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Enjoy Dragonz Pokies With 243 Paylines To Win

Enjoy Dragonz Pokies With 243 Paylines To Win

Enjoy Dragonz Pokies With 243 Paylines To Win

Enjoy Dragonz Pokies with 243 Paylines to Win

Few years back Dragons were widely exhibited in art, cinema and even in games. You will find many pokies themed on dragons. One such new pokie is from Microgaming called Dragonz Pokies which is 5 Reels with 243 Paylines to win. Also with free different spin games and up to 107,500 max win you will love this game overall.

Symbols in Dragonz

Dragonz Symbols
Symbols in Dragonz

With fancy 3D graphics which are beautiful, and the Dragons themselves the lower paying generic A – 9 symbols are to be found in this pokies game. There are four dragons that can be found during your play, each of them bringing unique gifts along the way; these guys are known as Flint, Switch, Frost and Gobble. All of them will give you a set of 10 extra spins, regardless, however they also add something of their own into the mix when you find between three and five of them.

As Flint is a red dragon and thus a fire-breather, he brings with him the Flaming Wilds. Basically, he breathes onto the reels and will light up the wilds to give you extra rewards. Simple. In regards to Switch, the purple fellow will trigger what is referred to as Stashed Wilds. Just as his name implies, he will take away wilds that haven’t made a win and give you a winning combo when you’ve found three of them.

Frost is an icy critter, the white of his body as brilliant as a clear blue sky; he starts off the Frosty Wilds, a process that keeps wilds in place until they become winners. Essentially he does what Switch does, but in a different way. Then you have Gobble, the fattest of the dragons, bringing in the Winning Wilds feature.

Wagering requirement – Dragonz Pokies

With 243 different avenues, this game is generous in giving wins like if you get three Qs, which translates into $2.50 and in a couple of rounds later you will be getting nearly 200 credits more. So you stand to gain more cash when you make a good combination.

The minimum coin value you can play with, is $0.01, making this a pretty accessible title, with the most you can wager being $30.

The wild and free spins in Dragonz Pokies

The wild and free spins in Dragonz
The wild and free spins in Dragonz

Aside from its sublime visual animations, the strength of the game lies in its 4 distinct free spins features and their wilds. When a combination of wilds pops up on the reels they offer decent cash prizes but it’s during the free spins that they really shine. During the main game, they appear sporadically on the third reel and can turn a losing spin into a winning one. Keep on reading below the awesome free spins to know more.

Free Spins and Scatters – Dragonz Pokies

Free Spins and Scatters
Free Spins and Scatters

Dragonz boasts 4 free spins features laced with free spins, expanding wilds, stacked wilds, sticky wilds and winning wilds. Each free spins mode is triggered when 3 or more scatters appear randomly at any place on the reels. Once you’ve triggered the free spins 12 times you can pick any of the 4 free spins features as said above.

1. Flint or the Red Dragon

This free spins mode awards you 10 free spins replete with Flaming Wilds. The red dragon Flint randomly spews out fiery wilds onto the reels, up to 10 wilds can appear. When this happens the cash prize can be astronomical. You can win 1000x your stake when 10 wilds pitched.

2. Switch  or the Purple Dragon

Here you’ll get 10 free spins along with stashed wilds. Non-paying wild icons are stored by Switch, when you’ve collected 3 or more of them they’re dispersed randomly across the reels affording you a winning combination. What makes the free spins round unique is that the free spins will only stop once all the wilds have been doled out.

3. Frost or the Blue Dragon

In this free spins mode, 10 free spins are awarded along with frosty wilds. As you can see it matches ‘Frost’ right down to a ‘T’. He turns the non-winning wilds into frosty treats which remain locked on the reels until a winning combination is formed.

4. Gobble or the Green Dragon

You’ll receive 10 free spins in conjunction with winning wilds. Gobble randomly spews out wilds across the reels, they become sticky which translates into additional free spins along with some neat wins.

You can enjoy this pokies game at online casinos as well as mobile casinos of your choice. Also remember to grab the awesome bonus the New Zealand casinos offer to you to redeem.