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Grab number One Plan from Spark for a Cellular Apple Watch in New Zealand

Grab number One Plan from Spark for a Cellular Apple Watch in New Zealand

Apple watch one plan in NZ

Spark has now released its ‘One Number’ plan for cellular Apple Watch customers. Spark is the solely supported carrier in the country, but they’re offering unlimited Watch Data. The Apple Watch Cellular is now available to buy in New Zealand and prices start at NZ$549 for the Series 3, and NZ $929 for the Series 5. The Apple Watch Cellular is now available to buy in New Zealand from the Apple website.

The cellular models of both the Series 5 and Series 3 Apple Watches are available to buy at Apple online store or at the Apple store.

For Series 3, the cellular Apple Watch is priced at NZ$549, whilst prices for the Series 5 start at NZ$929 for the 40-mm, and NZ$979 for the 44-mm. Apple Watch Cellular brings streaming support for Apple Music so that you can stream and listen to music and podcasts even if you don’t have your phone on you. Thanks to cellular, you can piggyback onto your current cellular plan and use LTE data on your watch for the internet and making calls even without your phone.

cellular plan for Apple watch

As mentioned, in New Zealand the only carrier to support Apple Watch Connectivity is Spark. They have announced their ‘One Number’ plan. You share your mobile number with your Apple Watch, allowing you to make calls and texts as previously mentioned.

You’ll also share your primary plan’s minutes and data, and excitingly enough, you’ll even get unlimited Watch data! However, your speeds will be throttled after 40GB of usage, but still. Also, if you sign up before 6 June 2020, you’ll get your first three months three. Otherwise, the plan costs NZ$12.99 a month. You can also pre-order an Apple Watch directly from Spark if you’d prefer as prices are the same.

About Spark One Number Plan – Apple Watch

Apple watch one plan in NZ Spark telecom

Spark New Zealand Limited, is a New Zealand telecom company providing fixed-line telephone services, a mobile network, an internet service provider, and a major ICT provider to NZ businesses. Its name in te Reo Māori is Kora Aotearoa, and it was formerly known as Telecom New Zealand until it was rebranded with its current name in 2014. It has operated as a publicly traded company since 1990.

For just $12.99 a month, the One Number Wearable Plan lets you share your primary plan’s minutes and texts and get unlimited data on the watch. So you never have to worry about running out. Plus, sign up before 6 June 2020 and you’ll get the first three months of your plan on it.

You can connect Series 3 and 4 Apple Watches with the One Number Wearable Plan, as long as your watch is cellular and compatible with the Spark network.

How to Set up Watch App on your iPhone

To get set up, use the Watch app on your iPhone, or come and see it at a Spark store. One Number from Spark is a way to use your phone number on your phone and your cellular watch. Two devices, one number. You can also make and receive calls and texts from your watch without being close to your phone.

You can get One Number when you sign up for a $12.99 One Number Wearable Plan ($11.30 excl. GST). It’s a plan for cellular watches only. It lets you use the minutes and texts from your primary Spark Pay Monthly mobile plan on your watch. Plus, you always get unlimited data on the watch.

Note that Max unlimited data speeds reduce after 40GB. No tethering or hotspots. You can only get text messages if your iPhone is turned on and connected to the network.

To set up One Number, you’ll need an iPhone 6s with iOS 13.3 or later, an eligible Primary Pay Monthly mobile plan, and a compatible Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular) with watchOS 6.1.1 or later.