How to Win Lightning Pokies Grand Jackpot?

Lightning Pokies Grand Jackpot
Lightning Pokies Grand Jackpot

If you’re involved in the up-and-coming pokies scene, a game called “Lightning Link” may just sound great enough to grab your attention right away, and you wouldn’t be wrong in the slightest.

The lightning link isn’t an individual poker machine, but it instead allows you to choose from a selection of different games.

Games that are linked together, by standard features, including a progressive jackpot. Here you’ll get to know how to Win Lightning Pokies Grand Jackpot.

Developed by Aristocrat, Lightning Link is the wonderful pokies with an explosive set of linked games with progressives that have proven to be a hit with players in New Zealand, Australia, North America, and Europe.

The game also is popular in Latin America and Macau, making this pokie thus famous all over the world.

The creator of this pokies game Scott Live designed this game for all types of players be it low-stakes players, high rollers, or casual gamers.  

With a simple interface, you can easily learn and play, as well as understand features and jackpots, the game will keep you entertained all through the gameplay.

Lightning Link pokies feature multi-denominations, unique jackpot mechanics, and a diverse game selection, making them appealing to players of all types.

Lightning link pokies

1. Betting Size

To win the lighting link pokies game it is advised never to play at those limits that are not comfortable.

This creates additional stress and the player starts making ridiculous mistakes when playing Lightning Link.

  • Choose a stake that allows you to earn more prize coins while aligning with your bankroll.
  • Typically, for one reel spin, consider wagering 1000 times less than what’s in your account.
  • Avoid placing excessively small bets; it’s recommended to play at a rate of 20 coins.
  • Opting for the maximum stake size may lead to higher costs; be prepared for this.
  • Pokies often draw from your bankroll to increase potential winnings.

2. Symbol of Pearls

In the Lightning Link pokies machine online, the symbol of pearls can give you coins that are instantly yours.

Different jackpot sizes and types are offered for players who are ready to find as many pearls as are out there. A mini bonus or a small jackpot is yours every time a special feature is triggered.

But to get the Grand Jackpot, you have to collect all 15 pearls in place during the bonus game. The standard rule applies in this game: the more you spin, the more you win!

3. Free Games

Run free games with a high frequency.

Especially, when the game is played at low rates in this case, you will receive small rewards. It is better to bet more to get big wins.

You can do 40-80 spins at a time, and the pokie will launch free games. After they are completed, you need to lower your bid.

After 40-50 spins, you can increase the bet again.

4. Three bonuses

On the lightning link pokies online the user can get three types of bonusesfree spins, wild shift, and random wild symbols.

  • Random Wild Symbols
    • In the main game in each back, the player is available Wild Nudge Feature.
    • This is a random bonus, which is activated if there is a potentially winning combination on the reels.
    • One drum moves several times up or down to make up a prize combination with a “wild” symbol.
  • Wild Shift
    • The second bonus is available in the main and additional games, it’s called Wild Wins Feature.
  • Free Spins
    • The essence of it is that at the end of the spin, one or more wild symbols may appear on the field.
    • They are not tied to potentially winning combinations, so their appearance does not always guarantee a reward.

5. The third bonus

Free spin – is activated when collecting three or more scatterers.

The user receives 10 free spins and 10 “wild” symbols for each drum. This means that for the entire tour with a free spin on the playing field, 50 additional “wild” characters.

A tour with a linear bet from the last rotation in the main game is played.

Once again collecting three or more symbol scatters, the player receives an additional 10 free spins and additional “wild” symbols.

6. Stick to the bankroll

You should always watch your bankroll.

Do not get carried away and continue the game, when more than 1/3 of the game account is lost.

After all, further spins may be lost. It is better to stop and start playing later.

But when you receive a win that increases the balance on your gaming account by 30% or more, it is recommended to pause or reduce the stake rate on the spin.

7. Limit your time to play

You must commit more than 200 spins of drums in one game session.

The more spins are done, the higher the chances of catching big rewards. Spend the game a maximum of time and increase the chances of winning. But remember about the limits.

You can use the game for chances after every successful spin. But it is better to increase only small winnings, which do not exceed two or three final bets in size.

