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Cleopatra Pokies
Cleopatra Pokies

The big gaming developer IGT (International Gaming Technology) created and designed another game called Cleopatra. The company is predominantly known for its global online and traditional casino game distribution.

IGT is one of the world leaders in designing and manufacturing gaming systems and casino games. A sequel to this extremely popular casino game, Cleopatra II Pokies Machine, has been created.

An enchanting Egyptian Queen, Cleopatra, is the main focus of the game. Many aspects of Egyptian culture are incorporated into the gameplay. For the gamblers willing to give the [pokies a go, we highly recommend you play this exciting pokies, Cleopatra.

Overview of Cleopatra Pokies

This video pokies version of Cleopatra is based on the traditional poker machine in a regular casino. The major difference between the two is that the traditional game comes with three reels, and this game comes with five reels.

To add to the interactivity of the players with the game, the company has strategically enabled a new touch feature. Twenty pay lines are available for players to bet on. Each coin a player drops into the pokies, will activate a particular pay line.

One penny is the minimum bet that a player can wager. The maximum bet can go up to just $10 per pay line. Anywhere between $0.10 and $5 is the standard betting range.

A player can win the game’s maximum payout of 10,000 credits. This is the payout amount for every pay line that is activated.

Features – Cleopatra Pokies


Using elements from Egyptian culture, such as magic symbols and language, makes this game unique. The voice of Egypt’s most beautiful queen is seductive and will keep players fixated on the game for multiple hours at a time.

The intense video graphics and animation of IGT, along with the popularity of Cleopatra with the public, have made this game one that is not likely to lose its charm in the future.

The game does best by using a lot of imagery from Egyptian culture and regularly incorporating it into gameplay. Symbols such as the beetle, the Sphinx, and various hieroglyphics are all on the different reels. These symbols are all various elements that can be associated with Egypt and its culture.

The same lettering represents the game’s face cards on the reels.  This is neither a drawback nor a benefit to the game. However, it adds to the game’s authenticity by incorporating elements of regular pokies.

How to Play?

How to play
How to play

We mentioned earlier that Cleopatra pokies are based on the regular pokies found in many land-based and online casinos. Players insert their coins into the game to activate the pay line. The player then bets on each pay line for a particular count.

The payout on Cleopatra pokies is based on the combinations that are matched. Other features, such as the wild and scatter symbols, help the player increase their winnings.

The Sphinx, Egypt’s famous landmark, represents the scatter symbol. If three or more symbols appear on the reels, a bonus free spins round will be activated.

This includes 15 extra spins. During a single bonus round, players can earn up to 180 free spins.

A winning combination triggered by a free spins bonus round may triple the player’s winnings. Two or more scatter symbols will help double the wage bet if the player is playing regular gameplay.

The queen herself represents the wild symbol. The wild symbol substitutes itself for any other symbol except the scatter symbols. This helps the player land a winning combination.

The wild symbol doubles the amount won if a winning combination is made.

If you land a combination of five wild symbols during the game, you will be awarded 10,000 credits and allowed to win up to 100 of the wager amount.

New versions of Cleopatra pokies

New versions of Cleopatra pokies
New versions of Cleopatra pokies

This is one of the most popular pokies machines ever made. There have been quite a few follow-up versions of Cleopatra pokies.

These games take advantage of Cleopatra’s many fans over the years. The game is such a big brand in Vegas that people love to walk into a casino and discover a new version to play.

1. Cleopatra 2 Pokies

Cleopatra 2 Pokies
Cleopatra 2 Pokies

The second version of Cleopatra pokies retains the original game’s appeal, yet it also improves it.

To do this is quite rare for a pokie machine sequel. With this second version, IGT has produced a classic and recognisable game with exciting new features.

The main upgrade in the second version of Cleopatra Pokies is the free spin bonus. In this version, players can win up to 50 free spins; with each spin, the multiplier goes up by one. So, if you hit 50 free spins, your final spin will pay 50x on any winning line, which is massive!

2. Cleopatra 3 Pokies

Cleopatra 3
Cleopatra 3

Unlike the second version of Cleopatra, this one took the game to a new level. It has two screens and 100 pay lines, unlike the single-screen 5×4 setup of the previous two versions.

If you have ever played the ‘Colossal Reels’ games by WMS, you will recognize this as being very similar in how they play, which is how they fit so many pay-lines into the game.

Despite the new, innovative, and interesting way this third version plays, it hasn’t been as popular as the second version.

3. Cleopatra Gold Pokies

Cleopatra Gold Pokies
Cleopatra Gold Pokies

Yet another more recent version of Cleopatra is the ‘Gold’ game. This is quite a more popular game than Cleopatra 3, probably because it goes back to the original game formula that is known and loved, with just a few excellent enhancements to make it interesting.

With this version, you get stacked wilds, and when you hit one, this leads to a re-spin in an extra screen that suddenly appears.

It plays better in the land-based version than online because it is better with the huge screen that is only possible in the casino (screens on desktop or tablet are just too small to fit it in). But I must say that the online version does a pretty good job and is a lot of fun to play.

4. Cleopatra Fort Knox Pokies

 Cleopatra Fort Knox Pokies
Cleopatra Fort Knox Pokies

This version of Cleopatra is much more common in UK land-based casinos (high street casinos) than in the US or Europe. With this game, you get a block or four machines, or more, all attached to a single progressive jackpot.

The game’s beauty is that you can hit the jackpot at any time, on any spin, irrespective of the amount you are betting. This is great because you do not have to play the maximum bet to stand a chance of winning a jackpot. The Fort Knox pokie machine is perfect for the penny pokie player.

Real money online pokies

Real money online pokies
Real money online pokies

The Cleopatra online pokie machine game is only available for real money in certain countries, where online gambling is regulated. For example, you can play this game for cash online if you live in the UK but not in the US.

That doesn’t mean you can’t play great games for real money online if you live in the US; it just means you have to choose different brands. For example, you can play similar games called Cleopatra’s Coins (made by Rival Gaming) and Cleopatra’s Gold (made by RTG), rather than the original made by ITG.

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1. Can I play the Cleopatra pokie machine for free?

Yes. You can play free Cleopatra pokies and all the other amazing Vegas games made by IGT at The free online version of Cleopatra does not require a download to play.

2. Are there pokies similar to Cleopatra?

Cleopatra is a unique game in many ways, but many pokies have similar themes and playing styles. Many players that enjoy Cleopatra also enjoy Wolf Run, Pharaoh’s Fortune, and Texas Tea.

4. Can I play Cleopatra pokies for real money?

Yes. If you live in a country where online gambling is regulated, you can play pokies for real money, including Cleopatra. In some countries, like the US, you can only play Cleopatra for cash in land-based casinos (like in Vegas), but not online.

5. Can I play Cleopatra pokies on my phone?

Yes. IGT made the Cleopatra game one of the very first to be mobile-friendly. You play on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), laptops, and desktop computers.

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