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How to play Lil Lady Bingo Lotto NZ and win $20,000 instantly?

How to play Lil Lady Bingo Lotto NZ and win $20,000 instantly?

Lil Lady Bingo Instant Play NZ

Lil Lady Bingo is the Instant Play Lotto Game introduced in February 2018. Playing the game is very easy. The aim of the game is to match the Bingo ball numbers with the Bingo card numbers to form winning patterns. Complete the patterns in the prize table to win the corresponding prize for that pattern.

Instant play lotto games were introduced on 4 December 2017. They are the digital version of Instant Kiwi and all games cost from $0.50 to $5.00 with top prizes ranging from $4,000 to $100,000. Players can either try or purchase a game for Instant Play. Same as Instant Kiwi, players will have to be 18+ to play.

Instant Play games give players the chance to win instant cash prizes and these Instant Play games are games of chance. The outcome of a ticket is determined by the system at the point of purchase and is not affected by the skill or judgement of the player.

How to play Lil Lady Bingo Lotto?

How to play Lil Lady Bingo Lotto NZ instant

This cute lotto Instant game is bingo lotto that can be played easily.

First purchase your Instant Play Lil Lady Bingo ticket online or with your Lotto NZ App. Before that you need to register yourself at the online Lotto NZ site and verify that you are 18 years of age and above. Instant Play games can be played during the following hours: Mon – Sun: 6.30am – 10:10pm online.

To complete a one-time age verification, go to your MyLotto account settings to enter your current New Zealand driver licence number or valid New Zealand passport details and verify your age. If you don’t have a New Zealand driver licence or passport, or if you have trouble verifying your details, you can contact Customer Support via 0800 695 6886 or email at

To register for Instant Play, the following forms of ID are acceptable: New Zealand driver licence, Passport and HANZ 18+ card.

This game ticket costs $2

You can either choose draw one to draw the bingo balls one at a time or choose draw all and the game will draw the bingo balls consecutively. Or Complete a winning pattern and win the prize for that pattern. You can see the winning patterns and prize values on the prize table.​

You can even try the game before purchasing it to play. If you select “Try”, no money will be deducted from your account, and you will be given the chance to play a demo version of that Instant Play game, so any prizes revealed will not actually be awarded to you.

Also note that as the outcome of a ticket is determined at the time of purchase, all sales are final. As a player you are responsible for ensuring that your selections are correct before confirming purchase of any game. Purchases made in error cannot be refunded.

How to play Instant Play Lotto NZ

You need to select how you want to play. Either mark the card yourself online or tap or click on mark the card automatically. If you are unable to complete an Lil Lady Bingo Instant Play ticket, for any reason, the ticket will be automatically completed on your behalf. This can take up to 45 minutes from the purchase time. You can view the outcome of any auto-completed ticket under ‘Tickets > Completed Tickets > Instant Play’.

The results of each Instant Play ticket will be displayed at the end of the game play. You can also view the outcome of completed tickets under “My Tickets”.     

Note that the maximum spending limit for Instant Play games is $50 a week. This is included in the total $150 weekly spending limit for MyLotto.

How to know that you have won the Lil Lady Bingo Instant game?

How to check results of Instant Play Lotto NZ

In this game you need to complete play, you must draw 35 Bingo ball numbers and mark all matches on the Bingo card, after which play will end and a message will appear confirming the outcome of the game.

This is a game of chance; the outcome of a ticket is determined by the system at the point of purchase and is not affected by your skill or judgment.

If your ticket matches multiple winning patterns, you receive the highest prize won only.

Click here to know the game rules to win this game in detail.

You can win up to NZ$20,000 playing Lil’ Lady Bingo

Odds and Prizes of Lil Lady Bingo Instant Play

The overall chance of winning a prize in Lil Lady Bingo is 1 in 3.84. and Payout percentage is  61%​

How to play Lil Lady Bingo Instant Lotto NZ- Prizes to win

At time of purchase all prize outcomes are available to be won.

Note that you need to play this game with your mobile or tablet or PC online so you need to have a good internet or WIFI connection.  You should use Internet Explorer 11 or latest, Microsoft Edge 14 or latets, Google Chrome 57 or latest, Firefox 53 or latest, Safari 9 or latest and Android 5.0 and up and iOS 9.3.5 and above.