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Let the battle begin Samsung Galaxy s5 vs iPhone 6

Let the battle begin Samsung Galaxy s5 vs iPhone 6

samsung-galaxy-s5-vs-iphone 6

The introduction of the latest version of the popular smartphones usually attracts a lot of attention. Many people are loyal to their favorite mobile device. They eagerly await the latest version to be released and will stand in lines to be the first to get it when it is finally released.

The long lines of people waiting for the Samsung Galaxy s5 and the iPhone 6 do not meant that either one is the best. The people that are not committed to either one, need to decide which one is the best phone for them. The fact is that both of these phones offer their users something. In order to decide which one is the right choice it is important to look at what they offer side by side.

Launch Date

This one is won by the Samsung Galaxy S5. It is being launched in the Spring of 2014. The iPhone 6 will not be available until later in the year. The exact date for the iPhone has not been announce, but a late fall or early winter release is the best guess.


The problem with comparing these two is what is known and what is rumored. There is plenty that is known about the Samsun Galaxy S5. There is a lot of things that are rumored about the iPhone 6. Nothing specific is really known about the iPhone because it has not been released yet. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is going to come with t giant 5.1 inch display with 1080 x1920 pixel resolution. The iPhone 6 will have a display that is around 4.8 to 5 inches.

Other Specs

The Samsung Galaxy S5 will be an upgrade over the S4, but there will be many similarities. It will include 16GB or 32 GB versions. These can be expanded up to 128 GB with an SD card. The 2.4 GHz quad core processor will provide the power for this mobile device. The iPhone 6 will be powered by the 64 bit A7X or A8 processor.

The battery for the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be a 2800 mAh battery that promises up to 21 hours of talk time. The real life of the battery will depend on how the many apps the user is running at any time. The iPhone battery life is not known at this time, but it will also depend on what apps the user decides to leave on.

The operating system for the Galaxy S5 will be the Android KitKat system. This is the latest Android version that is available. Expect this latest iPhone to have the iOS7 operating system in its latest version.

These phones are still very comparable. The Samsun Galaxy S5 is essentially an updated version of the Galaxy S4 that people have enjoyed. It is not that new or innovative, but it is still a great phone that the users can enjoy. The iPhone6 is expected to be a new and innovative phone.

IT is expected to attract many people when it is released, but it is not ready yet. The biggest edge that the Samsung Galaxy S5 has is it is ready for people now and the iPhone 6 is not.

It will take a little time to see who really wins this battle.