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5 Tips on How to Win Real Money Playing Pokies Online in NZ

5 Tips on How to Win Real Money Playing Pokies Online in NZ

5 Tips on How to Win Real Money Playing Pokies Online in NZ

5 Tips on How to Win Real Money Playing Pokies Online in NZ

How to win real money playing pokies? The online slots are programmed in a way that always favors the casinos. Does this mean that you will rarely win real money by playing online slots and there is no point in playing slot games? Not really. It says that you have to be really smart and find other ways to get an extra edge that will make up for the benefits the online casinos have over you. This piece of information will offer you some basic advice that could help NZ player improve their chances to win real money playing pokies.

How to Win Real Money Playing Pokies for Free?

How to Win Real Money on Online Casino for Free
How to Win Real Money on Online Casino for Free

The competition is fierce between the online casinos as the NZ market is huge and there are thousands of players out there. To attract more players every casino wants to do their best favor to the NZ players.

One of the most attractive and best among them is the bonuses that every casino offers to their players of all levels. The casino gives the players from New Zealand free deposits to use while playing games. Generally, the juiciest offers are found in the form of free bonuses or first deposit bonuses, there are several reloads, loyalty bonuses, and many more attractions. The most important thing is that all these offers can double your bankroll or at least receive a large boost to keep you playing for a longer time to win real money playing pokies.

1. Selecting the Right Bonus

Selecting the Right Bonus

This is somewhat self-explanatory. It has two faces. The first one is the proportion between your deposit and the bonus you get. Being a New Zealand customer you should aim at getting at least a 100% match when it comes to first deposit bonuses. The second factor that comes into play is the value of the promotion which might range from $100 to $1,000. This is one of the ways to win real money playing pokies.

2. Understanding the Wagering Requirements

Understanding the Wagering Requirements

Of course, each bonus comes with wagering conditions. Here again, you need to look for two things.  Whether the casino requires you to wager only the bonus or the deposit also! Maybe many times you have to roll over the money. You should look for something like 40-50 the bonus or half of that if the sum is based on the deposit and bonus sum.

3. Is there a Cap on Winnings?

Is there a Cap on Winnings?

Often many casinos put a cap on winnings.  Just ensure you check this and do not opt for bonuses that are way too restrictive. Although it is not easy to get the best out of the deposit bonuses available to New Zealand players, you consider all the above-mentioned aspects and then find some offers. It will help you win real money playing pokies.

4. Learn About Volatility

Learn About Volatility

Volatility is also essential as some slots have high volatility and others a low one.  This is all about how the prizes of a certain game are distributed.

For instance, some slot machines are designed to give away prizes quite often, but large winnings are extremely rare. Some others are just the other way round. Most of the time you will be losing but by chance, if you happen to hit you will have a huge chance of hitting a big prize.

This you can determine by doing some online research. This is one of the ways to win real money playing pokies. Try to find out if a certain title comes with high or low volatility. This you can feel also while playing. If you are hitting a lot of small prizes, you can make out the pokies are probably low in volatility and vice versa.

5. Bankroll Management

Bankroll Management

In the game of online gambling, luck plays a great role. Even if you implied all the best strategies to get success, if you have hard luck it will ruin everything. This is the reason you should manage your bankroll aptly. Your bankroll is your deposit and capital when playing to win real money playing pokies. It is always suggested not to risk way too much of your bankroll at any given moment, as a bad run can take away all your bankroll. For instance, if you have $100 for playing online, do not bother to bet $5 or on a single spin. Be calm, patient, and disciplined, or else you can lose all your bankroll sooner or later.


Every NZ player has an opportunity to win real money by playing pokies online. It is only how you plan your strategy which you can do without investing anything if you start from no deposit free spins offers. No doubt, you have to prudently pick your spots and make the right moves. It is suggested to find a suitable casino that offers promotions and bonuses that could add value to your bankroll and build your confidence. Stick to a decent bankroll strategy and stay calm. This is the best way to beat the online casinos in the long run.