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Best 5 NZ Dating Apps

Best 5 NZ Dating Apps

Have you made the decision that you would like to start dating someone in New Zealand? You’re not alone! Plenty of single people are also looking to meet the love of their lives, find new friends and go on fun dates. Online dating has become hugely popular over the recent years and has proven to be a great way to find someone nearby! Here are the Best NZ Dating Apps.

Another difficult decision to make is which dating application or website you want to start using. We’ve created a list of the highest-rated and most popular dating apps to help you choose.

We all want you to find your perfect match!

Best NZ Dating Apps
Best NZ Dating Apps

Best NZ Dating Apps

1. Tinder – Best NZ Dating Apps

Tinder - Best NZ Dating Apps
Tinder – Best NZ Dating Apps

One of the most well known and easiest dating apps to use. Once you have uploaded a short Bio and some pictures, you can start swiping. It’s as simple as swiping right for yes and swipe left if its no. If its a match and you both like each other you can start messaging each other. Besides being easy and accessible, it is probably best that you are also aware it is the go-to app for many people just looking to hook up.

How to use it

There’s no real profile creation with Tinder beyond the basics. If you signup with Facebook, photos along with other information is automatically pulled from your account (the app allows you to delete whatever you don’t want available). Or, you can click the plus sign on the top right of your Profile page to check your phone, Instagram, or album photos from Facebook for other pictures to include.

You can also say a few words (up to 500 characters) to describe yourself. The settings tab allows you to choose whether you want to be matched with men or women or both, how far away you are willing to search (i.e. 10 miles or 50 miles from your current location), and your preferred age range. You can include up to nine photos and looping videos.

The matching method

The matching process is easy. Pictures of potential suitors pop up on your screen one by one (Tinder calls this the card stack) along with their ages, and whether you have Facebook friends or mutual interests in common. You can see more information about them by tapping the “I” button underneath or simply tapping on the photo. Then you can see how far away they are from you at this moment (i.e. 2 miles or 10 miles), as well as an “about” section where people can leave a little information about themselves (or not much at all besides “hi”). If you have common interests or friends on Facebook, those will appear below the photos. You can scroll through various matches if you’d like, touching the “X” for no or swiping left (meaning you’re not interested) and touching the heart on the right for yes, or swiping right. Once you mutually approve of each other, you and your Tinder match can communicate.

2. Bumble 


The functionality of the app is extremely similar to Tinder. Once you have matched with the other person, the girl has 24 hours to initiate a conversation. The guy can then send his response back, within the next 24 hours. With this app, it is all up to the girl, and the ticking clock doesn’t always work in your favor!

Bumble is available as both an iOS app and an Android app, as well as the new desktop site Bumble Web. The Bumble site is full of info about its philosophy, a blog called The Buzz, and a way to sign up to be a Bumble brand ambassador on your campus.

Like many other dating apps, Bumble really wants you to log in via Facebook, but you also have the option to just use your phone number. After inputting your digits and adding your confirmation code sent via text message, the profile-building begins. First, the app asks for a photo—even before getting to things like name, sex, and age. Of course, Bumble handily prompts you to auto-fill from Facebook again, and you’re given the option to add more photos right at the start.

3. Happn


This app is possibly the most ‘stalkerish’ of them all. Once you have downloaded the app, you need to grant the app access to your location. You are then notified about all of the people that you “cross paths” with you on your travels. It shows you all of the nearby users of the app and this gives you a great opportunity to grab a quick drink with someone and there’s instant talk-ability. However, things may not always work out and you may find yourself in an awkward situation.

The concept of the Happn app is unique. The more you go outside, the more you get matches.

Do you ever feel that you have seen your soulmate crossing your path, but you never get into a conversation because you have no source to do so?

In that case, the Happn app comes into play. If your soulmate is also using the Happn app, then you will get a notification saying that you have crossed paths with that person.

The app uses the geographical location and shows you the profile who crossed paths with you, and also the active profiles in your area.

Once you have crossed paths with each other, you will see two options to like or dislike. There is also an option to say Hello directly. This option is limited to only 2 Hellos for free. You can only send two Hello for free after you sign-up.

If the person you have liked, likes you back, then it’s a successful match. Now you can start your conversation.

4. Elite Singles

Elite Singles
Elite Singles

Asking roughly 200 personalities, preferences, and likes questions, this app gives you a wonderful opportunity to match up with people who share similar interests and responses. The downfall of this app is that it is expensive in comparison to other free basic apps. The initial joining fee is $400 but the longer you remain on the free basic plan, you will continuously be offered a reduced joining fee. You could potentially pay $170 for a 6-month subscription.

If you’ve put your romantic efforts on hold to focus on your career and, now that you’ve completed school and are comfortably employed, are looking for a life partner who’s at the same place in their life, EliteSingles could find you someone who gets you. The way it homes in on successful professionals who haven’t had success in the romance department is unique and will resonate with mature people who need a partner who understands the value of hard work and being smart with your money.

5. Attractive World

Attractive World
Attractive World

This website is New Zealand’s latest launched dating site. It doesn’t even have an app yet. The theory behind this is that once you have uploaded your bio and pictures, you then get voted for by the other users in the Attractive World community. If you are attractive enough you get to join the attractive community. This app is breaking dating site stereotypes and introducing something very new.

You can download the mobile application on your smartphone from iTunes for iPhones, or Google Play Store for Android phones. You won’t have a hard time using the app. It is user-friendly, so even if you are new to the dating site world, you will not get lost. 

You can easily browse other members’ profiles and send them some flirt alerts or messages. When you avail of premium membership, your app provider will automatically charge it to your registered payment option on your iTunes or Play Store account.

Special Features

It’s not easy to become a member of Attractive World. It has very high standards and some unique features which make it stand out.


This one of a kind feature gives power to the current members to choose who they want to accept as a new part of the community. However, the final decision is still on the administrators. 

Upon registration, an aspiring member has to wait for around three days to give time for other members to vote.


Premium members can organize and attend other events of the members of the site itself. It pops out on the calendar if there are upcoming where you can participate. Past and current events are also shown for your reference.

The best dating experience

Dating could be considered an art, and it certainly isn’t the same everywhere! But like most people, kiwis are looking for honest and sincere singles.

Here are some tips and recommendations you may want to consider before starting your online dating experience:

  • Make your intentions clear and straight-forward. The best dating sites will connect you with like-minded users, and if you hope to meet people with similar interests, your experience is likely to be far more successful if you are transparent.
  • Be honest about who you are. In the long-run, pretending to be someone else will only make it more difficult for you to find the kind of love you’re looking for.
  • Many dating sites offer personality tests based on dating questionnaires, don’t be afraid to use this great feature! This will help you get your profile set up and help you understand how to describe yourself to other singles, as well as what it is you’re really looking for.

There are plenty of successful online dating success stories. We’re sure you’ve heard about many fun and romantic experiences that people have had. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy yourself just as much!