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Also there are guide articles to give you latest information like where to charge your phone when in New Zealand; the picnic spots to take your kids; crèche to look after your pets when you are in this wonderful country; how to travel and where to stay; where to make your reservations and how to save money too.

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How to check your Mobile Balance

In a recent study, it was found that there are more mobile phones than people in New Zealand.  In a statistical record of 2013, it also found there were 5,020,000 mobiles in New Zealand in comparison to a population of 4,433,087. No one had thought that the mobile phone would […]

The 10 best bars to enjoy some drinks in Auckland

Auckland constitutes 32 percent of New Zealand’s population. It is classified as a ‘Beta World City because of its importance in finance, commerce, media, entertainment, arts, education and tourism.  If you are planning to visit this biggest city in New Zealand then here are the 10 best bars to enjoy some […]

Three of the best New Zealand road trips.

Driving across New Zealand is an adventure that takes you through rolling hills, along the rocky coast, and through amazing mountain paths. It will show off the diverse landscape of this stunning country. Here are the three of the best New Zealand road trips. Of course, one of the best […]

Now scan your passport with the Air New Zealand app

In a recent move, Air New Zealand app has added a new passport scanning and smart passport service to its smartphone app. This will benefit the travelers who show up at the airport with an expired passport. The added functionality means that travelers using the airline’s app can scan their […]

The farmer dating app for rural kiwis- Helping them find their love with just a swipe of their finger

If you live in rural New Zealand and are single still searching for your perfect companion or wish to have a date with your dream love then this app might be useful to you. Known as the Farmers Match is ideally best for farmers, ranchers, cowboys or cowgirls, rural singles […]

Greatest Jackpot Payouts of All Time

When buying a lottery ticket, heading out to spend some time at the casino, or even logging in to your favorite online casino game, your highest hope is that the ticket, the next flip, or the next spin at the slots might just be the jackpot you have been looking […]

Dropit App now to Run live Auctions on Stadium Scoreboards that Players Bid on from the Stands

Dropit app is an interactive tool that hosts live 60-second auctions on a stadium’s scoreboard, that users bid on from their mobile device. You just need to download the app from app stores be it Google or iTunes for your smartphones and use it for any Dropit auction, regardless of […]

The Six best Coffee Cafés in Wellington to have a Good Cuppa Coffee

Wellington is well known on the world map for its great coffee culture. With cafes on almost every corner, it’s fair to say coffee is loved by all in Wellington. CNN recently named Wellington as one of the top 8 international coffee destinations. Here are the six best coffee cafés […]

The five most extreme activities in New Zealand

New Zealand; the home of the hobbit, the sheep, the greatest rugby players and of course some of the most extreme activities. From bungee jumping to throwing yourself out of a plane, New Zealanders are renowned for their love of extreme activities. It is these extreme activities that draw travelers […]

Kiwis Fourth Biggest Punters in the World

New Zealand’s opposition Labour Party in the year 2104 called for tighter controls on pokies following a survey that shows Kiwis are the world’s fourth-biggest gamblers per capita. Do your know kiwis fourth biggest punters? According to then Internal affairs spokesman Trevor Mallard the government’s deal with SkyCity for a […]

He Haerenga App- Learn the beginners level Māori language

Before knowing about He Haerenga app, let’s find out the history of Maori language. In the last 200 years, the history of the Māori language (te reo Māori) has seen its ups and downs. At the beginning of the 19th century, it was the predominant language spoken in Aotearoa/New Zealand. […]

Curious Critters Club App promotes local stories in new augmented reality game for kids

Kids love four things, stories, games, eating and sleeping. With mobile phones now easily accessible to almost all of the kids they can now play virtual games or learn to speak and write or get on to some informational funny stuff. Like PokemonGo Critters Club has launched a new augmented […]

How to play Instant Lotto games with your mobile at Lotto NZ and win?

You can play Instant Lotto NZ with My Lotto’s new instant play feature. Instant Play is a range of fun online games that give you the chance to win instant prizes. The lotto games can be played from NZ$0.50 to NZ$5 and you can play with your smartphone be it […]

2 Degrees in New Zealand brings in new mobile phone Wi-Fi services

New Zealand’s third-largest mobile operator, 2degrees, has introduced new services allowing customers to call and message from their mobile phones using a Wi-Fi connection, even when you are outside a mobile coverage area. The introduction of Wi-Fi Calling or Voice over Wi-Fi, is making it easier for users to stay […]

How to play Powerball and Strike Lotto NZ and instantly find the results – Step by Step Guide

Easy steps to play Powerball and Strike lotto NZ and know the instant lottery draw results as well.

