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How To Check The NZ Lotto Results On Your Mobile

How To Check The NZ Lotto Results On Your Mobile

Kiwis love to play Lottery games and there are so many lottos to enjoy online as well. You can enjoy Lotto Powerball, Keno, Bullseye, Play 3, Instant Kiwi, Second Chance, and many Lotto games.  These games of chance are so attractive to make you an instant millionaire and you go insane waiting for the results to be known. How to Check NZ Lotto results?

How to check your NZ lotto tickets

1) The official Lotto NZ App -How to Check NZ Lotto results

How to Check the NZ Lotto Results on your Mobile
How to Check the NZ Lotto Results on your Mobile

You can get Lotto NZ Official app to download from iTunes for your iOS device be it your iPhone or iPad or even iPod. Here you can How to Check NZ Lotto results. The official New Zealand Lotto App is the fast, free way to check your Lotto ticket, Bullseye, Keno, Play3 and Instant Kiwi tickets. Also, you can use the app to get a second chance to win with Instant Kiwi.

If your Instant Kiwi ticket isn’t a winner the first time around, you can enter it into a 2nd Chance draw to win cash. This app requires iOS 9.0 or later to work with your devices.

After scanning a winning Multidraw ticket the App will tell you how much you’ve won across all draws that have taken place up until that point. Lotto NZ suggests going in-store to claim any prizes you have won as soon as possible.

If your Multidraw ticket isn’t a winner,  Lotto NZ will let you know if your ticket still has draws remaining.

If your Lotto, Keno, or Bullseye ticket isn’t scanning properly, you can check the ticket by entering the serial number. To do this, tap the ‘Trouble scanning’ link from the scan page and enter the serial number at the bottom of the ticket.

If the ticket still can’t be checked, you can take it to a Lotto store instead. The same goes for Instant Kiwi tickets that won’t scan. This is one of the ways to How to Check NZ Lotto results.

Note that the App is a results checker only – you still need to take your ticket to a Lotto retailer to claim your prize. The retailer will help you with anything you need to do next.

Lotto NZ - How do i check my lotto ticket online
Lotto NZ – How do i check my lotto ticket online

Note that tickets expire 12 months after the date of the draw for which they were purchased or an Instant Kiwi game has closed. The screen message for expired tickets reads ‘Not a winning ticket’.

Features of this App

Features of this App
Features of this App
  • Buy Lotto, Powerball, Strike, Keno and Bullseye tickets and check How to Check NZ Lotto results.
  • Play Instant Play games online – fun games, loads of prizes, instant wins!
  • You can scan your Lotto NZ paper tickets to find out if you’re a winner. Scan your Lotto NZ tickets barcode or enter the barcode and find out instantly if you’re a winner.
  • Play your favourite numbers online or in-store.
  • Scan your Lotto, Powerball and Strike paper tickets and save the numbers to play again later.
  • Print the name of your Lotto, Powerball or Strike Favourite on a paper ticket in-store
  • You can set up a Subscription, so you never miss a draw. Also set up jackpot notifications where you’ll be reminded before a Lotto NZ draw so you need never miss on again. You can customise the settings to suit your preferences.
  • As an existing MyLotto player you can login to your MyLotto account or as a  new players can create an account.
  • Also top-up your MyLotto account, withdraw funds and view tickets.
  • Watch a virtual draw for Lotto tickets bought online and check Lotto draw results.
  • It also helps find your nearest Lotto NZ store to claim rewards or buy tickets.
  • You must be 18 years or older to play Instant Kiwi 2nd Chance.

If you are an Android user, or if you have an Android phone like Samsung, HTC, or Google Nexus, then you can have this free app from Google Play Store. Android requires that Unknown Sources be enabled for non-Google apps, like this, to be installed on your device. To allow this you need to go to Settings, then Security or Applications (depending on your device). Once there, check the box for Unknown Sources.

Find the download in your Notifications. If you don’t see lnz-mobile-app.apk in your Notifications area after download, go to your apps and tap Downloads.

By tapping ‘Download now’ you agree to the placement of Google Analytics cookies on your device. This app uses Google Analytics cookies to collect data on users and their browsing behavior. The data is aggregated and anonymized, which means you cannot be identified as an individual. Further information can be found in the app’s Terms and Conditions. You require Android 4.1 and up-compatible devices to run this app successfully.

