How do you play the Powerball lottery in New Zealand with your mobile?

MyLotto online App
How to play the Powerball Lottery in New Zealand with your mobile?

If you think only you can play the lottery at a physical lotto retailer, you are wrong, as lotteries in New Zealand can be played even with your mobile.

To play Powerball Lotto with your mobile app or purchase Lotto, Strike, and Keno in the App and play Instant Kiwi online games by logging in with your MyLotto account.

The official Lotto NZ App is available for both Android and iOS.

Click here to download the My Lotto official New Zealand app from the app store for your iPhone.

Click here to download the My Lotto official New Zealand app for your Android.

To play online or with your mobile app, join the MyLotto; you only need to create an account.

Create an Account – How To Play Powerball Lottery?

create an accountHow to play Powerball Lottery
create an account.

It’s easy to open a MyLotto account – all you need is a New Zealand bank account and a New Zealand-issued Visa or MasterCard.

If you don’t have a New Zealand-issued Visa or MasterCard, you will need to send copies of any two of the following forms of ID:

  • Passport
  • New Zealand Drivers Licence
  • Firearms Licence
  • New Zealand Birth Certificate
  • New Zealand Marriage Certificate
  • Document evidencing a bank account in your name (e.g. deposit slip)
  • New Zealand-issued International Drivers Licence

You can deposit funds into your MyLotto account either by credit card (Visa, Visa Debit, or MasterCard only) or from your bank account using phone banking or online bill payment.

To top up online: Log in to MyLotto, tap the balance icon in the top right of the screen, and click the ‘Top Up’ button. You will see options to top up with a linked credit card or internet banking.

  • There is a weekly top-up limit of $150. This is the maximum amount you can deposit to your Player Funds weekly.
  • For a single transaction, the minimum deposit amount is $1. The maximum deposit amount is $150.
  • Remember, any deposit you make cannot cause your Player Funds balance to exceed $999.

You’ll see a purple bar drop-down under the top menu when buying a ticket. This will inform you about the ticket you’re purchasing and what you’ll need to do next to confirm your purchase. It also has a handy ‘Buy’ button.

Your current and past tickets can be found easily in the ‘Tickets’ link at the top of your account page. The ‘Tickets’ icon will only show if you are logged in.

This will link you to a page to view any Favourites or Subscriptions you have set up. From this page, you can also view details of Active and Completed tickets.

Powerball Lotto in NZ

Powerball Lotto in NZ
Powerball Lotto in NZ

Lotto, Powerball, and Strike are the games to play if you want the chance to win big prizes. You can play twice a week and withdraw on Wednesday and Saturday.

The game aims to match the numbers on your ticket to the ones drawn.

Playing the Lotto to make a line on your ticket would be best. You need to play at least four lines to enter a draw.

You can pick your numbers or play a Dip, where random numbers are chosen for you by our system.

Six winning Lotto numbers and one bonus ball are drawn at each live Lotto draw.

There are seven Lotto Prize Divisions. Division 1 is the top prize. To win Division 1, you must match all six winning Lotto numbers on a single line of your ticket.

Division 7 is the easiest division to win. To win, you must match three of the winning Lotto numbers on a single line of your ticket.

Add a Powerball to any Lotto line to be in to win the big Powerball jackpot. To play Powerball, you must add a Powerball number between 1 and 10 to each line of your Lotto ticket. If a winning Lotto line has the correct Powerball number, your prize gets even bigger.

You can also play  Lotto NZ’s games online Or go to over 1,400 stores nationwide to manually buy your Powerball Lotto ticket.

To play Powerball Lotto from your nearby store, you can physically visit any of the 1400 lottery retailers in the country from Houhora to Stewart Island.

Tickets for a range of lotto games are now available at the checkout at selected Countdown and Z stores nationwide.

Last year, there were all cheers for a Hamilton player who had the best day after winning $1 million in Lotto’s first division. The winning ticket was sold at Hamilton’s Flagstaff Supervalue. The winning Powerball numbers were 06, 08, 15, 17, 21 and 23. The bonus ball was 29, and the Powerball was 2.

