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Online Cricket Betting

Online Cricket Betting

You may not know this, but – One of the many emerging sports in sports betting, is cricket. It has always been popular on the subcontinent, Asia, but in the past decade global interests have spiked dramatically. This is due largely to the various new formats of the game, such as 20/20 and ODI’s. This caters for a wider audience than the traditional fans of Test Match cricket.

It is now much easier for those wishing to bet on their favourite sport, thanks to the rapid development of online sportsbooks. The traditional five-day Test Match is still the most popular of the cricket betting categories, despite the introduction of more and more one-day matches. The vast amount of tournaments played all over the world now provide fans with year round entertainment!

For followers of the Test Cricket, there is a huge range of betting options. Outright betting is available for both every test match as well as the Test series. Through a match, and a series, the odds can very quite dramatically. You are also able to bet on the top scorer or top wicket-taker for either side. Compare the odds with various bookmakers and give yourself the advantage by having two or more players, any one of which would guarantee a profit.

Speciality Cricket Betting

There are numerous different speciality cricket bets including highest opening partnership and first innings leads.

One Day International cricket (Also known as ODI’s) have greatly contributed to the recent growth in cricket over the last few years. Partly due to a limited overs series now being part of every tour. Twenty20 cricket has also proved incredibly popular with fans and is a particularly exciting option for cricket betting.

Twenty20 cricket is limited to just 20 overs per side. This means all the action is compressed into an evenings worth of entertainment. Although it was not initially welcomed by the games traditionalists, it has undoubtedly helped raise the profile of cricket as a platform for betting. This form of cricket has seen a huge rise in turnover on the sport in the online betting market. The Cricket World Cup and other tournaments also attract a huge number of bets on the outright winner.

Betting On Cricket

Multiple markets are available to choose from when it comes to betting on cricket matches, series and tournaments. Majority of the bookmakers will offer the opportunity to place a bet before the start of each series. To search for the available markets, visit your favourite bookmakers website and head to the cricket menu. Under this section, you can hunt for the market of your choice.

Various Betting Markets:

  • Outright Winner Bets

All bookmakers will offer odds on the outright winner of a ODI, Test or T20 series. This option is available through the duration of the series. Obviously – only until the series is decided.

  • Match Betting

Odds on match winners will be offered by bookmakers before the start of the game. Some bookmakers will also offer in-play betting during Tests. The odds will fluctuate up and down for each of the results during the course of play – win, loss and draw.

  • Tournament Winner

All bookmakers will offer you markets and odds on big tournaments. Yes – These include the Big Bash and IPL too! You are placing a bet based on who you predict will be crowned the champions.

  • Correct Series Score Betting

This gives you a chance to correctly predict the exact score line for the series. You must place your bets before the series starts. For example, A three match series could have a 1-0, 2-0 or 3-0 scoreline in favour of a team. Or it could have 0-0 or 1-1 draws in the series.

  • Top Batsmen and Bowlers

Often bookmakers will offer markets for the top batsman and bowler for both teams for the first innings of the Test match or during T20 and ODI matches. Similarly, you can place your bets on your predicted top batsman and bowler for the series as well, for each side. At the end of the first innings, or the end of the series, – the batsman/bowler to have scored the most number of runs/picked up the most wickets, will be the top Batsman/bowler for the game.

Although it is now possible to bet on cricket with almost any respectable sports book, it definitely pays to look around and find your own preferred bookmaker. Many still only offer a limited number of markets on the Test Matches whilst some cater for all forms of cricket. After choosing a suitable bookmaker that offers betting on domestic and international fixtures, you can broaden your horizons and experiment with the betting exchanges.

Live Stream Cricket

Bet365 cover a live stream of cricket internationals and tournaments throughout the year. You can watch a live stream of the Big Bash League as well as several other tournaments and series matches.