Jack and The Bean Stalk

Jack and the Bean Stalk
Jack and the Bean Stalk

Jack Beanstalk – Net entertainment’s latest premium video pokie, will take you back to the classic tale of a young boy on his quest for riches.

The tale of Jack’s search for treasure in the land of the giants is demonstrated extremely well in this Free Spins Treasure Collection. The games Free Spins and Re-spins are unlikely to be anything similar to other video game pokies you have played before.

In a magical world, Jack swaps a cow for a handful of ‘magical’ beans, which leads him to discover a world of treasure guarded by a giant. Up to 600,000 credits can be won on the Jack and the Beanstalk pokie.

How to Play?

Follow these super-simple steps and you’ll have it all figured out in no time:

  1. Set the coin value. This can be any amount between 0.01 to 5.
  2. That really is the only step. You are now ready to go on an adventure and spin away!
  3. Hit the big green button, hope that luck is on your side and the wins may just be with you.
  4. Keep your eyes focused on the screen. After all, that’s where all the action is.
  5. If you wish, re-click the green button or perhaps select Autoplay, and enjoy the show!

The Golden Harp

The Golden Harp
The Golden Harp

If you see three keys in the jack and the beanstalk pokie, they can be collected from the fifth reel. A wild on any of the reels will be transformed into either a double-stacked wild with two money bags or a triple-stacked wild with 3 golden hens. The ultimate goal is to win the expanding Golden Harp.

I know this may seem impossible, but it will pay off very nicely if you are lucky enough!

Spin to Win

Spin to Win
Spin to Win

A pokie game is unlikely to have any potential play limits, but you may want to consider setting some for yourself before you start playing. Here are some guidelines you could follow:

  • Set a bet & loss limit for any range of time that you are playing.
  • Decide on a set range of times that you block yourself from playing pokies games and gambling.
  • Before you begin to play, set up a time limit, and stick to it.

Game Info

The Jack and the Beanstalk pokie game features 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 bet lines. The game’s minimum bet allowance is 0.20 coins, and the maximum is 100 coins per spin.

The highest amount that you could win is 600,000 credits. The game also has an impressive return-to-player rate of 96.3% and is quite highly rated by its players.

Free Spins

Free spin
Free spin

The free spins round activates when 4 or more scatter symbols appear on the reels. The key symbol is added to the free spins game, which unlocks various bonuses:

  • 2 Stacked Moneybags: When you collect three key symbols, the next wild to appear will turn into 2 stacked moneybags.
  • 3 Stacked Golden Hens: When you collect six key symbols, the next wild will turn into three stacked golden hens.
  • Expanding Harps: When you collect nine key symbols, the next wild will turn into an expanding harp symbol.

All these symbols will help to improve your winning potential and trigger even bigger and better prizes. This is quite a unique feature that will enhance the overall gameplay.

It’s not often that not online pokie offers this many extra features during a free spin round. So, you should certainly take advantage of all the fantastic ways to win that you can enjoy in the bonus game of Net Entertainment’s Jack and the Beanstalk online pokie.

If this sounds like a game you would enjoy then why not give it a go.


Jack and the Beanstalk, a premium video pokie by Net Entertainment, invites you to relive the classic tale of a young boy’s quest for riches. The game’s Free Spins Treasure Collection offers a unique experience with unmatched Free Spins and Re-spins. Follow a simple set of instructions to start your adventure by setting your coin value and spinning the reels.

Collect keys in the game to unlock an expanding Golden Harp, a feature that can lead to substantial rewards. With the ability to set play limits, this pokie game offers a thrilling experience.

Learn about the game’s layout, betting options, and an impressive return-to-player rate of 96.3%. Trigger free spins and unlock numerous bonuses for an exciting gaming adventure that’s not to be missed.


Is Jack and the Beanstalk Pokie available for free play?

Yes, you can often find a free play or demo version of the game on various online casino websites. It’s a great way to get a feel for the game before playing with real money.

What are the key symbols in the game, and what do they do?

The key symbols in the game unlock various bonuses during the Free Spins round. Collecting keys can transform regular wild symbols into double-stacked moneybags, triple-stacked golden hens, and even expanding harp symbols, enhancing your winning potential.

What is the maximum win in Jack and the Beanstalk Pokie?

You can win up to 600,000 credits in this game, making it an enticing option for players looking for substantial payouts.

Is there a time limit or self-set play limit in this pokie?

While the game itself may not have specific play limits, it’s advisable for players to set their own time and betting limits before starting to play. This helps ensure responsible and enjoyable gaming.

What is the return-to-player (RTP) rate for Jack and the Beanstalk Pokie?

The game has an impressive RTP of 96.3%, indicating that it pays out a substantial portion of the bets as prizes, making it an attractive choice for players.

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