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Greatest Jackpot Payouts of All Time

Greatest Jackpot Payouts of All Time

When buying a lottery ticket, heading out to spend some time at the casino, or even logging in to your favorite online casino game, your highest hope is that the ticket, the next flip, or the next spin at the slots might just be the jackpot you have been looking for. Here are the greatest jackpot payouts of all time.

For more than most, this is not the way things work out. But, fortunately for these lucky few, it is exactly how things have worked out, and they are now the recipients of the greatest Jackpot Payouts, ever.

Some of the greatest Jackpots Payouts Ever

Some of the greatest Casino Jackpots Payouts Ever-Greatest Jackpot Payouts
Some of the greatest Casino Jackpots Payouts Ever

1. $1,99 Million Slots Game by Auckland Man in 2000

New Zealand’s greatest jackpot payouts ever won, was at SKYCITY’s “Sky High Slots” gaming machines back in May 2000, by a local Auckland man. The lucky Kiwi scooped up a whopping $1.99 million.

The jackpot producing “Sky High Slots” bank of gaming machines, is linked to 22 different gaming machines on the main gaming floor of SKYCITY. Placing just a $3 spin on one of the machines gives players the chance to win a jackpot starting at $250,00.

2. $44 million Kiwi Powerball Win by HIbiscus Coast Couple in 2016

The title for the biggest Kiwi Powerball wins meanwhile is held by a young couple from the Hibiscus Coast. In 2016 the duo bought themselves a lucky Lotto ticket at the Dairy Flat food market and liquor. Little did they know, that this Lotto ticket, would end up winning them an incredible $44 million.

greatest Jackpots Payouts Ever
greatest Jackpots Payouts Ever

For overseas players, the month of December seems to be a particularly lucky one for several biggest winners.

3. Biggest Online Bingo Winner of $118 million by John Orchard in 2012

This was the case for John Orchard, an ordinary 60-year-old Job Centre worker from Lincolnshire. In December 2012, during a game of online bingo and after staking 30p on the Dark Knight-themed game, Orchard won £5.9 million (approx. $11.8 million NZD) making him the biggest online bingo winner ever.

It may have been a lucky game, a lucky month or it may have just been a coincidence but the second biggest mobile jackpot of all time also occurred in the same month, in the same year as the biggest online bingo win. December 2012.

4. Biggest Mobile Jackpot Winner of $6.81 million by Gabriel – Greatest Jackpot Payouts

As for the biggest jackpot winner on a mobile platform, that title is held by a German man named Gabriel. The lucky mobile slots player won the Jackpot at Spin Palace Mobile Casino scooping up a total of $6.81 million and the record for the highest jackpot of all time on a mobile device.

An anonymous player from London, just 28 years of age meanwhile, found himself playing the slot game, “Leprechaun’s Luck”, at just the right time. During this game, he placed a bet of only £12 and managed to win a grand total of £341,259.

Leprechaun’s Luck
Leprechaun’s Luck

Not only have lucky players won big on the mobile slots and online bingo but several roulette players have also made bank and history simultaneously.

In 2004, Ashley Revell sold all of his personal belongings, clothes, house, and car, and brought the profits to Las Vegas just to place one bet. Taking only his parents, sister, a documentary crew, and his $135,300 with him, he approached the roulette table with all of his money in casino chips, and bet on red. He hit it on lucky number 7. Revell left the casino after that game, with double his life savings – an incredible $270,600.

If December 2012 seemed to be a lucky time of year, toward the end of November 2009 it would seem, was an even luckier week.

Five of the biggest ever online poker jackpots were all won within the same week. The largest jackpot was won by Patrick Antonius, who defeated Isildur1 for $1,356,947 at the stakes $500/$1000 in Pot Limit Omaha.