Best Pokie Apps Available in New Zealand

How to Play Free Online Pokies in NZ

How to Play Free Online Pokies in NZ

How to Play Free Online Pokies in NZ

Playing free online pokies are a great way to experience the thrill of online casino environment without risking any of your own money. Let’s find out how to play free online pokies in NZ and the entire set of requisits!

Spinning the Reels with Free Slots NZ

To start with, you will find a game screen loaded with reels. The conventional slots are equipped with three perpendicular reels.

Every reel usually contains more than 20 to 25 symbols, based on the theme of the slot. It rotates the reels to hit winning combination of symbols when the reels stop completely. Locate the ‘spin’ button to initiate the reels’ motion at the right-hand bottom of the screen.

Evaluate the Payable of Online Slots

You should access the information by clicking on the ‘paytable’ icon displaying on the screen, wherein you are driven to a different screen. Here you will get to know of different payouts offered for striking multiple winning combinations.

Betting Size and Playlines

You should also set the size of your bets and the number of playlines you wish to play.  Now, select the number of coins you are ready to bet on any particular line. Usually, you can bet from one to ten coins per line. Now, select the number of paylines i.e. the combination of symbols over the reel that you would like to play. You can start with only one payline and can gradually go up to the maximum offered by the machine.

You can also get slots having 5, 15, 20, 25, and even 50 paylines accepting up to 25 coins per line. Paylines may not compulsorily run in straight lines but also in V’s, inverted Vs and in a zig-zag pattern across the screen.

To play, you need to select the number of paylines you want to enable and also set the number of stakes per line. Once done with your settings, you hit the ‘spin’ button and reels start moving before coming to a stop. A winning combination is paid out but you may get an option to double your booty, usually via a simple ‘black or red’ or ‘lower or higher’ card game.

Bonuses and Scatters

Online slots usually offer bonus rounds and ‘scatter pays.’ Selected symbols trigger a scatter pay when two, three or more of it displays on the screen, though they might be on different paylines.  The spins may get retriggered. Similarly, special symbols would initiate a bonus event. You may get a bonus by a specified number of free spins or may be offered one of these bonuses.

A Pick ‘EM Bonus’

When you hit three scatters, you are redirected to a different game screen, wherein you are prompted to opt for a list of symbols, each having a different multiplier or prize. You touch one icon and open a pack to get your bonus payout. You may continuously touch different icons for additional bonuses till any one of the icons display a ‘pooper’ and concludes the round.

Click Me Bonus

This feature is initiated when three relevant bonus symbols one by one appear on the reels. You need to opt for one from three icons to get a cash prize.


Being a slot player, you can expect about 90% payout, which means that out of every 100 dollars, ninety goes back to you over a period of time and the balance is retained by the casino.

You should not forget that payout percentage is a long-term average. Don’t get astonished if your 40 or 50 or even more attempts don’t deliver any payout. It is equally normal to get back 150 percent or more just after a few attempts. It is all about luck and chance. So, play responsibly and fix your budget beforehand and be within your limit.