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How to Play High-limit Pokies and Win Real Money

How to Play High-limit Pokies and Win Real Money

Online high-limit Pokies

Differing from standard land-based casinos that set bets at specific denominations, variable wager amounts are available on online pokies. High-limit pokies are online pokies machines with high maximum bets. This allows players to bet larger amounts with lower stake wages.

High-limit Pokies
High-limit Pokies

The minimum coin size spin is $5.00 and is mostly considered a ‘high stakes’ High-limit pokies. Significantly multiplying the bet per spin, you must consider the coins per pay-line that increase the stake for the highest maximum bet possible, which is anywhere between $50 and $500.

High Rollers


With larger rewards and promotions based on your level of play, being High-limit pokies certainly has its advantages. Casinos are the ultimate hosts for any high roller casino players as they have comprehensive rewards, and dedicated VIP programs.

Online Playing Tips 

Online Rewards
Online Rewards

Online rewards that you can expect,

  • Regular Gifts –Holidays, luxury items, extra casino credits, and occasionally even cars
  • Exclusive events – VIP tickets to sporting and other events
  • Exclusive bonuses – Offers designed around your favorite games
  • VIP Host – A VIP team member that is dedicated to looking after you

1. Don’t claim sign up bonuses

The amount that is offered by the casino as a welcome bonus is just a small change when you are betting big and all of the bonuses have max bet limits. You will be offered exclusive deals once the casino has identified your level of play.

2. Verify your identity

The processing of withdrawals happens a lot faster once the casino has been able to verify and approve all your documents.

3. Higher Limits

You can request higher limits on games once you are a VIP member at the casino. For a casino to raise the amount you can bet is dependant on your levels of play and not all casinos will be able to accommodate you, but it’s worth asking.

Offline High-limit Gaming

Casinos are the only place to go to if you are wanting to play for high stakes, offline. Regulated by the individual state regulations, pubs and clubs have significantly lower betting limits. There are fewer restrictions at a casino and they offer players better rewards. Club members at certain levels can access the VIP gaming areas, as well as people who have been extended an invitation. Foreign casino users also have options to apply for access to various VIP areas

Popular high limit pokies game

  • Bloodsuckers Pokies

Bloodsuckers pokies
Bloodsuckers pokies

This high-limit game from NetEnt is the most popular high roller pokies to play online. At 98%, this unbelievable payout is enough to encourage anyone to give it a go. Requiring a minimum of three bonus symbols for you to play the vampire-slaying bonus game.

The game’s symbols are reflective of the Victorian Vampire genre. Somewhere between cartoonish and fine art, the illustrations are extremely detailed, with lots of shading and colorful accents against a dark background. Symbols include a clove of garlic, a vial of blue potion, a bible with a silver cross atop it, an antique pistol, bow, and bloodied arrow.

Other than the infamous vampire-slaying bonus game, the game offers other features such as scatter wins, free spins, and wild substitutes. The wild symbol substitutes for all symbols except for the bonus and scatters symbols. You can win 10 free spins if three or more scatter symbols land across any of the reels. You are able to triple your winnings by playing in free spins mode.

To activate the bonus game, you will need to line up three or more successive Bonus symbols across an active bet line. A bloodied hammer and a stake mark the bonus symbols. Offering four varied betting levels, you can play from 1 to 25 bet lines per spin.  During a free spins game, the maximum bet is 50,00 and the max win is 50,730. The bonus games’ max available win is 20,320, while the max jackpot paid is 30,000 coins.

Are High Limit Pokies’ Odds Better?

How to Play High-limit Pokies and Win Real Money
How to Play High-limit Pokies and Win Real Money

High-limit pokies odds are neither good nor bad if you compare with other pokies machines. These games are not different games, they just need larger wagers and offer bigger prizes. So, the overall odds of winning do not change. As long as you pick high-limit pokies machines with satisfying RTP rates, you will find no difference in terms of payout frequency.

Considering this, it is better to pick low-volatility games. In general, high-limit pokies games can be divided into two categories: high and low volatility.

High volatility pokies pay bigger but not quite frequently. Low volatility pokies, on the other hand, pay less but more often. Selecting low volatility pokies will be the better option in the long run. A $25 pokies machine, for example, can pay 50 USD every hour if its volatility is low. In case it is a high volatility game, you can win 100 USD but every three hours. This is a simple calculation but you get the idea: Choosing low volatility pokies is great for your decent bankroll.

High Pokies Vs the Rest: Which One to Play?

High Pokies Vs The Rest Which One to Play
High Pokies Vs The Rest Which One to Play

We can compare high-limit pokies machines with other types of pokies, to give you a better idea of what to expect.

  • High Pokies Vs Penny Pokies: Penny pokies are truly the cheapest version to play. As the name implies, it costs literally a penny to spin the reels. For this reason, such a comparison makes no sense, to be honest. These games appeal to very different players. If you are on a budget and want to have fun, pick penny pokies and know that you will never win thousands of dollars as a prize. If you are playing pokies games and hope to become richer, high limit pokies will be the best bet. If you’re interested in trying penny pokies come check out our “Top Pokies to Play ” here.
  • High Pokies Vs Video Pokies: The only difference between a high stakes pokies and a video pokies is the cost of spinning the reels. These are the same games, but playing high limit pokies will cost more. And the payout will be higher too, of course. Most of the high limit pokies have a “low-limit” version that is presented as a video pokies machine, so you can play that one to learn the game and make practice.
  • High Pokies Vs Fruit Machines: Once again, both games have very different players. Fruit machines won’t pay big but they will pay more frequently. Professional players usually prefer fruit pokies because of this reason. They don’t cost much and pay just enough. Of couse, you cannot win big prizes by playing fruit machines, but you can get a constant payout.

Recommended High Stakes Pokies Machines for Beginners

Recommended High Stakes Pokies Machines For Beginners
Recommended High Stakes Pokies Machines For Beginners

We can recommend a couple of high-limit pokies machines to start. Note that there are many more high-stakes pokies games you can play – these are just listed to give you an idea. Take a look at our online casino reviews section to find casino sites to play these pokies with bonuses.

  • Sizzling Hot Pokeis From Novomatic: A “good old pokies” from Novomatic, which actually falls into the category of fruit machines. You can play it with 500 coins per spin and it is possible to change the number of pay lines too. We recommend keeping them at 9.
  • Wolf Run Pokies From IGT: This is also a very famous pokies machine and we can say that it is a “hybrid” one because it also pays in multipliers. It has 40 pay lines and the maximum bet can be as high as 800 coins. Cleopatra Pokies from IGT is another famous pokies that can be played with 1.000 coins per spin. It is one of hthe most popular Egypt-themed high limit pokies game out there, so you should definitely try this one. You can also win up to 180 free spins.
  • Quick Hit Platinum Pokies From Bally: “Quick Hit” is the name of a series but you should play the “Platinum” version, due to its increased RTP rates. The game is filled with lots of additional payouts and the cost to spin the reels will be 450 coins each time.