Also, you should not increase the awards more than three times in a row, because you can lose the earned one.

It is advised to play Lightning Link Pokies first in free mode so that you can learn about all the games. With the pokies app of the Lightning Link, you can explore it, and pick up tactics and strategies.

Lightning link grand jackpot odds
Lightning link grand jackpot odds

The odds of a Lightning Link Grand Jackpot win are very low. It is estimated that the odds of winning are about 1 in 34 million.

This means that you would have to play the game about 34 million times before you had a 1 in 34 million chance of winning the jackpot.

Of course, the odds of winning the jackpot will vary depending on the casino and the denomination of the machine you are playing.

In general, the higher the denomination of the machine, the higher the odds of winning the jackpot.

It is important to remember that the odds of winning the Lightning Link Grand Jackpot are very low. If you are playing for the jackpot, you should be prepared to lose a lot of money before you win.

Here is some additional information about the Lightning Link Grand Jackpot:

  • The jackpot is progressive, which means that it grows in size every time someone plays the game and doesn’t win the jackpot.
  • The jackpot is capped, meaning it can only reach a certain amount before it resets.
  • The jackpot amount is different for each casino and each denomination of the machine.
  • You can only win the jackpot if you are playing the max bet.

If you are looking for a chance to win a life-changing jackpot, then the Lightning Link Grand Jackpot is definitely worth a try.

PokiesMobile Suggestion: Just be prepared to lose a lot of money before you win.

Play Lightning Pokies for Free or Play with Real Money

Play Lightning Pokies for Free or Play with Real Money
Play Lightning Pokies for Free or Play with Real Money

You can play this pokies game with your smartphone be it iPhone or iPad.

There are various Aristocrat apps including Lightning link apps that are available at app stores to enjoy Lightning link pokies.

But remember the games you can play on your mobile device through Aristocrat are free-money apps only.

To play Lightning Link pokies with real NZD, visit a land casino or NZ-friendly online casino.

Free apps like Cashman Casino and Heart of Vegas also offer Lightning Link pokies for free play.

Lightning Link Pokies for the fun app is available free to download from app stores like Google Play or iTunes according to your device be it Android or iTunes.

In this app, you will find over 20 pokies games to play all in Las Vegas style.

Some of the popular pokies you can play are

  • Tiki Fire
  • Heart Throb
  • Cash Express: Gold Class machines
  • Buffalo Deluxe
  • Sun & Moon Deluxe
  • King of the Nile and many others. 

All these are pokies for fun which means you can play all for free without the involvement of real money.


  • Play Lightning Link machines with your preferred theme, offering 5 reels and 50 paylines.
  • A simple interface provides unlimited betting options and opportunities to win by matching symbols on paylines.
  • Standard gameplay includes cards from 9 to Ace and theme-specific icons acting as high-paying symbols.
  • Wild symbols substitute for other symbols to form winning combinations, while scatter symbols trigger free spins rounds.
  • Utilize the free spins bonus to increase your chances of winning a jackpot.
  • Choose from a variety of themes available in this pokie machine.
  • Experienced players will appreciate the extensive wagering options and opportunities for big wins.
  • Four progressive jackpots offer players the chance to win hundreds of thousands of dollars, along with smaller jackpot prizes and cash rewards.

Multiple Themes

There are many different themes or pokies that you can choose from: Happy Lantern, High Stakes, Magic Pearl, and Sahara Gold are popular ones.

You can either go on playing sequence-wise or can try whichever game you wish to play first.

The innovative hold and spin features will have players itching for multiple bonuses and progressive strikes! Lightning Link is an incredible addition to the live casino industry!


Lightning Pokies Grand Jackpot
Lightning Pokies Grand Jackpot

This single cabinet setup is very distinctive and appeals to different audiences, as well as having main features that appeal to everyone.

Some of the different game choices are –

  • Happy Lantern (Asian-themed)
  • Bengal Treasure
  • Magic Pearl (underwater-themed)
  • Sahara Gold (camels/dessert)
  • Best bet
  • Moon Race
  • High Stakes Las Vegas

Each game shares a key feature/feature, which makes up the lightning link system.