How to play Lil Lady Bingo Lotto NZ and win $20,000 instantly?

Guide to play Instant play Lotto NZ games online

Top 5 Online Slot Gaming Manufacturers and Platforms

What are the top 5 online slot gaming manufacturers? There are many companies that craft and develop not only the slot games which are widely available on casinos but many of these companies are also the suppliers of online casino software gaming platforms that today power online casinos. Every company is offering […]

How to Pick a Roulette Table with $5?

$5 roulette tables in NZ real casinos as well as online casinos with great offers; Variations of Roulette games to play with live dealers all in NZD

Two Awesome Bars At Christ Church Casino to enjoy Live Sports and Cocktails

Two wonderful bars at Christ Church Casino New Zealand to enjoy live sports, drinks, food and entertainment. Play latest jackpot pokies and table games to win cash prizes.

Six ways to become a millionaire and hit the Jackpot by playing Powerball Lotto New Zealand

Know how to increase your chance of hitting the Powerball Lotto NZ Jackpot and becoming a millionaire

Tasmanians can now easily report roadkill with a new app from their mobile and help save wildlife

Tasmania has launched a new app called the Roadkill App Tas allowing people to report roadkill sightings so that hotspots can be determined. A donation from a zoo in North America has facilitated the development of a new Tasmanian smartphone app for reporting roadkill sightings. This app is free to […]

The Best Baccarat Rooms in New Zealand

Find the Best Baccarat Rooms or Lounges to play the table game of Baccarat even as a high roller in real casinos of New Zealand. Alao play at online casinos in your own currency at live casinos with great bonus offers.

5 Types of Free Spin Casino Bonuses you Receive to Play Longer

Do you know there are free spin casino bonuses you can win at casinos? Casino bonuses are something every player is looking forward to whenever the player plans to play any games on any casino. It is additional cash to play all the games that you want to and also […]

The Best 5 Stores to do Shopping in Auckland – Especially for Ladies

Best stores in Auckland New Zealand to shop for organic and natural beuaty products, fashion clothes, art and craft goods, homeware items and more

5 Reasons You Should Play Video Poker More Often

Do you know the 5 reasons you should play video poker more often? Video poker is mostly not the regular choice when enjoying electronic gaming is the first priority. Instead, usually, gamblers prefer slots that offer better graphics and more features. Here are the 5 reasons you should play video […]

Bubble Craze Keno – The $1 game to play and win up to $10,000

How to play Bubble Craze Keno – The new Instant play game available at New Zealand Lotteries to play online with mobile or PC and win $10,000

10 Greatest Poker Players of All Time

Mostly in many other sports, naming the top players of all time in professional poker can be tricky. Because of the nature of the game, it could be tough to tell what makes a poker player great. They can be ranked based on their winnings, but we believe the amount […]

What is Iridium Certus Mobile Service in NZ?

The Iridium network has full global coverage allowing you to use your phone across the globe, and Iridium phone will operate at the standard rates within New Zealand/Australian territory,

5 Ways to Cut Distractions When Playing Poker Online

Online poker is a great way for you to make some real and serious cash from all over the world without going out of your home. But being at home you might face a lot of distractions as well. Here are the 5 ways to cut distractions when playing poker online. […]

Benefits of Microgaming and The Best Microgaming Casinos For Players From New Zealand

Do you know the benefits of Microgaming and the best Microgaming Casinos? If you are from New Zealand and love to enjoy online casino games, you are lucky. There are several options for Kiwis out there that you will one or the other for sure. One of the major supplies of […]

11 Online Casinos NZ on XBox

Find how to play Online Casinos NZ on XBox and which casino games you can enjoy on Xbox

How to Use a Free Spin Bonus And 4 Free Spin Casinos

Do you know How to Use a Free Spin Bonus? Casino free spin bonuses are one of the most popular for slot enthusiasts. These bonuses are offered by almost every casino every month, making it well worth looking up the details as to how it all works and what benefits […]

5 Ways to Find out if Someone is Bluffing in Poker

Identifying if someone is bluffing or not is very important in poker! If you ever find that players sitting next to you have started to sweat from their brow and if have starting to smell their breath due to their sudden heavy breathing, do you know what does that means? […]

How to Play and Win Roulette in NZ

Roulette is one of the most popular and oldest casino games across the globe. New Zealand is no exception. Here local gamblers love to play roulette in both land-based and online casinos. Do you know How to Play and Win Roulette in NZ? Although most of them lose money in […]

Top 5 Gaming Lounges in Auckland

The top five gaming lounge in Auckland offering best of pokies games, live streaming of sports, pool games, music, and night clubs.

