Play These 3 Low Volatility Casino Games and Win Frequently

Low Volatility Casino Games
Low Volatility Casino Games


Whether spinning reels on pokies or placing bets at the roulette table, effective bankroll management is critical to maximizing your winnings and enhancing your gaming experience.

One crucial aspect that influences your gameplay and potential returns is the volatility of casino games, from slots to poker. In this guide, we’ll delve into:

  • The fundamentals of pokies volatility, shedding light on its different types,
  • Methods to ascertain a game’s volatility,
  • A comparison between volatility and return to player (RTP) will also help you make informed gaming decisions.

How to Win at Low-Volatility Casino Games

How to Win at Low-Volatility Casino Games
How to Win at Low-Volatility Casino Games

Before learning how to win at low-volatility casino games, you should understand what volatility is, how to calculate it, and how volatility influences gameplay, RTP, and more.

First, let’s understand what volatility means in casino games and the different types or levels of volatility.

The Basics of Pokies Volatility

The Basics of Pokies Volatility
The Basics of Pokies Volatility

At a high level, a pokie’s volatility is about how frequently that game pays out, along with the typical prize size. A pokie machine with extraneous volatility will pay out huge prizes but not quite frequently, whereas the best low-volatility casino slots will frequently pay out small prizes.

Remember that any pokie machine can be on a hot or cold streak, and all machines pay out both big and small prizes. Think about the volatility index (VI) of a pokie machine as an average experience of all players. Those with a high VI coefficient will have a few huge winners with numerous losing sessions, whereas a low VI coefficient will result in a larger number of small winners.

To calculate a pokie’s volatility, you would divide a predetermined number of plays by the number of winning spins. As the number of winning spins increases, the volatility of that machine decreases.

Professional Tip: It’s crucial to remember that the volatility of casino games is based on the average payout of the pokies machine and should not be the basis of your decision to play or not play a machine. Because millions of spins occur during any given pokie machine’s lifespan, the VI of that pokie machine can change over time.

Understanding Pokies Volatility and its Effects on Players

How volatility of pokies affects the player
How does the volatility of pokies affect the player

Volatility Index (VI) and Return-to-Player (RTP):

  • Pokies with a high VI rating often have higher RTPs due to larger payouts, but this might not provide frequent wins.
  • Conversely, pokies with a low VI rating typically offer smaller yet more frequent payouts, resulting in smaller RTPs.

Implications for the Player:

  • Low-VI pokies are good for players’ bankrolls because they offer consistently smaller wins, ensuring prolonged play. However, the casino will likely benefit over extended periods due to the difference between the bet and the payout.
  • High-VI pokies: Though they can offer bigger rewards, the wins are less frequent, which might not always satisfy players.

What It Means for You:

  • In simpler terms, playing a low-volatility pokie for a long time often gives the casino the upper hand.
  • Still, playing low-volatility pokies can be beneficial during short sessions, potentially yielding winning spins.

A Word of Caution:

  • It’s essential to remember that low-VI pokies can still offer significant payouts on occasion, while high-VI machines might provide frequent yet minimal “wins.”

The best low-volatility casino pokies have shown consistency in payouts and can be an excellent choice for those who prefer not to risk their entire bankroll at once.

Low Volatility Casino Games

Low Volatility Casino Games
Low Volatility Casino Games

Since casinos typically don’t post the volatility of their pokie machines or other games, finding the accurate VI index of any pokie machine you’d like to play can be hard.

Typically, you’d be stuck turning to Google to do your best searching and finding a reliable gambling source that has calculated its own VI index on several machines.

However, we felt that it took away some of the enjoyment of playing these games, so we’ve rounded up a few games below with low volatility and frequent payouts.

1. Heads-Up Poker

Heads-Up Poker
Heads-Up Poker

Unlike regular poker, such as 5-card shuffle or Texas hold’em, rather than being dealt into a table with several opponents, in heads-up poker, you compete against just one other player in either a sit-and-go format (SNG) or a cash game.

Any player has a 50% chance of beating their opponent in an SNG heads-up game.

If you’re a professional player, you can win over 50% of the time if your skill trumps your opponents.

However, while SNG heads-up poker is a relatively low volatility game, having a thorough understanding of the rules of poker and a proper strategy and experience will be crucial to winning.

2. Baccarat


It is one of the lowest-volatility casino games today, as long as you make the right bets to take advantage of that fact.

Baccarat has just three available wagers:

  • Tie-Bet
  • Player Hand
  • Banker Hand

As the banker hand has the inherent advantage and wins 50.68% of the time, your safest bet is to always bet on the house. Of all the casino games available, this is the only game in which the player wins over half the time.

While casinos take a 5% commission from these bets (if they’re winners), there is still quite a low house edge of just 1.6%.

We suggest avoiding the tie-bet because it has the largest payout amount but a low probability of winning (just a 9.53% chance).

3. Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker
Pai Gow Poker

While this game may not be as popular as heads-up poker or baccarat, it is worth noting on this list due to its low volatility.

With Pai Gow Poker, the player is dealt seven cards and must make a five-card hand and a two-card hand to beat the dealer on both hands.

The wager is won if you beat the dealer on both hands, pushed if you win just one hand, and lost if you lose both hands.

Because casinos take a 5% commission to maintain their edge, Pai Gow features a 2.84% house advantage.

Winning More Frequently With Low-Volatility Online Casino Games

Winning more frequently with low-volatility online casino games
Winning more frequently with low-volatility online casino games

Low-volatility casino games are a great way to protect your bankroll and have an enjoyable time while gambling.

While it’s essential to do your research on the VI of any game you go to play, it’s also important to remember that with low VI games, the house will always win over time, so play responsibly.

Remember to play at reputable online casinos and always have fun while playing.

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What does low volatility mean in casino games?

In casino games, low volatility refers to the frequency and amount of potential payouts. Low-volatility games offer more frequent, smaller wins than high-volatility games, which provide less frequent, larger payouts. In essence, they present a lower risk to the player’s bankroll.

Why are low-volatility games better for frequent wins?

Low-volatility games are designed to give out rewards more often, albeit in smaller amounts.

This consistent flow of smaller wins keeps players engaged and extends their playtime, making them ideal for those who prefer steady gameplay.

Do low-volatility games offer lower payouts than high-volatility games?

Generally, low-volatility games offer smaller individual payouts because they pay out more frequently. In contrast, high-volatility games may offer much larger payouts, but they occur less often, presenting a higher risk to the player’s bankroll.

How can I determine the volatility of a casino game?

A game’s volatility isn’t always explicitly mentioned. However, you can deduce it by checking the game’s paytable, looking for player reviews, or observing the frequency and amount of payouts during gameplay.

Games with frequent, smaller payouts are typically low-volatility.

Are the bonuses different for low-volatility games at online casinos?

Bonuses at online casinos are usually tied to promotional offers rather than a game’s volatility.

However, free spins or bonuses might be directed towards specific games, depending on the casino’s marketing strategy and whether the games are low or high volatility. Always check the terms and conditions.

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