New Era of New Zealand Sports Betting at TAB with Mobile App

Upping TAB NZ - New Zealand Sports Betting at TAB
Upping TAB’s new website

In 2018, The New Zealand Racing Board (NZRB) launched a new era betting platform, considered a game-changer for the country’s racing industry.

New Zealanders welcome modern and competitive New Zealand sports betting at TAB and its website (tab. co. nz/mobile app).

It offers gamers several fixed-odds betting options, increasing returns to the racing industry.

According to NZRB CEO John Allen, this is the dawn of a new era for the NZRB and New Zealand betting customers to deliver a more compelling betting experience and significantly enhance the number of betting opportunities on offer.

He added that this initiative alone will increase returns to the industry by $17 million – $19 million in annualized profit, rising to approximately a $30 million increase in net betting profit due to the Fixed Odds Betting change from the year 2022/23.

Upping website for sports betting

Also, New Zealand Sports Betting at TAB has replaced its website and app with a responsive, modern, and easy-to-navigate site that delivers more products and events.

Now players will have access to more options than ever before on sporting events from around the world as they have added new products like ‘cashout’, giving them the option to obtain a return from selected fixed odds bets before a match or event is even over and improved in-play betting with fewer suspensions, more markets and direct access from watching to betting.

New Features –

In mid-2023, TAB NZ introduced innovative features to enhance user experience and expand betting opportunities for New Zealand bettors.

These features are tailored to meet the evolving needs of New Zealand bettors:

  • Same Game Multi – This feature allows you to combine multiple bets within the same sporting event into a single bet, simplifying betting on various outcomes at once. You can have a look at instant on-screen odds calculations and validations.
  • Same Race Multi –Same Race Multi is a feature that allows you to select multiple runners in a horse race, and they can finish in any of the top four places.
  • Trackside & In Play – Trackside & In Play are features that let you watch live horse and greyhound races (Trackside) and place bets on events as they happen (In Play).
  • Bonus Cash – It offers flexibility to split earned bonuses across different events of their choice.
  • Odds Surge – Odds Surge is a promotion where selected events offer boosted odds.
  • Safer Betting – TAB NZ has introduced enhanced Safer Betting tools to promote responsible gambling:
    • Deposit Limit.
    • Bet Stake Limit.
    • Customize account access times to manage betting sessions.
    • Temporarily restrict account access on specific days.
    • Self-exclude from betting for up to six months.
    • Receive reminders based on betting activity.
    • Market Control
    • Deposit Options
    • Monitor online session duration.
    • Self-Exclusion
    • Account Closure
  • Punters Lounge – You can learn about the latest sports and racing news, tips, and entertainment in the updated Punters Lounge.
  • Blended Bets – Optimize your betting strategy across all three racing codes with Blended Bets.

How will the changes impact you?

These changes at TAB NZ are designed to streamline and enhance the betting experience but will also bring some adjustments for users.

Introducing the Blackbook feature allows for easier tracking of favourite runners across different racing codes, with customizable notifications.

The transition from Easy Bets to Mystery Bets offers a new way to engage with exotic bet types.

While pre-packaged Multis will no longer be available digitally, users can still create their combination multis on the platform, with anchored options limited to retail venues.

The updated digital bet slip now includes advanced features like Price Change Acceptance and, where eligible, the option to Cash Out, improving flexibility and control over bets.

Additionally, digitally deposited funds must now be wagered at least once before withdrawal, ensuring compliance with new regulations.

Certain features, such as Roving Banker and Anchoring, have been discontinued on digital platforms, reflecting a shift towards a more streamlined and user-focused betting environment.

Upping Your Game through TAB NZ Mobile App Android

tab mobile app android
tab mobile app android

The New Zealand Sports Betting at TAB has launched a brand-new website and mobile app where you can find more variety and many more options on sporting events worldwide.

Improved In-Play betting with fewer suspensions and direct access from viewing to betting and better ways to manage your account even with mobile, you’ll be able to withdraw your winnings straight to your bank account, select favourite runners from either the racecard, your results page, or your transaction history.

Your bet slip is now like an online shopping cart.  You can combine all your bets into one basket no matter what code you’re betting on.

Upping app

The new platform will also be a game-changer for their core business. It will improve business stability and continuity, and by moving many core functions managed by their old system, Jetbet, into a new platform provided by Openbet, it gives NZRB the flexibility to set their odds on events where their local expertise outpaces the PaddyPower options.

The partners on this project, OpenBet and PaddyPower Betfair, are world-class operators and now ensure that the New Zealand TAB is a significant and valuable industry asset, which can now compete with the rest of the world, increase their revenue and, in turn, their distributions back to racing and sport.

This is evident with its massive tab mobile app downloads.

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TAB NZ sports betting rules – New Zealand Sports Betting at TAB

Betting rules on the New Zealand Sports Betting at TAB include the daily withdrawal limits you can change when entering your account settings.

Some people want to turn off their limits because they would not be limited in a real casino.

You can remove the predefined limits and reset your ones.

New Zealand Sports Betting at TAB NAZ wants you to know that you have control over your betting, and you can bet on anything you like at any time so long as it is listening on the site.

TAB NZ Sports

New Zealand Sports Betting at TAB has sports that most people will like as the sports down in this country are exciting.

The best part is that TAB allows you to check the TAB racing results, the sports, and the scores as you come up.


TAB NZ has revamped its website and mobile app to offer enhanced features and a more user-friendly experience for New Zealand sports bettors.

With innovations like Same Game Multi and Bonus Cash, alongside improved safer betting tools and in-play options, TAB NZ aims to meet the evolving needs of its users.

These updates signify a commitment to providing a competitive and responsible betting environment.

As continues to evolve, it remains focused on aligning with industry standards and embracing technological advancements to enhance the overall betting experience.

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