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In addition to being perhaps the best known land-based game, Megabucks was also the worlds first progressive jackpot slot machine. It carried a base jackpot of $1 million. Megabucks slots have been responsible for paying out some incredible prizes over the years.

Megabucks Slots

International Game Technology (IGT) created Megabucks slot machine. You are able to find this progressive slot machine throughout the International Game Technology (IGT) lan-based casinos. Other smaller versions of the same jackpot are offered too. Aside from being undoubtedly the worlds largest jackpot slot, it was also the first one to link various machines from different casinos in an effort to generate the largest reward possible.

Megabucks Online Slots

There is also an online version of the popular Megabucks slot machine, created but IGT. It is a 5-reel, 60-payline gaming machine that can be found at most online and mobile casinos that use IGT software. Similarly to the land-based version of the game, the online version also has a progressive jackpot.

In order to win the Online Megabucks jackpot, you are required to place a 5-coin bet. 300 credits is the max bet of the game, which equates to $3 per spin. Many of the games of slot players are linked to the same jackpot via a wide-area progressive. This allows the jackpot to grow even faster.

Due to the land-based version of the game having only 3-reels and the online version having 5-reels, they have varied gaming mechanics.The jackpot of the online version is not as large. Complaints about IGT capitalising on the offline fame of the brand to lure gamblers into a lesser game are not uncommon. However, the jackpots are still some of the best on the internet.

Graphics and Sounds

The aesthetics of the online version very much replicate the land-based version, giving players no reason to complain. The graphics and sounds on the online version of Megabucks are nothing out of the ordinary. Its safe to say that no one is playing the game for the charming graphics or smooth animations.

Free spins and Bonuses

Neither the land-based nor online versions of the game offer free spins. This doesn’t differ players from playing the game, as the large jackpots make up for the lack of gaming features.

There are also no side bets to be made, or bonus games on offer. These are all fun extras offered by games that have lower payouts.

Scatter Symbols and Wilds

It would not be the same game if standard video slot features such as wild or scatter symbols were included. IGT produces plenty of interactive slot machines, but as a change, this online slot reproduces the original game. The jackpots are not as large as the land-based jackpots and so it is a lesser form.

The Progressive Jackpot

I’m sure that you’re really interested in how you could walk away with the massive payout attached to this machine. Its as simple as betting all three coins on a spin (or $3) . The next step is to hit the three Megabucks symbols across your payline. Its easy, and if luck is on your side, you may just walk away with the prize of a lifetime.

With the land-based jackpot being seeded at $10 million for each hit, at the very least you can be sure that your prize will be somewhere in the eight-digit range. The largest win in Las Vegas history was when an american software engineer was lucky enough to bag a jackpot of AUD$47.4 million, while playing Megabucks pokies at a Las Vegas’s Excalibur casino. The vary same machine has given out over $20 million on numerous occasions since then. The average amount is said to be slightly higher than $15 million.

You’re probably also curious as to what your chances of hitting the winning combination are. And the short answer is: highly unlikely. Sources have stated that the odds of landing the three logos are 1 in 49,836,932. This number is huge and hard for most people to comprehend, but it is also still better than some of the largest multi-state lotteries such as Powerball. It was cleverly noted by Michael Shackleford that 368 cubed, is this number exactly. This suggests that players will have a 1/368 chance of hitting the Megabucks logo on each reel symbol, every time they spin.

As you may know, jackpots occasionally reach a point where they are so large that it becomes theoretically profitable for players to put money into the machine, as the average return rate is more that 100%.