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Now scan your passport with the Air New Zealand app

Now scan your passport with the Air New Zealand app

Air NZ App
Air NZ App

In a recent move, Air New Zealand app has added a new passport scanning and smart passport service to its smartphone app. This will benefit the travelers who show up at the airport with an expired passport. The added functionality means that travelers using the airline’s app can scan their passport and store its information, allowing them to receive automatic notifications when it is time for the passport to be renewed. The scanned document can also be used at check-in.

It is recorded that about 550 of Air New Zealand’s customers per month show up for flights with an expired passport, while about 10 percent of its customers incorrectly type in passport information during online check-in.

But now with this additional feature in the app effort is made to integrate secure scanning into Airline booking systems.

Air NZ app
Air New Zealand App Features

The Air New Zealand app features are

  • You can have real-time flight information at your fingertips with up-to-date gate and seat info, boarding and departure times, and more.
  • Also now as turn your phone into your ticket. Scan your mobile boarding pass to print checked bag tags at the kiosk, board your aircraft, and if you’re eligible, enter the Air New Zealand lounge.
  • With the app now you can hold up to 9 boarding passes for your group or family under the same booking. Bookings with infants cannot currently be supported.
  • Also check-in online, from anywhere, and use your boarding pass straight from the app or send it to Apple Wallet.
  • Turn on the notifications that remind you of key flight information, and let you know if anything changes
  • Also order coffee from your phone and hear the beep when it’s ready to collect.
  • Get quick links in to book or change flights on the fly.
  • Add flight details to your calendar, and share them with others.
  • Know other useful tips as what to pack, with weather notifications for your destination.
  • Also track your Airpoints Dollars balance from your phone, and find Airpoints Partners so you can earn while on the ground.
  • Get great deals on the go – check out the Best Fares section
  • If you need a bag to your next trip then you can pay with a saved card or use another valid card when adding a bag to your eligible domestic flight, straight from the app.
Air New Zealand
Air New Zealand

All your biggest stress factor is relieved when traveling, so prioritizing features that offer genuine benefits and convenience on the go is key. Integrating smartphone camera technology into this app paves the way for adding secure credit card scanning to the airline booking systems, as well as longer-term developments such as selfie-boarding – using biometrics and facial recognition to verify customers at the gate.

Alongside the passport scanning function, the app can now also allow up to nine boarding passes to be downloaded for groups of travelers, along with offering added baggage purchasing options as said above.

Air New Zealand app
Air New Zealand app

Meanwhile, in May this year, it unveiled its latest research and development project – augmented reality glasses for its cabin crew that would provide real-time information on all passengers.

You can download the app all free from the iTunes store in case you own iPhone and from the Google play store if you have an Android smartphone. This app requires iOS 8.0 or later compatible iOS devices and 4.1 and up for Androids.


1. How to include a booking to the Air NZ mObile App?

If you’ve downloaded this app and you are an Airpoints™ member you need to include your Airpoints number when you book, your bookings are automatically added to the app. If you need to add your Airpoints number to a booking, you can do it using this app.

You can also manually add bookings within the Air NZ mobile app.

Below are the steps:

  1. Go to the menu within the Air NZ mobile app, select ‘More’
  2. Select ‘Add existing booking’ from the menu
  3. Enter your booking reference and family name.

You’re done!

2. Can I view someone else’s flights on the Air NZ mobile app?

Yes. You can manually add the flight of a friend or family member, by entering the booking reference and family name for their booking.

3. Do I have to activate push notifications for the Air NZ mobile app?

When you first download the Air NZ mobile app, push notifications are enabled by default on Android, and on iPhone, you are prompted to enable them.

Better you enable push notifications because they are helpful for a number of alerts, including changes to your flight time or boarding gate number, as well as letting you know when boarding commences. You can activate the type of notifications you receive by going into ‘Your settings’ in the Air NZ mobile app.

To see whether push notifications are enabled on your device:


Go to Settings > Notifications > Air NZ

To enable notifications, turn the allow notifications button on if it isn’t already.


Access the in-app Air NZ mobile app menu (top right of screen) and select the notifications checkbox.

4. Do I have to be an Airpoints™ member to use the Air NZ mobile app?

No. You can still add and view your bookings on the Air NZ mobile app.

To do this:

  1. Go to the menu within the Air NZ mobile app, select ‘More’
  2. Select ‘Add existing booking’ from the menu
  3. Enter your booking reference and family name.

However, if you are an Airpoints member and you enter your membership number when you book your flight, you’ll be able to see your current and any future bookings automatically on the app, which makes managing your travel easier.

5. Will my digital boarding pass work if I’m not online?

Yes, once you’ve downloaded your digital boarding pass it’s stored in the Air New Zealand app. You’ll then be able to access it even if you’re not online.

However, your boarding pass won’t update with any changes, such as upgrades or seat changes, until you’re online again.

6. I’ve completed my online check-in, but I can’t see my electronic boarding pass.

You may be at an airport that doesn’t accept electronic boarding passes. If that’s the case, you’ll need to check-in manually at the airport.

All New Zealand airports and many international airports now accept mobile and electronic boarding passes. If you’re at one of them, there may be a technical problem. Check-in at the airport and everything should be fine.

Remember, we only accept electronic boarding passes on the Air NZ mobile app. Otherwise, please print your boarding pass (no screenshots or emails) or collect one from the airport check-in desk.

7. Why all my bookings are deleated when I sign out?

This provides a cleaner experience in case you want to sign in using another account. Don’t worry, your bookings will be added again when you sign back in with the same credentials.

8. I added a flight to my calendar, but it appears at the a different date and time?

When you make a booking, the dates and times shown are local times, i.e. the departure time is based on the time at the origin and the arrival time is based on the time at your destination. If your calendar is in a different time zone, these times may appear to be reset.

9. Will the Air NZ mobile app be updated with more features?

Yes, we’re always adding new features and improving the Air NZ mobile app for our customers. To make sure you benefit, set your device to automatically update apps, that way you’ll have the most up-to-date version of the Air NZ mobile app.

Feedback on the app is really helpful, so please let us know what you think via the more – ‘help and feedback section. Customer suggestions help us continually improve the Air NZ mobile app.

10. Can I use a Promo Code when booking using the Air NZ mobile app?

Yes, simply enter it in the Promo Code box on the Flight Bookings page and you’re done.