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Which mobile devices support flash?

Which mobile devices support flash?

People who use their computer to stream videos or to watch any video content often depend on the flash player to do that. The flash player has also allowed many people to take advantage of games and online casinos without having to download anything to their computer.

The one downside of the flash player is that it has not always been able to be used on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Since more people are turning to these devices for many things, the need for mobile device flash player is becoming more important. Whatever NZ telecom provider you choose you would love to see your favorite video or play your favorite game when you are on your mobile device. For this to happen, you need to know what mobile device supports flash. Here are the mobile devices that support flash player.

Android Phones

Flash players can be found in the Android market. It does have some specific requirements. It is available for Android operating systems 2.2 (Froyo), 2.3 (Gingerbread) 3.0 (Honeycomb). Device compatibility can be checked at the Adobe website.


The problems of using mobile device flash player iPhone have been well documented. The feud between Apple and Adobe has lasted for many years. Steve Jobs did not think much of the flash player and would not allow it to be used with the Apple mobile devices. That changed for a little while, but there is still no agreement between the two companies.

Despite the feud, the flash player can be used with the iPhone and iPads. It requires using a native iOS application. This can be found in Flash CS5 Professional. Not everyone is happy about this and hopeful the flash player will one day be more compatible with Apple devices.


Windows mobile devices are growing in popularity. They may be able to gain more market share thanks to their ability to run the flash player. It is easy to find and download the Flash mobile app at the Windows store.


The blackberry operating systems support the flash player as a standalone app or it can be used through an internet browser.

The flash player has been the standard for people who wanted to watch video content on their computer for a long time. It allows for people to watch multiple formats and is easy to use on a computer. When it comes to mobile devices, the flash player has not seen quite the success. It seems that many people cannot use it with their mobile device.

The key for people that want to be able to use the flash player on their mobile device is to check the compatibility before they choose their device. Because the use of flash player is so prevalent and because more people than ever are depending on their mobile device for entertainment when they are on the go, it makes sense to check this out. The best devices of the Flash player are the ones that rely on the Android operating system or the Windows operating system. These will provide people with the experience that they want from the player.