by-mobile transactions are instant, depending on how quickly users respond to the SMS confirmation.

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