The games are linked to allow numerous players playing different themed games to contribute towards the same progressive jackpot. These players all stand a chance at winning it too.

  • Despite different themes, the gameplay remains largely the same, featuring scatter wins, free spins, expanding symbols, wild substitutions, and a shared jackpot.
  • Players can choose a theme that suits them and decide on their stake per spin.
  • Games are played over either 25 or 50 lines, with coin denominations ranging from one to ten cents.
  • Maximum lines played depend on the chosen coin denomination, with 50 lines for 1c and 2c games and 25 lines for 5c or 10c games.
  • Most winnings are proportional to the bet amount, but the progressive jackpot remains the same regardless of bet level.
  • Maximum bet amounts are 500 credits for 1c and 2c games and 250 credits for 5c or 10c games.
  • All Lightning Link cabinets offer four tiers of jackpots, with the top jackpot prize starting at a seeded amount of $10,000.

Top Tips and the Winning Pokies Formula

Although there are no statistical formulas for winning a pokies game, here are a few tips and tricks that many regular pokie winners, and ‘industry insiders’, would suggest.

  • On a casino’s website, they may publish information about which Pokie games are running ‘hot’ or ‘cold’. If this information is not available, contact the support team and request it.
  • A generous welcome bonus offer on Pokie games should be made by the casino.
  • Choose a casino that offers a wide selection of pokies.
  • Constantly playing with the minimum bet size, won’t always benefit you. If the reels fall in your favour, your Pokies win will be small.
  • If you are on a losing streak, lower your bet value. Also, this gives you a chance to increase the odds in your favour.
  • Determine the return-to-player percentage (RTP%) of the casino. (depending on wins and losses, this percentage fluctuates)
  • Become familiar with the game by playing a free or demo game before putting any money into the machine. This will give you the upper hand when you start to play for real money.
  • Always play with a clear head. Don’t play when you are feeling down, drinking alcohol, or on prescription medication. Having a clear mind allows you to have the confidence and ability to know when to walk away while you are still ahead.


Finally, winning the Lightning Link Grand Jackpot is merely a matter of chance, and there’s no guaranteed strategy. Play it responsibly, setting limits on time and following the budget.

Remember, gambling is entertainment, not a trusted income source. Prioritize fun and responsible play, seeking help if needed. Enjoy the adventure, but always gamble responsibly.


Is there a guaranteed way to win the Lightning Link Grand Jackpot?

No, winning the Grand Jackpot is based on chance and luck. There is no guaranteed strategy or method to ensure a win.

Are there any tips to increase my chances of winning the Grand Jackpot?

While there are no guaranteed tips to win, some players suggest managing your budget, playing with smaller bets, and staying patient while enjoying the game.

How can I gamble responsibly while playing Lightning Link?

Set strict limits on your gambling budget and time spent playing. Treat gambling as a form of entertainment rather than a source of income.

What should I do if gambling becomes a problem for me?

If you find yourself struggling with gambling, it’s important to seek help. Many resources and support groups are available to provide assistance for responsible gambling.

Can I rely on winning the Grand Jackpot for a steady income?

No, relying on casino jackpots for income is not advisable. These games are designed for entertainment purposes, and winnings should be seen as fortunate outcomes, not reliable income sources.

Is the excitement of playing Lightning Link worth it, even without winning the Grand Jackpot?

Yes, many players find enjoyment in the thrill of casino games, even if they don’t win the Grand Jackpot. The entertainment value and excitement of the games can still be worthwhile.

Are there any strategies to manage my budget effectively while playing?

Setting a clear gambling budget before you start playing and sticking to it is a good strategy. Avoid chasing losses and prioritize responsible play.

Can I play Lightning Link online, or is it only available in physical casinos?

Lightning Link is available in both physical casinos and some online gambling platforms, depending on your location and local regulations.

What is the appeal of the Lightning Link Grand Jackpot?

The Grand Jackpot offers the potential for a substantial cash prize, which can be highly appealing to players seeking the excitement of a big win.

How can I make sure I’m having a positive gambling experience?

Focus on enjoying the game and the entertainment it provides. Set limits, gamble responsibly, and remember that winning is just one aspect of the overall experience.

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