Best Pokie Apps Available in New Zealand

Most Popular New Zealand Casinos

Most Popular New Zealand Casinos

Most Popular New Zealand Casinos

The fast growth of gambling in the last few years of the last century actually led to the opening of the first casinos in the country. The maiden casino happens to be Christchurch Casino in New Zealand which first started operating in 1994. It enabled local people and visitors to legally bet while having delicious nourishment, the local liquor, and other refreshments.

This expanded to NZ horse races and pokies and other table games. Currently, there are three more gambling clubs in New Zealand which are described as under:

SkyCity Auckland

SkyCity Auckland is considered to be the largest and most amazing casino in New Zealand. It consists of two high-end hotels, one of which earned five stars. Located in the bustling capital of New Zealand it attracts not only the locals but also several tourists coming to New Zealand every year.

This casino not only entertains the guests with its casinos but it also offers the convenience of a hotel in which the casino is located. It boasts high-quality rooms, with 1600 slot machines and 700 table games. It is packed with 12 bars and restaurants that can satisfy the whims of any person. It also has two other casinos in Queenstown and Hamilton. Both the casinos have excellent hotels with Wi-Fi and Internet facility for the guest to play slot machines and other favorite games on their mobile devices from the comfort of their room.

Christchurch Casino

This casino is yet another popular gaming hub, although this casino has been older and has been visited longer by the locals enjoying the entertainment it has in store to offer. Although this casino and hotel do not boast such a chic and splendor as SkyCity Auckland, still a well-equipped gaming floor, where visitors are offered great fun, entertainment, and exciting activities is a regular affair.  Every week, Christchurch Casino enables the visitors and players new ways to earn cash prizes by introducing lotteries and tournaments.

Recently Christchurch Casino has reeled under some problems, but now it is again on its track serving the players with fervor.  It was closed for a couple of months due to the 6.3 earthquake magnitude, which occurred in the city in 2011. With the help of the local community and the casino managers, this casino was restored in May 2011.  Since then it hasn’t looked back. Apart from this, Christchurch Casino also has its casino website where players can visit the casino and play games like classic card and practice slot machines for free.

Dunedin Casino

This casino is a great place of interest for the gambler from across the world. This casino is located close to the local attractions of the city Dunedin Otago Museum, the University of Otago, Botanical Garden Dunedin, and Olveston Historic House. This casino runs a casino as well as a sports’ arena Carisbrook also.

You can find several shops, cafes, galleries, and bars in the nearby area, most of which are just within walking distance from the hotel. The Dunedin International Airport is 24 km away which make the place more comfortable for the visitors. This hotel has 50 rooms that are a combination of all types of rooms including the corporate suite; studio; twin room; family suite in addition to the casino hall.

Internet Gambling

Online casinos have already spread the access of mobile gaming and the ubiquity of betting in New Zealand due to their easy access and entry and the way that most casinos allow multiple games to access. These online casinos have been in the picture since the land-based gambling of the 1990s was introduced and has transformed into a $20 billion industry across the world today.

Nowadays, the player can play an assortment of classic casino games like baccarat, slots, blackjack, poker, and roulette from their mobile setting up their own locations all over the globe.  The player can play pokies, wager on games and bet on anything that is legitimate in New Zealand’s land-based casinos.

Startling Facts and Figures

As per estimation, New Zealanders spend more than 2 billion US dollars on gambling online casinos every year. It shows the passion of the people which has now become an important part of the local culture of this country. Most of the population are aware of how to install slot machines on their system and play on their mobile devices nowadays. The average New Zealander spends nearly 41 USD on gambling every week.

No wonder, New Zealand has a widely ramified network of bookmakers with hundreds of offices, taking bets on all sorts of events that include rugby and other sports also. Earlier for some time, the development of gambling with slot machines in New Zealand was not regulated. But in 2003, the Law on the gaming industry was finally embraced, and it limited the number of casinos to be opened and other types of institutions, taking bets. But now it has become a part and parcel of the people of this country.