20 Popular Pokies in NZ to Play with your Mobile in 2021

There are so many pokies machines available to play at casinos as well as apps at app stores. But few pokies become so popular and are always there and remain in business for long. Who makes them popular are obviously the pokies fans and why they become popular is due […]

Free 5 Aristocrat Pokies for Android

It’s time to rejoice for the fans of hugely popular pokies; Queen of the Nile, Shogun, and 5 Dragons, these classics are also available on android mobile. Australian casino giant Aristocrat has released a handful of its most popular pokies on mobile. So you can play Aristocrat Pokies for Android […]

The Best Android Phones you can buy now in New Zealand

It’s not a big deal to have a mobile in your pocket. But not all mobile phones are smart. Also, most are not good to play games because of their small screen size, not-so-good battery, and the UI of the mobile. Many gamers say Apple iPhone is the best, but […]

10 Awesome Food Delivery Apps to Have on Your Mobile in 2021

Kiwis love to eat good food. Right from seafood, to roasted lamb or hangi, fish or chips, sweets, candies, desserts, cheese or win New Zealanders are great food lovers. Though sadly, it is also estimated that 85 % of kiwis also waste their food and that every year kiwi sends […]

Top 10 Things You Must do in New Zealand

You can do a whole lot of things in New Zealand which is often considered the adventure capital of the world. There is a number of things that can be done in New Zealand and I have rounded it all up. Adventures take place in the Northern and Southern Islands. Southern […]

Which Mobile Devices Support Flash?

People who use their computer to stream videos or to watch any video content often depend on the flash player to do that. The flash player has also allowed many people to take advantage of games and online casinos without having to download anything to their computer. The one downside […]

7 Things you must do in Wellington

Full of life and offering more things to do than you have time for! Yes, I am talking about Welly, which is also a perfect city for tourists. Here are the 7 Things you must do in Wellington. Due to its easy accessibility, Wellington is a more popular destination as […]

Motorola Razr 2021– Flip Phone will be available in 2022

Motorola Razr expected to be launched in 2019 is the new flip phone from Motorola for Kiwis

What Online Gambling Sites in New Zealand are Safe?

What Online Gambling Sites in New Zealand are Safe? If you’re a gaming enthusiast, chances are you would love to visit online casinos to play pokies in New Zealand. But the security and safety of your information could be a concern. You might be wondering what safe gambling sites are […]

What Are The Best Browser-Based Mobile Pokies To Play At New Zealand Online Casinos?

Browser-based mobile pokies are now a trend. Due to the death of Adobe Flash, almost all the pokies and casino games at online sites are now browser-based. This means now the casino games and pokies are optimized in HTML 5 version where any user or player can play the pokies […]

Top 4 Free Mobile Pokies to Play in 2021

Mobile pokies are widely played by millions of Australian players which are Free Mobile pokies that can be played on your smartphone be it iOS iPhone, android mobile, Windows mobile, or any other smartphone that you have. These are free pokies as you needn’t make any real money NZD deposit anywhere. […]

What to know about Online Casino Deposit Bonus

When it comes to enjoying casino games, the What to know about online casino deposit bonus is the brownie point that comes with it when you attempt to sign in to online casinos in New Zealand. These deposit bonuses are designed to attract and retain more NZ players and casino […]

The Game of Tai Sai Rules and Winning Strategy

Know how to play and where to play the game of Tai Sai in New Zealand with rules and best winning strategies.

How to Play Caribbean Stud Poker with your Mobile?

Play Caribbean Stud Poker with your mobile be it IOS or Android smartphone with real AUD or BTC at New Zealand friendly online casinos instantly without any download

Top 4 Casinos Offering Free Spin Bonus

Free Spins casinos offer free spins to play pokies for free or with real money. These casinos also offer a bonus to their new players or to regular players at the casinos. The most important thing about such casinos is that you get to experience pokies from various top-notch gaming […]