That lucky winner isn’t the only new millionaire in town, though – the Aucklander who won $12.2 million from Powerball Saturday lotto had not claimed the winnings at the time of writing.

MyLotto NZ Retail Store

MyLotto NZ retail store
MyLotto NZ retail store

The cost per play for the NZ Lotto is NZ$0.70. However, because each Lotto ticket must contain at least four lines, a standard ticket will cost $2.80.

Players who wish to play the Lotto can choose their numbers manually or use the Random Pick option, which allows the system to generate and select random numbers for the player automatically.

The Basic Lucky Dip, the least expensive Lotto Dip option, costs $5.60 for eight lines.

The sale of tickets for the NZ Lotto closes every draw night at 7:30 PM NZST and opens afterwards until the night of the next draw. For a player to win the first-tier prize of the Lotto, which is the jackpot, he/she has to match all the six main numbers drawn on a single line.

Other prizes include the second division prize, which is won when a player successfully matches five of the six main numbers plus the Bonus Ball. The third division prize is won when a player matches five of the six numbers drawn, excluding the Bonus ball number, and the fourth and sixth division prizes are won by matching the Bonus ball number and four or three balls, respectively.

Fifth and seventh division prizes are won by matching 4 or 3 balls without the bonus ball. The seventh division prize is fixed at four bonus lines, while the other prizes depend on the sale of tickets.

Anyone who bought their ticket there should write their name on the back and check it immediately at any Lotto outlet, online, or through the Lotto NZ App.

How To Know You Are a Winner?

MyLotto Powerball Lottery winner
How do you know you are a winner?

You can check the results of almost all the lottery games in NZ by using the three methods of play above. Check results online at My Lotto site, with the app, or at the lottery store.

If you are a winner, prizes of $1,000 or less will automatically be credited to your MyLotto account. If you’re lucky enough to win a prize over $1,000, you must complete an online prize claim form.

Also, you’ll receive a message to your online account with a link to the online prize claim form, which is quick and easy to complete. While all prizes worth over $1,000 are paid directly to your nominated bank account, you must confirm your bank account and contact details.

If you’re changing your bank account number for your prize payment, you must send in a deposit slip or bank statement confirming the new account.

Lotto is drawn at 8.20 pm every Wednesday and at 8 pm every Saturday. The draw is also broadcast live on TV1 and available on TVNZ On Demand.


Embracing the digital era, Powerball Lotto in New Zealand is now easily accessible through the MyLotto app or website.

Creating a MyLotto account requires only a New Zealand bank account and a Visa or MasterCard. The official Lotto NZ App, compatible with Android and iOS, facilitates playing Lotto, Strike, Keno, and Instant Kiwi online games.

For those preferring traditional methods, over 1,400 lottery retailers, including selected Countdown and Z stores, provide manual options. Checking results and claiming prizes is seamless, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

With draws twice a week, the chance to win big prizes, including the Powerball jackpot, awaits players. Good luck!


How do I create a MyLotto account?

Creating a MyLotto account requires a New Zealand bank account and a New Zealand-issued Visa or MasterCard. If you don’t have these cards, submit copies of specific identification documents. Deposit funds using credit cards or online banking.

Can I play Powerball Lotto manually at retail stores?

You can purchase Powerball Lotto tickets manually at over 1,400 lottery retailers nationwide. Selected Countdown and Z stores also offer this option.

How do I know if I’ve won?

Check results online at MyLotto, through the MyLotto NZ App, or visit a lottery store. Prizes below $1,000 are credited to your MyLotto account, while larger prizes require an online claim form.

When are the Powerball Lotto draws held?

Powerball Lotto draws occur twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The draw times are 8:20 pm on Wednesdays and 8:00 pm on Saturdays.

What happens if I win a significant prize?

For prizes exceeding $1,000, complete an online prize claim form. Winnings are directly deposited into your nominated bank account, requiring confirmation of updated details if necessary.

Is the My Lotto NZ App available for both Android and iOS?

The official Lotto NZ App is accessible on Android and iOS platforms.

Can I purchase Powerball Lotto tickets through the app?

The My Lotto NZ App allows users to buy Lotto, Strike, Keno, and Instant Kiwi online game tickets.

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