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Maximum Pokies Bets

Maximum Pokies Bets

It is a confusing process trying to understand how pokies work. More often than not, we place a bet and hope that luck is on our side. Strategic and dedicated pokies fans will know that there are certain factors to consider when placing a bet.

Useful Definitions

If you are a pokies newbies, this glossary of definitions will help you figure out how betting limitations work;

  • Minimum bet – The lowest sum of money you can bet on a single pokies spin. This customarily means you are betting on a single pay line.
  • Maximum bet – The largest amount of money you can place on a single pokies spin, typically allowing you yo bet across all available pay lines. A ‘max bet’ option is available on most online pokies, which applies the highest possible wager without you customizing the bet.
  • Pay line – The line across the reels where, in order to win, certain symbols need to appear in order. Winning pay lines are specific to different slot games. A games detailed pay table will include information about the winning lines. The option is available to increase or decrease the pay line amount. You can Place a higher bet is by activating more pay lines, which gives you a higher chance of landing on a winning combination.
  • Coin Number – With the option to increase or decrease, placing a bet requires you to specify the number of coins/credits you wish to bet.
  • Coin size – The value attached to each coin.  Higher value bets result in higher wins and this amount can also be increased or decreased.
  • 243, 1024 and 3125 – The possible winning combinations within a game. A higher number of possibilities means you are more likely to land on a winning combination.

Maximum coin bets

You can be sure that anyone playing pokies is hoping to hit the Jackpot. On many pokies machines, you are required to bet the maximum amount of coins in order to activate the top jackpot.  Making the maximum bet increases the jackpot considerably, as for example, the jackpot will pay 1000x for two coins, 1500x for three coins, 2000x for four coins, and 4000x for five coins. Your payout percentage compared to other bets is increased when you bet the maximum coin amount.

Don’t forget that there are huge quantities of money to be won without hitting the jackpot itself, and if you can not afford to bet the maximum coins, you are still likely to still win big money. It is always better to win within your means.

Maximum pay-line bets

It is even more common, that when playing online pokies, the biggest jackpot is triggered by betting the maximum pay-line. It is best to activate all the pay-lines on the machine, even if this means dropping to a lower tier machine, or a lower coin denomination.

Attempting to beat the odds, by playing outside of your comfort zone is not a good idea. The house will always have the advantage, no matter what level bet you play at. You will never be disappointed if you play as if you are expected to lose.

High-stake Pokies

Unlike land-based slot machines that typically set bets at a specific denomination, variable wager amounts are available on online pokies. High-stake pokies are online slot machines with high maximum bets. Meaning players can bet larger amounts with lower stake wages.

A minimum $5.00 coin size spin is mostly considered a high stakes online pokie. Multiplying the bet per spin significantly, consider the coins per pay-line which increase stake for highest maximum bet possible, anywhere between $50 and $500.