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Play Online Scratch Cards for Real Money

Play Online Scratch Cards for Real Money

When it comes to online gambling, there’s a certain charm about scratch cards. Not only are these games quick and fun, it’s also an opportunity to win big and often, for just a tiny investment.

There’s no wonder it’s one of the most popular forms of online instant lottery gaming. Physical scratch cards are distributed by officially licensed lotteries and are some of the most accessible and affordable forms of gambling. These lottery-type game cards are compelling to play and they can also be bought online. Not only do online games offer a wider range of variety but they have the added advantage that you won’t have to leave the comfort of your home to go and pick up your prize.

As you reveal the hidden numbers, the excitement builds and your dreams wander onto how your life could change. There are plenty of free online scratch cards for you to play, but there are also thousands of exciting real cash scratch cards.

How real money online scratch cards work

How real money online scratch cards work

With just having to simply select the stake you want to play for, scratch cards are some of the most straightforward games you can find at an online casino. There is usually a wide range of staking options, in order to cater for players at all levels. Once you’ve set your stake, you’re ready to scratch! You may be required to move the mouse back and forth over the hidden numbers, to uncover a particular area. Some games might feature a coin you must use. Other games may simply require you to click on a specific area to reveal the amount or image.

Majority of online scratch cards will require you to match either three symbols or three matching amounts to land a win. If you land three symbols you will need to refer to the table to see how much you have won. Landing three of the amounts is self-explanatory. Depending on the game, the winning amounts vary. By shopping around you will certainly find a game to suit you. There is a relatively wide choice of games at all online real money casino sites. 4 or 5 figure wins will be offered by the majority of the games.

Scratch card types

Scratch Card Types- scratch card
Scratch Card Types

Apart from the standard ‘match 3’ scratch cards, you will find many variations. Betsoft’s Double Deluxe Skratcherz card is a good example. This game starts with you scratching the top panel to reveal six different numbers. You then move down to the bottom panel where you will reveal a further 12 numbers. If any of the bottom panel numbers match the original six numbers, you’ll win the stated cash prize.

An exciting aspect of online scratch cards is that you can go much further with their games online than you would find by playing the games from a retailer. A win may also result in you receiving a free scratch card. You may also be given the option to gamble your win or enter a bonus feature. Possibilities are endless, and it’s a safe bet that the games are only going to become bigger and better with evolving technology.

Why play online?

Why play online?

If you decide to play scratch cards for real money, you are able to choose how much you would like to wager on the scratch card. All local stores and lottery stands will have fixed prices on their cards. If you are playing scratch cards for real money, and you win, you are credited with the win instantly. There is no extra effort needed to claim your prize.

Online scratch cards should all be recognized by leading game providers. These providers should use the official Random Number Generator (RNG) software to ensure fairness in the game.


Online scratch cards for real money are a quick and fun game to play and try your luck. Hope this piece of information would have offered you sufficient information about why and how to play online scratch cards!