2) MyLotto Website

MyLotto Website
MyLotto Website

You can also go to My Lotto Mobile website and know more about this app in detail. Or check your lottery draw results now. This is also a way to How to Check NZ Lotto results.

3) New Zealand Lottery App

New Zealand Lottery App
New Zealand Lottery App

A mobile app for checking lottery results. Note that this is not the official app and contains ads.

4) Check NZ Lotto results at apps

Check NZ Lottery App
Check NZ Lottery App

There are plenty of other mobile apps, like Lottoland lottery App available to download on the leading mobile devices. Store-bought lottery tickets can be checked through these applications as well as the results of online tickets. Here you can Check NZ Lotto results.

Claiming Prizes

Claiming Prizes
Claiming Prizes

The results of the New Zealand lottery are available to view almost immediately after the draws take place so now you don’t need to wait in suspense. Many mobile sites allow players to subscribe to a text message or email service where the results of the draw will be sent directly to the players almost immediately after the draw. To see how many matching numbers are needed for each winning division these apps also offer detailed information about what is required.

If you find that you are a lucky winner and your app displays the matching numbers that fall into a winning division, you can expect the amount of your NZ$ prize that falls under a certain limit from the retailer or store. Large prizes may need to be claimed from the New Zealand Lotteries Commission.

So if you have won a prize on a paper ticket, you can claim your prize in-store. Prizes of $1,000 and under can be paid out in cash or refunded onto a customer’s EFTPOS card where available.

For paper tickets winning over $1,000, a Prize Claim Form will need to be filled in in-store. There may be a small delay in paying prizes over $1,000 as Courier Post manage their backlog of deliveries from orders placed during the lockdown period. The lotto will still aim to pay these prizes within 7 working days.

Online prizes will be paid as normal, prizes of $1,000 and under will be paid straight into a player’s MyLotto wallet. Prizes over $1,000 will be paid within three working days of submitting the Online Prize Claim Form.

Customers have 12 months from the date of the draw to claim prizes on draw-based games and 12 months from the game closure date for Instant Kiwi tickets. This is how you can check NZ Lotto results.

Online prizes will be paid as normal, this is usually within three working days of submitting the Online Prize Claim Form. One of Lotto NZ dedicated Winners’ Team members will be in touch to provide you with everything you need to know.

First Division winners with paper tickets should call Lotto NZ’s friendly Customer Care team on 0800 695 6886. You will be transferred to one of the dedicated Winners’ Team members, who will let you know how you can claim your prize.

During any Pandemic like COVID 19 times, no prizes can be claimed at Lotto NZ Head Office. This is how you can Check NZ Lotto results.

The Lotto Draws

The Lotto Draws
The Lotto Draws

The Lotto draws are conducted at the TVNZ studios in central Auckland. Independent scrutineers from Audit New Zealand, and their own staff set up the studio and check that all the necessary equipment, processes, and procedures are in place and working smoothly.

A technical rehearsal is conducted using a set of dummy balls that have no numbers on them, and a dress rehearsal is conducted next, using numbered balls. The Audit NZ scrutineers are present and watching all the time. This can also help you check NZ Lotto results.

The winning numbers are randomly selected by one of two ball drawing machines. When not in use, the machines and balls are kept in sealed, double-locked security cabinets. A Lotto NZ representative tosses a coin to decide which of the draw machines will be used and the same method is used to decide which set of balls will be used.

Before using a drawing machine, scrutineers from Audit to Check NZ Lotto results that the seal is intact to confirm that the machines and balls have not been tampered with. Each set of balls is regularly washed and weighed to confirm that all the balls are identical. Audit NZ officials witness the washing and weighing of the ball sets.

The close off timings for the following games are:

  • Lotto, Powerball and Strike: 7:30pm Wednesdays and Saturdays
  • Keno: 10am, 1pm, 3pm & 6pm daily
  • Bullseye: 6pm daily

There are live draws televised twice each week for Lotto.

You can watch the draw when it’s shown live on TV One every Wednesday at approximately 8.20 pm and Saturday night at 8 pm.

You can also watch the draws on TVNZ OnDemand. This will be available shortly after the live draw.

With the holiday season on how about playing some lottery and knowing the results directly on your mobile. If not interested find more games to enjoy here. These are the ways to check NZ Lotto results.