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All About Instant Kiwi Scratch Cards and its Prize Pool

All About Instant Kiwi Scratch Cards and its Prize Pool

All About Instant Kiwi Scratch Cards and its Prize Pool

Instant Kiwi Scratch Cards and its Prize Pool
Instant Kiwi Scratch Cards and its Prize Pool

These easily accessible scratch cards can be bought either online via the Lotto App, or at an online lotto website. Alternatively, if you enjoy physically scratching the card to reveal the numbers, you can purchase your Instant Kiwi ticket from your local retailers.

This “scratch-to-win” ticket based game was first introduced in September 1989. At any given time, you will find 12 different ticket steams on sale. Up to 60 new games are also released within a year.

Instant Kiwi ticket prices start as low as $1 and go up to $6 per card. Depending on which game is being played, the prizes range from $2 to a maximum of $50,000 every year. Strict security is enforced when the tickets are being printed. Prizes are distributed randomly. This ensures no one can detect where the prizes are until a ticket has been purchased and the latex has been scratched off the prize area.

Instant Kiwi Tickets

Instant Kiwi Tickets - Instant Kiwi
Instant Kiwi Tickets

If you decide to buy your ticket online, you need to open an account with a lotto website of your choice. You may then use your credit card or internet banking to make a deposit and top up your account. make a decision as to which kiwi game you would like to play, and select your ticket. To purchase the ticket using your account, you just need to confirm your game choice.

Purchasing a ticket through the Lotto app uses the same process, regardless of which device you are using. Each ticket you buy is classed as a separate entry into the draw. The only valid basis for claiming a prize is your ticket. The minimum you can expect to pay for a ticket is $1. When buying your ticket, you are responsible for ensuring that the covering on each play panel is intact.

To discover whether your ticket is prize bearing, you need to remove the covering from each play panel. This will expose the play symbol or combination of play symbols.

In addition to buying your ticket online, you can also watch your draws online. If you’re one of the winners, you get a message to your MyLotto account. Your MyLotto account will automatically be credited if you win any prizes under $1,000. To claim a prize larger then $1,000 you are required to complete a prize claim form. The amount will then be paid into your bank account.

Prize Pool

A number of separate prize pools make up each game. These pools are structured in accordance with a defined multiple prize construction. This gives a specified number of winning tickets as well as winning chances for each prize value. If all tickets in a given prize pool are sold, the structure proves at the design stage whether or not the payout percentage will be achieved.

In accordance with the game design specification, the odds of winning a prize is determined at the outset of the game.

Theoretically, if the game is closed before all the ticket stock is sold, it would make no difference to your chances of winning. Due to the prize pool being predetermined, and Instant Kiwi being a game of chance, the opportunity to win future prizes is influenced by the pattern of prizes already won. Depending on which stage of the top prizes are claimed, and when the game is closed, this could be either an advantage or a disadvantage to the player.

Payout Percentages

Indicating the expected prize total for the sales is done by applying the design payout prize percentage for each game to the actual sales. The expected prize total can be compared to the actual cash prize payout.

The gross sales turnover vs the actual prizes paid between the years 2003 and 2005 were compared. It was discovered the actual prize payout percentages range from 42% to 72%. Over the 3 years, the prizes paid as a percentage of sales was remarkably consistent. However, in almost every case, the actual prize percentages were below the payout percentage specified in the game design.

It should be noted that prizes may be claimed for up to 12 months after the game has closed. Additional claims on the 2005 games would reduce the margin of difference.