Best Pokie Apps Available in New Zealand

How do the pokies work.

How do the pokies work.

It may come like second nature to seasoned players, but for some playing the pokies can be somewhat of a mystery.

If this is you then consider this is your complete guide on the gambling process and how pokies work. This will help you understand the games and how to give yourself the best chance of winning.

Casino based Pokies.

Playing the pokies is essentially like playing a computer game but you are playing with real money. Simply decide how many lines you want to play, how much you want to bet on each line and then hope for the best.

The Play Table.
The play table on the machine is what will tell you which combination of symbols pay and how much. This is important to understand so you know what you are aiming for and whether a game is right for you. It is important to realise that the bigger the win, the harder it is to get.

When you understand the stakes, it is a matter of pushing the button which will spin the reel. When the reels are spinning, the computer is actually deciding what symbols to display. Contrary to popular belief it is not a mechanism physically spinning in side the pokie.

Random number generator (RNG).
The reels on the machine are positioned in columns, one after the other, as if on a sheet of paper. Each pokie has different a different number of symbols which are placed in different positions on the reels.

The RNG is the system that picks the symbols which are then displayed on the screen. Think of it like randomly selecting a numbered ball out of a bucket. If there are 32 symbols then there are 32 balls similar to lotto. The computer selects a numbered ball and then shows the corresponding symbol on the reel. It does this for each real on the screen.

When the reels have all been selected, the computer works out if you have won anything according to the symbols selected and the order they are in. If you win, the computer will pay you but if you lose, the ‘balls’ will return to the ‘buckets’ and the computer will wait for the button to be pushed again.

Return to Player (RTP).
The return to player is the percentage of the money earned by the pokie that will go back to players. This is typically a minimum of 87 per cent. This means that if you could play every possible combination on the machine then you would get 87 per cent of your money back.

This of course also means that 13 per cent will go to the house. The pokies aren’t rigged and the house doesn’t cheat but there is an inbuilt advantage towards the operator as there are more losing combinations than winning.

What are your chances of winning.

Every time you play the pokies, you have a one in 10 chance of winning while your chances at the highest prize are around one in 10,000,000. The issue is that most wins will not be big payouts.

Different games do provide different chances however, because each has a different play table and different game features. Every time these change, the RTP and your chances of winning change. It is worth testing a number of pokies to find which one works best for you.

By using mathematical formulas the game designers can increase or decrease a games payout percentage by adding or removing symbols from particular reels.This also means that a game can look the same as another but have a different percentage payout.

Game features.
There are many different game features on a pokie machine are added to enhance the game such as, free games, double up, scatters and substitutes. Remember however that while these seem like ‘free’ opportunities, they are balanced against the amount of money you are likely to loose.

Jackpots are another feature of many pokie machines. Jackpots give you the chance to win a prize or a large amount of money that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to win. The prizes include cars, motorbikes, houses and stacks of cash. When trying to win jackpot, play as low a denomination as possible as as low a bet. On a jackpot machine, your chances of winning if you bet one credit per spin as they are if you bet 100 credits per spin.

Online and Mobile pokies.

Online and mobile pokies work much in the same way as casino based machines. They operate on the same system in which the symbols are selected by a random number generator. The return to player rate should also be same meaning your chances of winning won’t change.

The only difference is that the RNG is sitting in an online casino somewhere rather than in a machine in front of you.

What many find positive about online and mobile pokies in the opportunity to play anywhere you are at any time. The graphics are generally really good and the playing experience is enjoyable.